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NICK APPEARANCES.....Style Week OC 2012: Cadillac Design Competition, Irvine Spectrum Collections


OC Style Fab!

Cadillac 2012: Nick Verreos hosting Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition 2012 at Style Week OC Irvine Spectrum Center

Several weekends ago, I had the pleasure of hosting--for the FOURTH consecutive year!--Style Week OC. This year, Style Week OC 2012 kicked off on Fashion's Night Out (September 6th) with fashion shows/events/parties at both Irvine Spectrum Center and Fashion Island.

I was in NYC doing an appearance/event unveiling the "Project Runway 10th Anniversary Dress Collection"at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue during Fashion's Night Out so I couldn't be there, but...I flew back to the West Coast the following day (right after attending the Project Runway Season 10 Finale Fashion Show at Lincoln Center) to make sure I could host the Final FABULOUS night of Style Week OC 2012 that Saturday night at Irvine Spectrum.

A View From Above: The Runway Scene (and my runway walk entrance!) from Style Week OC 2012, Irvine Spectrum Center

The night involved TWO great fashion shows: the Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition and the Irvine Spectrum Center Collection. The two runway shows were seamlessly put together and then afterward, was the important and final judging of who would win the Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition.

Let's Start with Cadillac Design Competition:

Hanger Appeal: The Cadillac Contemporary Design 2012 Competition looks from FIDM designers

Prior to the Runway Show, I had the honor of pre-judging the five looks created by designers from my Alma Mater, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM: Eduardo Reategui, Ahmad Murtaza, Steve McDonald and Chelsea O'Neill. I was joined by Christie Baca of Cadillac and Lejla Hasanagic, Irvine Spectrum Center Nordstom General Manager. They were tasked to create contemporary designs using denim--as well as actual Cadillac Car Components.

Orange Suit for Orange County: Nick Verreos Hosts Style Week OC 2012 "Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition" fashion show

Each of the looks were inspired by the new Cadillac ATS and one of four international locales--Chile, China, Monaco and Morocco. These are World-re-known locations for testing riding dynamics and also featured in Cadillac Commercials/Ad Campaigns.

Cadillac Morocco and China: FIDM designer Steve McDonald's "Morocco" design (left) and FIDM designer Ahmad Murtaza's "China" design (right)--Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition 2012 Irvine Spectrum Center Style Week OC

Cadillac Chile and Monaco: FIDM designer Chelsea O'Neill's "Chile" design (left) and Eduardo Reategui's "Monaco" design--Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition 2012 Irvine Spectrum Center Style Week OC

Irvine Spectrum Center Collection:

Right after the Cadillac Contemporary Design fashion show (and before the final judging announcement), the show continued with the "Spectrum Collection"--a fashion show highlighting Fall/Winter 2012 trends and looks from retailers at the Irvine Spectrum including...

 Macy's, and...

Nordstrom--Irvine Spectrum Collection Style Week OC 2012

Max Studio--Irvine Spectrum Collection Style Week OC 2012

Tommy Bahama (left) and Demetrios Bride (right), as well as many others--Irvine Spectrum Collection Style Week OC 2012

And now the Cadillac Contemporary Design Winners:
The Cadillac Fan Favorite:
Steve McDonald and his "Morocco"-inspired design--he won a $500 check from Tustin Cadillac--Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition Irvine Spectrum Center Style Week OC 2012

And the WINNER of the Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition 2012:

MONACO!!! Model Kerstin Lechner--you may remember her from Project Runway Season 9 and as designer Bert Keeter's model---Nick Verreos, and FIDM designer Eduardo Reategui...

Le BIG Check: Eduardo Reategui and his "Monaco"-inspired design on model Kerstin Lechner--he won $2,000 from Tustin Cadillac for his Monaco Racetrack-inspired denim jumper featuring seat belt straps, an iPod nano collar brooch, and Cadillac ATS accessory pockets...

Le Sketch: FIDM designer Eduardo Reategui's fashion illustration of his "Monaco"-inspired "Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition creation

Post Show Pics:
Following the fabulous show, I spent some time posing at the official "Style Week OC 2012" Step-and-Repeat with lots and lots of guests--including many fashionistas and yes, a little doggie (I LOVE the doggies, of course!!):

Puppy Posing: Nick Verreos, OC Fashionistas and cute doggie---Style Week OC 2012 Irvine Spectrum Center

Barbie Love: Nick Verreos with Nava and Ava Baghai and their sister's "My Scene Nick Verreos Project Runway Season 2 Barbie"--You KNOW this made my entire night!!!! Love me some Nava and Ava!!!

Thanks to ALL of the OC, Cadillac, and Irvine Spectrum, for a FABULOUS and very successful Final Night of Style Week OC 2012 at the Irvine Spectrum Center!!!

Click Below for a Video Recap of Style Week OC 2012 Cadillac Contemporary Design Competition from the FAB allGLAMMEDupStyle:

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