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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 10 Project Runway Recaps: NY Fashion Week Finale


Did Anyone "Wow" Me, Finale Runway Show DISH from the Bleachers, Side Boobs and Wonky Center Backs...Oh, and The Winner Is...

NY Fashion Week Stars: (left to right) Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Jennifer Hudson and Nina Garcia--the judges for the Finale Episode of Season 10 Project Runway

Last night was the Finale Episode of Lifetime Network's Project Runway Season 10. This is the episode when the four top designers get to show at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week. Because of when the season was filmed (they shot the season over this past Summer),the collections they showed were for Spring/Summer 2013. The actual runway show occurred in early September, and I was there.

NIKOLAKI Duo: Nick Verreos and David Paul--Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Season 10 Project Runway Finale Runway Collections

I happened to be in NYC with my NIKOLAKI design partner David Paul for meetings in my NYC showroom with various big department stores for a new line of mine, NV by Nick Verreos, so it was nice that I could also attend this Project Runway Finale fashion show at Lincoln Center.

So, the big question is Did Any of The Designers "WOW us"?. All season long, Tim, Nina, Heidi, Michael...and ME (on my Blog) PLEADED that someone...anyone "Wow Us". And nothing (except for Christopher Palu's FABULOUS "Rockettes" creation). So, then it was down to the final four, and even Miss Heidi (in last week's episode) suggested for them to "Wow" her (and the rest of the judges) with their Finale NY Fashion Week 10-look collections. So...did they? Well, out of 4 designers one did bring the Wow!

The Best Seatmates: Season 1 Winner Jay McCarroll, Nick Verreos and Season 2 Winner Chloe Dao--Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Season 10 Project Runway Finale Runway Collections

I sat next to Jay McCarroll and Chloe Dao, Project Runway Season 1 and Season 2 Winners, respectively. And let me tell you, we had a BLAST. Not just because we like each other (a lot!) but because of the running commentary we had going through the runway show. Lifetime Network really missed an opportunity to have us mic'd and be doing a LIVE video feed that would later be on their website--"The Chloe, Jay, and Nick Show". If only you heard what we were saying (very quietly and discreetly but still...). Now, before I get to my RECAP of the episode and my "Two Cents" on the Finale Collections, I wanted to reiterate that sitting there in the Lincoln Center bleachers and then watching it on TV, edited and on HD, is a whole different thang. With that said...

Christopher Palu:

Christopher was the cutest--and funniest this season--when it came to his queeny/bitchy commentary. And he also won four challenges so I called him the Season 10 "Golden Boy". When it came time for his Finale Collection, it was a bit of a potpourri. I was a little disappointed. It was too much black and too much leather--for a Spring/Summer Collection (yes, there's always some black in every season's collection, but especially this coming Spring/Summer 2013, it's ALL ABOUT COLOR!).

I Liked: If I had to pick an item I really liked from his collection, it would be this cropped leather jacket. This was chic, young and fresh albeit very Fall.

Not So Mucheey: This was his first "exit"/look and judge Michael Kors really liked it. I liked the top but it was the skirt that was a bit off-putting. It was mainly the "OH HUNEY" thigh showing in that slit. It made an impact as she began the show, and well, at least in my row, it wasn't a good impact.

The Gown: I liked Christopher's "finale" gown. It was very him; the raw edge bias-cut ombré organza panels...this gown had his "signature". But then when the model turned around, the Fashion Instructor-For-The-Last-9-Years set in, and...

Wonky Back: I noticed all thee "ooopsies". The back silver/gray panels should have matched. Period. Unforgivable. And then, the "lifting up" of the center back and the finishing of the invisible zipper was sloppy. This is something I saw from many of my fashion school students when making bustiers and strapless dresses/gowns. The center back should have been "tru'ed"/shaved off, so it would not "lift up" like you see in the photo. It also shows that the zipper was sewn incorrectly--it was stretched out. Call me a "Sewing Negative Ninny" but sorry. this is a sign of someone who needs a little more time in, as Tim Gunn says "the Fashion Incubator". That back should not look like that in the NY Fashion Week "stage". Never.

Melissa Fleis:

Melissa was one of the designers in the LA Castings that we let through to the "next round" when I judged. I loved her Chic Goth Girl aesthetic and designs, especially since she looked like the complete opposite with her nice bubbly personality and blond hair (usually those girls look like Rooney Mara!).

I Liked: The new "blood orange" leather asymmetrical dress she made. The draping, pleating, high FAB! Paired with the hair and those booties: Go Girl!

I also liked the look above. Thank goodness she took out those Johnny Depp "Pirates of the Caribbean" turn-up oversized cuffs. This model looked sleek and in control.

Not So Mucheey: This blue and black leather "swimsuit" was a big "Oh No She Didn't"--as an attendee, sitting there LIVE in the Finale runway show. Why? Well, as she walked, you could see her underwear. It was a bit disconcerting, to say the least as well as HOOCHIE. I was surprised to see that from Melissa. But on TV, this looked so SUPER Fab! So, there you go...what matters? TV or sitting there in the audience watching it?

