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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Jill Kelley and her Fashion


Dressing for the Spotlight 101
Exhibit A: Jill Kelley

 Real Housewives of Tampa: Jill Kelley in a fab canary yellow twisted-knot neck sheath dress

If you've been keeping up with something else besides who got voted off "Dancing With The Stars", you might be all on the "up-and-up" regarding the Patreaus Escandalo.  In the middle of it all is this "Tampa Socialite" by the name of Jill Kelley. USA Today says: "Jill Kelley is, by all accounts, a charming and generous hostess for Tampa's social and military elite. She and her husband, Scott, a cancer surgeon, have held elegant soirees at their bayfront mansion for generals from nearby MacDill Air Force Base and foreign diplomats. And yes, now it's come out that Mrs. Kelley has some financial woes to worry about (or has for a while). But that's not not what I want to discuss here. It's all about FASHION. Jill Kelley's fashion. The woman knows how to dress when the spotlight of the World is on her. Nothing HOOCHIE, nothing inappropriate, nothing too-young for a woman of her age...just the right VERY COLORFUL attire, fit for a photo in HOLA Magazine. She get's my "Nick "At-a-Girl" Fashion Points. Let's Review:

The Canary Yellow/Mustard Dress: During her first "outing" outside her Tampa home, after the scandal (and her involvement in it) came out, she donned a mustard yellow sheath dress with a twisted knot yoke detail with a slight keyhole. This was the PERFECT dress to wear when you know the entire WORLD is looking at you...

 Press Camp outside Jill Kelley's home in Tampa Florida

It's very Queen Rania of Jordan/Princess Letizia of Spain proper (the sheath silhouette and at-the-knee length) but with a hint of "I have style" (the twist knot) and the "Who Me??" color (bright neon-like mustard/canary yellow).
She gets 10 out of 10 points in my "I'm photographed by the World's Press" Meter.

Next: Bubblegum Pink colored Sheath

On her next "appearance" outside her home, she decided to don a bubblegum pink-colored sheath dress--again--right at the knee and with three-quarter sleeves, a high neckline (not too Mata Hari sexy, of course!).

The dress had "exposed dart" detail and fit her to a "T" (almost too tight!). But still, this dress had all the elements of the perfect "World Media is Photographing Me" garment: bright color, appropriate length, not showing too much...just right.
Score: 9.5

While the World's media can't wait for the next Petraeus Scandal DISH, I on the other hand... cannot wait to see more of Jill Kelley and her stylish "BodyCon" dresses--as long as she does not wear things like this:

Too Short Jill: This too-short "baby doll" style is way too "young" for her--Thank goodness someone told her to stay with the at-the-knee sheath dresses. 

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Jeff Burdick said...

Who’s not rooting for a comeback for that whole Jackie O military-base look? Straight from a color episode of “I Dream of Jeannie.” In other news, I’m glad the Obama Administration is moving quickly to name Petraeus’ successor, and the FluffingtonPost has the funny exclusive details: