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ICE STYLE.....Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia 2012: Men


Here Come The Boys!

Johhny's Back...well, kinda : Johnny Weir during his Short Program, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Rostelecom Cup 2012, Megasport Sport Center Moscow Russia

This weekend was the fourth of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating senior-level invitational competitions--Rostelecom Cup 2012 (also known as "Cup of Russia"). As you know, I love me some figure skating and especially commenting on the costumes and since I've already given my "Nick Two Cents" on Skate America, Skate Canada and Cup of China, it's now time for RUSSIA
First up, let's discuss the MEN:

Top Three Men: (left to right) Silver Medalist from Japan Takahiko Kozuka, Gold Medalist from Canada Patrick Chan, Bronze Medalist from Czech Republic Michal Brezina--ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Rostelecom Cup 2012, Megasport Sports Center Moscow, Russia.

Let's Discuss La Johnny:

Four-time Grand Prix winner Johnny Weir returned to international competition at the Rostelecom Cup 2012 after a two-year absence (last time he competed was at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver). This was touted as his big "come back", many figure skating blogs, websites...heck, even NBC Sports publicized him, when showing ads for the airing of the Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia. He did his Short Program--but as Universal Sports said , it was a "rough outing". And then on Saturday before his Free Skate, Weir announced that he was withdrawing from the Cup of Russia due to an old knee injury flaring up.

This is what he said to R-Sport:
“This is a very terrible setback and I’m not happy, but things happen in sports,” Weir said. The three-time U.S. champion said a problem with his anterior cruciate ligament had hampered his short program skate on Friday, when he finished tenth in an error-strewn performance. “About a month ago I had a terrible fall in practice and then I reagitated the same injury with my ACL at the beginning of this week and yesterday I tried in the competition,” he said.“This is not what I wanted to happen here and I wanted to compete and to perform and I’m so sad.”

Now, onto nicer stuff: His Costume (as well as some of the other Men's Costumes)

Johnny Weir of the USA: Johnny skated his Short Program to "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga (naturally!). His costume was designed by Johnny himself as well as Stephanie Handler, his longtime costume designer whom he has collaborated with for many years. He went "gaga for Gaga" back in 2009 when he began skating to Lady Gaga and during 2010, used "Poker Face" as his Exhibition skate:

Lady Gaga "Poker Face"

 Johnny's "Poker Face" costume back in 2010

Poker Crystals: The costume featured a black illusion skin-tight top, heavily encrusted with jeweled crystals of varying sizes giving the effect of broken glass throughout the front, the mock-neck and shoulders. On top of the illusion-and-crystal top, there was an asymmetrical half-corset/waist coat trimmed with crystals and with gold buttons. The costume also had shoulder feathers and his hands had bedazzled "Poker Cards" details.

It was A LOT, but somehow it worked (of course, it's Johnny!). I LOVED it. It was Fantasy, it was Couture, it was Dark and Vampire-like, it was Black Swan...all rolled into one. I'm all for male figure skaters giving me some "Costume Eye Candy", especially when some of them (I am talking to you Takahito Kozuka!), could care less. Thank you Johnny for the crystals, feathers and very tight stretch illusion! Now, go take care of that knee/leg so we can see you back on the ice, darling.

Denis Ten from Kazakhstan: Ten--who hails from Kazakhstan but is actually Korean in ethnicity--ended up second to last after the Short. He has a very A-List team behind him: he trains in Lake Arrowhead California with the former "Michelle Kwan Crew": Frank Carroll is his coach and Lori Nichol and Stephane Lambiel are his choreographers. So someone thinks he is the "Cat's Meow" as they say, or well, the Kazakhstan Figure Skating Association has very deep pockets...

Actors Jean Dujardin and Missi Pyle in "The Artist"

For his Short Program to "The Artist" (incidentally, BOTH his Short Program and Free Skate he skates to "The Artist"--just different songs from the movie--PS: does that EVER happen?) , he wore a very close fitting tuxedo costume that looked well-made. It was elegant yet costume-y with crystal studded lapels, buttons, flipped-down French Cuffs (with cuff links) and the requisite tuxedo striped pant. I think it was a perfect Figure Skating costume rendition of the tuxedos actor Jean Dujardin wore in the film.

Takahiko Kozuka of Japan: Takahiko skated his Short Program to "Concert Overture" from Exodus. Takahiko wore a Ombre Dyed Imperial Violet colored shirt. It looks wrinkled and more "Haight-and-Ashbury Tie Dye" than something worthy of the music he skated to. Only interesting thing were the raw edge vertical ruffle detail but that's about it. This is a #CostumeFail in "Twitter Speak". How do you say "Oy Vey" in Japanese???

And then...
For his Long Program to "Introduction Et Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28" by Camille Saint-Saens, He wore this costume which featured a black shirt with red-inset box-pleat details and heavily beaded neck, shoulder yoke and cuffs. I liked the beaded sections, the rest looked slightly 1994 to me. But here's my biggest problem: ENOUGH of the tacky "Ross Dress For Less" black belt. I don't know what other option to suggest to these male skaters but how about NO BELT AT ALL. This look on Kozuka, breaks the line and makes his costume disjointed: from the waist up (above the belt, thank you very much!), he's off to a "Rockettes Christmas Spectacular" but from the waist down--he's going to the office, or to meet his new girlfriend's parents at Church! I just don't get it.

And here are some boys who were at the Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia 2012 whom I have already discussed previously on my blogs here for Skate America, Skate Canada, etc. during this current 2012-2013 Grand Prix Season:

Nobunari Oda of Japan: Oda skated his Short Program "The New Moon in the Old Moon's Arms" wearing this costume. I said that it was "a GOOD mess, rather campy and so "Blades of Glory". I guess that was a "Thumbs Up"!

Gold Medalist Patrick Chan of Canada: I also discussed this vested costume back in my Skate Canada 2012 posting HERE--basically, I wasn't a fan of  it--he skates his Long Program (in this costume) to Puccini's "La Bohème" but he looks more "Pirates of Penzance" as opposed to Paris 1840s Boho. Sorry Patrick. But Congrats on the Gold!

***Next Up: The LADIES of the Rostelecom Cup/ Cup of Russia 2012 !!

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MissTVZ said...

I am surprised you did not mention how Michal Brezina wore the same costume as last year! Even if you do the same music you should change your costume up a little.