Uh Oh: THE White Tank Dress. It took the model--what felt like TEN MINUTES--to make it to the end of the runway and back--as I sat there in my seat and watched this. She could not walk in that dress. Not because of her heels, but because of the lack of sweep in the hem. She need a slit. ASAP. And then, I noticed the side-boob. Again, the Fashion School Instructor in me screamed "Add 3 inches to the side seam and fill in the side, PLEASE!". 

More Side Boobage: And yeah, the white dress wasn't the only garment with a peek-a-boo breast sighting. This LBD above also needed my "Nick V. Pattern Making 101" help. Notice the double-stick tape. Major No No. 

Fabio Costa:

Fabio--Freegan, Dumpster Diving, UBER skirt-wearing bearded hipster...I LOVE his own sense of style. He reminds me of Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals" from the early 80's. Or a really hip Amish from Brazil! His collection WOWED. Not in a "OMG That's some COUTURE fabulousness!" but more of "That's a breath of fresh air" wow. The pastel colors, the askew draping...the directional styling. It was modern, fresh and "The Next Thing".

I Liked All These:

Layered Buffalo Gal 2013: Fabio Costa Season 10 Project Runway Finale Collection

Charmeuse Chic: Fabio Costa Season 10 Project Runway Finale Collection

 1930's Dinner Party: Fabio Costa Season 10 Project Runway Finale Collection

When I walked out of the show, back in September, Jay, Chloe and I all said "It's Fabio!" in terms of whose was the the "Winning" collection. But as seen from last night's episode, we were WRONG. Shows you how much we know.

The Winner: Dmitry Sholokhov

It was Belarus-born former professional ballroom dancer Dmitry, who took home the prize.  He was in my Top Two for sure. I liked a lot of his looks because they were elegant, very NY fashion editorial but, I felt there was a bit of a disjointed quality to the ten-look collection as a whole...

I Liked:
Houndstooth Cocktail: Dmitry Sholokhov Season 10 Project Runway Finale Collection

Jacket and Cowl-pant Love: Dmitry Sholokhov Season 10 Project Runway Finale Collection

 One Shoulder Sleek: Dmitry Sholokhov Season 10 Project Runway Finale Collection

But then, he brought out a "fringed" and sequined gown:

Ballroom Dancer Fashion Week: I am sure his intentions were right--finishing his collection with a impact of a supposed "red carpet"-looking gown. But it's just the effect it had when shown with the rest of his looks. It was like "WHU..WHU...WHUUUT???" The silhouette is actually quite nice, perfect for the next Miss Universe. But, it just did not go with the rest of his polished looks. It was a very expensive-looking version of an actual Ballroom Dancing Dress...

Ballroom Dress Muses

I just did not think he needed it. In the end, it did not matter. He won the Grand Prize! And now, Dmitry Sholokhov goes down in Wikipedia and IMDB history. Good luck Dmitry!

Віншуем і жадаем поспеху (according to "Google Translate" this means "Congrats and Good Luck" so I hope it means that! LOL!)

OK, so A) What did you think? And B) Here's my Final Recap of this season's Project Runway...Enjoy and PLEASE, don't forget to let me know what you REALLY thought after my Recap on the BLOG site

Waiting for the WOW

Le FINALE. Yes, kids, last night was the Finale of “Project Runway.” Four designers showed on the biggest fashion stage—Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. All season long, the judges, Tim (and I) have made a plea for the designers to “WOW US.” So did they succeed on the most important stage? Well, before I answer that, I have lots of other things to say, so if you will indulge me...

Middle-of-the-Road Four
When we last left our four designers—Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio and Melissa—they had gone home (or to somebody else’s home) to create their collections. Five weeks passed, and they returned to NYC and showed three looks to Heidi, Michael and Nina. It was hinted that one designer may be eliminated, but our esteemed judges could not make up their minds, and so all four designers stayed to show at NY Fashion Week.

No Wigs Allowed
As we begin this Finale episode, there are quick recaps of what the judges told each of the designers that their collections needed. Fabio’s garments lacked sophistication and required polish; Dmitry’s needed to look younger; Christopher’s leather items were praised, but the judges wanted more “wow”; and Melissa’s clothes were deemed “limited.” In addition, we can’t forget all the questionable styling issues from last week, including those wigs (Fabio, Melissa), HOOCHIE leather shorts (Melissa, Christopher) and Dmitry’s dowdy girls. They now had two days to somehow correct their styling mishaps and improve on what they already had.

Producer Nick
If I had produced what would be next in the episode, I would have begun with Tim walking into the workroom and announcing to the four designers that he recruited a Hollywood A-List stylist to come in and guide these kids through the 101’s of Runway Show Styling, followed by a shopping excursion to Lord & Taylor with an unlimited budget for accessories. A second scenario would have involved Tim dragging out some of the auf’ed cast members (like they’ve done in the past—with their downtrodden attitudes) to help the finalists in their last 48 hours.

Mood Shopping Gift Card
In reality, Tim eventually does walk in—not to introduce a stylist or say that Kooky Kooan will be everyone’s intern for the next two days, but, among other things, to give the designers an extra $300 to shop at Mood. This is a not-so-subtle way of telling the designers that their collections need help. At Mood, Fabio looks for more luxe fabrics to add sophistication...

 To read the rest, CLICK HERE !!!

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