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ICE STYLE.....NHK Trophy 2012: MEN!


Konnichiwa Japan!

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating NHK Trophy 2012 (Japan)

This past weekend was the NHK Trophy 2012, the final of six ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating competitions. I have been happily covering each and every event here on my blog. For my Skate America 2012 click HERE; Skate Canada International 2012 click HERE; Cup of China 2012 click HERE; Rostelecom Cup 2012 (Russia) click HERE; and Trophee Eric Bompard 2012 (France), click HERE. Now, we're in Japan for the NHK Trophy 2012, organized by the Japanese Skating Federation, and it took place in Sendai Japan. First, let's get started with the MEN'S Costumes. Since it was the final event (prior to the finals) I've discussed most all of the costumes already, but somehow...there were some boys I had not talked about...But first, can we TWALK...about that awfully TACKY NHK Trophy 2012
"Kiss & Cry" section?? PLEASE!

What. Is. With . All. The. Flowers????

Spain's Javier Fernandez at the "NHK Trophy 2012" Kiss & Cry area

Is this a tacky wedding photo session at your local mall, or a "Kiss & Cry" area of an international sporting competition?? The flowers SLAYED me. Seriously, I thought I was at a QuinceaƱera! Now, speaking of Javier... 

Javier Fernanadez of Spain: I wrote about Javier's Free Skate (as well as his Short Program) Costume HERE. Essentially, I liked this costume that he wore to "The Mask of Zorro" music. I thought it was a nice non-Period costume interpretation. Modern. Sleek. Me gusta!

Daisuke Takahashi of Japan in his Short Program Costume---and the Daisuke Fans at the Sekisui Heim Super Arena, Sendai Japan

Daisuke Takahashi of Japan: I have also discussed Daisuke's costumes for both his Short Program and Free Skate in the ISU Grand Prix 2012-2013 Series HERE  . I LOVED his Short Program red and black ensemble, which he skated to "Roll 'n' Roll Medley", "The Stroll", "Rudy's Rock". 

For his Free Skate to "Pagliacci", his costume was PERFECT! I said that it "was a very thought-out look and costume. Kudos to this modern, yet still Figure Skating theatrical-perfect Pagliacci costume". Amen. And may I add, that at this weekend's "NHK Trophy 2012", Daisuke looked especially cute. Loved the "toned-down" hair, all semi slicked-backed and clean. Hottie McHottie, The Japan Edition.

Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan: Little--and very skinny--Yuzuru received the HIGHEST Short Program Score at "NHK Trophy 2012" this past weekend for his skate. Oh, and yes, he won the Gold Medal in the end. I have also discussed his costumes HERE. I liked both costumes--to his Short Program to "Parisienne Walkways" as well as his Free Skate, which he skated to "Notre-Dame de Paris". And yes, Yuzuru had his slew of fans at in his hometown of Sendai as well:

Now, I'd like to discuss some MALE Skaters I haven't talked about yet...Costume-wise:

Sergei Voronov of Russia: For his Short Program to "Yablochko" (Russian sailor dance) by Reinhold Gliere, Sergei wore a "Russian Sailor Uniform" of a black and white striped long sleeved shirt and black pants. It makes sense that he would. Unfortunately (or fortunately), he looks like an add for a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume.

For his Free Skate Costume to Music from Romeo and Juliet by Nino Rota, Sergei wore a black lace three-quarter sleeve shirt and  black pants. It had elements of "Romance" and yet was very old-school 1980's figure  skating costume at the same time. I'm a little bit "on the fence" with this one--it might be the black gloves that are throwing me off...

Andrei Rogozine of Canada: Andrei skated his Short Program to "Broken Sorrow" performed by Nuttin but Stringz and "Fanfare" by Black Violin. I liked this black and gold high-necked jacket ensemble. It was very Alexander McQueen--in terms of its styling, shape and detail.

Kevin Reynolds of Canada: Kevin skated his Short Program to "Chambermaid Swing" by Parov Stelar. I liked the purple shirt and sequin-studded double-breasted lapel on his vest. I also appreciated the crystal square buttons. And yes, the pinstripe pants were a great contrast. Overall, it was appropriate for the music and for him.

For his Free Skate to "Concerto No. 4 in E minor for Piano and Orchestra" by Andre Mathieu, Kevin, went a little on the "Costume Kooky" side with the gray, black and white ombre dyed shirt, the black vest with the detailed clasps, sequined-trimmed pants, and those white gloves. Something about it  all screamed "Not Working". And his pressed flat-iron hairstyle from 2009 did not help.

Adam Rippon of USA: He skated his Short Program to Puccini's "Nessun Dorma", an aria from the famous opera "Turandot" . He wore this tie-dyed purple and pink shirt with black pant "costume". This ensemble seemed liked a "throw-away" figure skating look for him. I thought it wasn't particularly original, inspiring, especially after seeing what some of the other boys--especially the Japanese ones--wore for their programs/skates. Indecently, it was a COSTUME CHANGE from what he wore earlier to the same skate and music:

I liked this black and white costume look (above photo, from "Cup of China 2012") he wore for his Short Program to Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" much better.
Pant Change: For his Free Skate to Music from The Incredibles soundtrack by Michael Giacchino, at NHK Trophy 2012 Adam also changed his costume--well, his pants. At the Cup of China 2012, he wore gray pants (above)...
And for this most recent Grand Prix,  he wore black ones. Good choice Adam. I likeyyy the pant change.

Ross Miner of USA: Ross skated his Short Program to "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" by Sergei Rachmaninoff featuring the costume above. It was a bit "Captain Kirk of Star Trek" but I liked the color blocking. Very 2012-2013 Fashion Trend for sure!

For his Free Skate to "Captain Blood" by Erich Korngold, he wore a Cabernet red top with a convertible collar, V-neck and sequins and yes, those ubiquitous male figure skater BLACK PANTS--and (Mon Dieu!) a belt! And it wasn't just any "Ross Dress For Less" belt (which, I am not a fan) but a big ol' gold buckled belt! I like everything...and if he had to wear a belt, a least it was interesting and added to the costume theme. Most of all, I am soooo jealous of his 22-inch waist! (I mean, really, look at him in that above pic!). Just in case you are wondering, both his costumes were designed by Chase Tyler, The Work Room Productions.

Top Three Men: (left to right) Silver medalist Daisuke Takahashi of Japan, Gold Medalist Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan and Bronze Medalist Ross Miner of the United States, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating NHK Trophy 2012, Sekisui Heim Super Arena, Rifu, Japan. 

***Up Next: The Ladies, Pairs and Ice Dance Costume Recaps and Highlights of NHK Trophy 2012 ! Stay Tuned!

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