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ICE STYLE.....2012 Skate America: Ice Dance Costumes


Yankee Polka, Swirling Skirts, Men in Black Pants, and Grecian Draping...

Top Three Ice Dance: (left to right) Silver medalists Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev of Russia, gold medalists Meryl Davis & Charlie White of the USA, and bronze medalists Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje of Canada show off their medals in the awards ceremony during the Hilton HHonors Skate America 2012 competition at the ShoWare Center on October 21, 2012 in Kent, Washington

Rounding out my "Nick Figure Skating Costume Minute" Recap on the costumes of this past weekend's 2012 Hilton HHonors Skate America competition---now, it's time for the Ice Dancers. In case you missed my last two postings on the subject, you can click HERE on my thoughts on the PAIRS and MEN'S and HERE for the LADIES. Now, for a little background (to those not "in the know"), there are two parts to the Ice Dancing Competition--the first being a Short Dance whose theme is chosen by the ISU/International Skating Union--the theme this year is "Yankee Polka" (Umm, OK, I guess!). And the second part of their Ice Dancing Competition is the Free Dance where they are allowed to chose music and theme but still do many required elements.

So, let's discuss the Ice Dancers--and their costumes:
Anastassia Cannuscio and Colin McManus of the USA/ Short Dance--For their "Yankee Polka" Short Dance to "Polka, Waltz", I LOVED her peach and pink ombre dyed dress. It was very old-school ballroom dancer; long flowy skirt, matching-color arm gloves and nice one shoulder applique. I also liked that she slicked her hair back to diffuse any attention away from the already colorful and intricate costume.

Now Colin, the tuxedo shirt and black pants...I know that this is par-for-the-course in Ice Dancing to have the man throw on a dress shirt and black pants and "call it a day" but seriously...It looks as if she was a guest at a fabulous wedding and she picked up the Best 2AM! I want to see something more from Colin. Maybe a jacket with a matching peach/pink skinny tie! Something.

Lorenza Alessandrini and Simone Vaturi Italy Short Dance--For their "Yankee Polka" Short Dance, their costumes were great. They tried. Thank you very much. They definitely brought the Mary Poppins theme to life. See how there are touches of her on him; the matching red neck scarf to start. In addition, Simono looks put together. It looks like a COSTUME. And her little red a-line skirted number--with ruffled blouse and underskirt--when she is done skating she can transform into the perfect "Alitalia Flight Attendant" uniform!

Lynn Kriengkrairut and Logan Giuletti-Schmitt of the USA (try typing on a blog, or saying that three times!)--They ended up Fourth overall after their Short Dance and Free Dance. For their "Ring of Fire" and "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Chris Isaak Short Dance, they were very "Walking The Line/Johnny and June Carter Cash" in their costumes. I thought she was "Two Step" great but Logan WORKED it!! Here's a warning, if he ever shows up in that at Oil Can's Harry in Studio City, he might get FIVE "lucky" dates!

For their Free Dance to Adele's "Turning Tables" and "Rumor Has It", I liked the plum/violet color used in her costume as well as the multi layered "skirt". He was "just there"--the dress shirt, vest and black pants: yawn--especially after that FAB Short Dance Belt Buckle Western Boy outfit!

Russsia's Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev--For their Free Skate, they skated to Ennio Morriconi's "Man With a Harmonica" from "Once Upon a Time in the West". These were "contemporary" costumes--modern, fresh; non-costume-y. I liked her "plunging" neckline and he looked modern and pretty hot. I am not usually a fan of the black pants on these Ice Dancing men, but here it worked (I think they might be Steel Grey?). I just get annoyed when she's in FULL COSTUME and Ice Dancing COUTURE and a dress shirt and black pants. I call that an #IceDanceCostumeFail. But, like I said, here it worked. So much so, they got the SILVER at Skate America 2012. Hello.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje of Canada--For their Short Dance to "The Sound of Music", they wore lovely, "contemporary" costumes that one could have gotten from a department store. Her pale blue dress is pretty but there was nothing "'extra" special; it's like a cocktail dress from Macy's. He looked like he was part of the catering team at a wedding. It's SOUND OF MUSIC!!! I'd love to see more.

For their Free Dance, I got it. For their "Humanity in Motion" Free Dance costumes, they (well, at least she did) tried a little harder. I LOVE her draped "Grecian  Goddess"costume. It's very now and very sensual and right--for  the music and theme. I liked how polar opposite it was from her Short Dance costume. This one looked custom made. I'm not 100% on board with her continuing the pattern into the leggings, but I liked that she took a risk.

I guess all the costume money was spent on her, so for poor Andrew...he got the white dress shirt and black pants. #IceDancingCostumeFail.

Meryl Davis ans Charlie White of the USA--For their "Yankee Polka" Short Dance to "Giselle", they gave me COSTUMES!! PS: Yeayyy!!! Love her blue-and-white corseted "St. Pauli Girl" costume. Both her and Charlie looked great--and more importantly, appropriate for their Short Dance.

For their Free Dance to "Notre-Dame de Paris", they went a little more subdued--Meryl donned a maroon midriff corseted costume and Charlie...well, he went into his closet and got a black stretch long sleeve shirt and black pants. I would have LOVED to have seen a compatible COSTUME partner to Meryl's corseted damsel. A full-on period-piece three piece suit/vest/shirt ensemble on him might make me smile.

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Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn and Andrew had problems getting their short dance costumes done in time for the competition. These aren't their intended costumes ;)

Elizabeth Roberts said...

I love the colors of Anastasia's SD costume