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Vegas Fab:

Vegas Fashion Boy: Nick Verreos--Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas Photo Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

A couple of weekends back, I had the pleasure of flying to Las Vegas to host a fun-and-fabulous luncheon, Trend Lecture, as well as a VIP Crystals at CityCenter Shopping Experience for Barrett-Jackson.

This very special day was organized by the very luxurious Crystals at CityCenter--home of all the TOP high-end boutiques in the World including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Tom name it, they are there! Barrett-Jackson is the Worlds Greatest Car Collector Auction and while I was there, they were having one of their amazing Barrett-Jackson Collector Car events.

 Las Vegas View--from my suite at the Vdara  Resort Hotel & Spa

 Vdara Hotel & Spa Products

While the husbands/boyfriends/fathers are seeing the cars, the Barrett-Jackson ladies were treated to a VIP Luncheon and Shopping with moi! I arrived the day before the event and I checked into the very chic Vdara Resort Hotel & Spa. It is an all-suite hotel--the only non-smoking-no casino resort in "Sin City". I absolutely loved it. My room was AMAZING, I have to say, and such a shame my NIKOLAKI Partner David Paul--or our Benny--couldn't have joined me! After a nice afternoon swim in the resort pool, I grabbed some dinner and went to bed (no gambling for me, kids!) and got ready for the following day's events...

 Striped Fashion: Nick Verreos at Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas Photo Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

The next day, I was ready to host this fun VIP Luncheon and Crystals at CityCenter Shopping Day. This was my very first time there and Oh Lordy: Crystals is truly unbelievable. It's like being in a Dubai shopping center...and I've never even been there (to Dubai, that is, but I assume!).

 Photo Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

Ready for Fall: Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas--The shopping center was ready for Fall with lots of decorations including HUGE hanging leaves and oversized jack-o-lanterns with flower-filled pumpkin heads.

First up: VIP Barrett-Jackson Luncheon and Trend Lecture at Social House:

Welcome Ladies! Nick Verreos Hosts the VIP Luncheon at Social House--Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas 
Photo Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

The Barrett-Jackson ladies were at Crystals at CityCenter Restaurant, Social House, already enjoying their pre-lunch ice teas, as I walked in and began the Hosting-with-the-Most Luncheon.

 Photo Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

 Assouline Book Presentation VIP Barrett-Jackson Luncheon at Social House--Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas

The ladies enjoyed a presentation from Becky Zander of Assouline unveiling "The Ultimate Car Book" to the ladies as well as a gorgeous book about fashion (which, I, naturally, was SO interested in!--bottom photo).

Barrett-Jackson VIP Luncheon Ladies--Social House Restaurant Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas Photo Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

After introducing myself to the guests and going from table to table giving them Trend and Fashion advice (not that they needed it!) as well as "How To Dress For Your Size" lecture, I also had a chance to take photos with the ladies and talk FASHION, Project Runway and yes, give them some "Hollywood Dish"...

Birkin and Couture: Nick Verreos with guests at the Barrett-Jackson VIP Social House Restaurant Luncheon--Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas
Photos Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

 Photo Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

Soon, it was time to do some of my "Nick Magic": I held an impromptu "Barrett-Jackson Catwalk Contest" with three of the ladies in attendance.

 Photos Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery

Barret-Jackson Divas: I chose--by accident--three of the TALLEST ladies there (see left photo above). I first did my "Nick Runway Walk" (yes, right then and there at Social House) and then, it was up to the Barrett-Jackson Ladies to strut their COUTURE walks:

Las Vegas Runway Walk Instructing: Nick Verreos at Social House Restaurant, VIP Barrett-Jackson Luncheon Crystals at CityCenter Las Vegas
 Photo Courtesy of Al Powers Powers Imagery was onto SHOPPING at Crystals:

After the VIP Luncheon at Social House, I had the pleasure of joining the ladies on a Shopping Tour of Crystals at CityCenter. We went to all the fabulous boutiques including:

Tom Ford Las Vegas: Live modeling at Tom Ford, Crystals at CityCenter; Shoes at Tom Ford, Crystals at CityCenter

 Tom Ford Boutique--Crystals at CityCenter; Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Academy Awards 2012 in Tom Ford

Gwyneth Gown: at Tom Ford, we got to see--and touch--the famous "Gwyneth Oscar Gown" --a white silk crepe cape and one shoulder gown style which the actress wore at this year's Academy Awards. They had several color ways hanging perfectly on the store's rack.

We also stopped at Prada and got a very VIP presentation in their exclusive VIP sitting room--the Prada boutique in Crystals at CityCenter is one of the largest, by the way!

Trevi Fountain Nick Verreos: And yes, I had to go into the Fendi boutique and pose by the Trevi Fountain reproduction--right INSIDE the store!!!

I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST with the Barrett-Jackson Ladies--hosting the luncheon, giving them my "Fashion Tips", and yes, VIP Shopping with them! I have a feeling they also had a really good time (I hope!)  
A Big "Thank You" to the wonderful Barrett-Jackson ladies, all the retailers at Crystals at CityCenter for being so accommodating (and FABULOUS--Thanks for all that Champagne!) and yes, Crystals at CityCenter for being the MOST LUXE shopping center!

Click HERE for a fun interview I did with Crystals at CityCenter


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