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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Fashion Week: Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf S/S 2013


Buzzzzzzzzz...and Joan Crawford/Adrian Homage...

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013:

 Beekeeper Chic: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013

Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton unveiled her Spring/Summer 2013 offering at Paris Fashion Week and EVERYONE was a-buzz about it. Oh, and did I mention that the inspiration came from Beekeepers, honeycombs and bees?

The models' heads were covered in fashionista versions of beekeepers' veils.  And the honeycomb-like print popped up in every variation (not to mention the buzzzz-ing bees soundtrack at the end). The collection was exquisite--for the most part--and very McQueen. said "The clothes they wore refracted a honeycomb motif through a dozen wasp-waisted guises, bound, haltered, and harnessed in a tortoiseshell that could quite equally have been a rich, sweet toffee. The hyper-exaggerated female silhouette was derived from the pinups of Alberto Vargas." 

 Beekeeper Chic: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013

The suits were UBER fitted with  rounded peplums, slim tulip'ed pencil skirts and capri pants--the SKINNIEST EVER!!--and with Princess seamed slits. Where Burton went a little "Oh Dear!" were the Scarlett O'Hara crinolined gowns that looked a little too much like a Carol Burnett/Bob Mackie sketch. Besides that--it was a FAB collection. And, as always with what is shown at an Alexander McQueen Runway Show, it will be very interesting to see what actually makes it to their stores --i.e. THE "Pippa" dress in various colors, black leather jackets, black sheath dresses, black pencil skirts and well, more black...
Which one of these "Beekeeper Collection" Spring/Summer 2013 items can you see on my dear TV Guide Network "Award Show Fashion Wrap" Girlfriend, Tabatha Coffey (she LOVES McQueen you know...)

Here are more Photo Highlights from the collection:

 Tortoiseshell Vamps: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013

Prom Couture: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013

Enchanted McQUEEN: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013

Ball Queens: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013

Click Below to watch the FULL Runway Video of Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013:

Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013

Joan Crawford Homage: Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013

Joan Crawford in Adrian--halter gown and SUPER Shoulder padded gown

Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013 Collection at Paris Fashion Week was all about "Old Hollywood" and all very Joan Crawford. As says "Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren revisited old Hollywood today. There was a black and white tile floor straight out of the Regency period, and the models stepped onto the runway via an antique mirror, like visions from the past. For clothes they wore long pleated gowns in black, white, and silver lamé almost as reflective as that mirror, or pastel georgette draped and swagged from necklines and waists embellished with ropes of crystals. Shoulders were big and waists were tiny".  

Here are some of my Favorite Looks:

Golden Girls: Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013

Silver Draped Goddesses: Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013

Hollywood Calling: Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013

Gathered Asymmetry: Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013

Click Below to watch Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2013 Full Runway Video:

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