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ICE STYLE.....Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia 2012: Pairs


The Pairs--Some Fab, Some Blah...Some 80s...Some 90s...and Much More:

Top Pairs: (left to right) Silver Medalists from Russia Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov, Gold Medalists from Russia Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, and Bronze Medalists from USA Caydee Denney and John Coughlin, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia 2012, Megasport Sports Center Moscow, Russia

Continuing with my Costume Recaps of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia 2012, I've discussed the MEN and then the LADIES and now, it's time for the PAIRS. Some of these costumes I have already talked about in my Skate America, Skate Canada and Cup of China blog postings but I'll still give you a quick recap of what I said of these 2012-2013 Season costumes...

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov of Russia: Once again, these two won the Gold Medal for Pairs (they won the Gold at Skate America 2012) and in my Skate America 2012 posting, I discussed both their Short and Free Skate costumes. For their Short Program, they skated to "Love Theme from The Godfather" (top) and for their Free Skate, they skated to "Violin Muse, Partita for Violin No. 2 and Chaconne" (below photo). Their Free Skate costumes were far more interesting. Although I did like her Short Program deep violet halter costume with neck chains.

Illusion-less? Tatiana Volosozhar at Rostelecom Cup 2012

I also thought that her high-low dress was especially interesting because if I am not mistaken her back features little or no illusion and instead is held by a very strong elastic nude strap. I will discuss the Illusion vs. No Illusion Dilemma in Figure Skating Costumes on another posting soon!

I liked their Free Skate costumes. I felt they were much more ethereal, exploratory--costume-wise--than their Short Program. His was especially ultra feminine. PS: it bears repeating that Maxim is a MAJOR Hottie McHottie. Seriously. Can someone tell me how you say that in Russian??

Caydee Denney and John Coughlin of USA: I also commented on Denney and Coughlin's costumes in my Skate America 2012 post HERE. Essentially, I liked both of their Short and Free Skate costumes, even though they were a bit "old school" in terms of styling, silhouettes. Nothing really modern or directional about them, but still OK. For their Short Program though, they made a slight change. Previously his costume was solid black and a SOLID bore, but....they decided to spice it up a bit and add some sequin applique across his chest. I LOVE how some of her sequins "spilled" onto his blouse-y top.Great update!

For their Free Skate, they skated to "Phantom of the Opera". Very old-school figure skating pairs costumes for sure. Safe, cute...and very "American". PS Part 2: John is another Hottie McHottie. Sorry, but...just had to add that.

Speaking of Safe...

Tiffany Vise and Don Baldwin of USA: Vise and Baldwin skated their Short Program to "Open Arms" ( the famous Journey song) by Piano Classic Players. I really love these two skaters and think they are a beatiful pair to watch. However, I am beyond bored by these costumes. This is past the point of SAFE. Her halter-neck tie-dye costume is so uninspiring. the fabric looks like it came from the End-of-the-Year fabric sale at JoAnn's. The only saving grace are the little bits of crystals but even those look like a ten year old glued them on. And handsome Don. A tuxedo. How original. Not.

Now, I know that the Journey song they skated to is a staple of weddings, especially 1980s weddings...and proms...and Jr. proms...but does that mean they need to look as if it's Last Call at someone's wedding in 1981? I guess, that's probably what they were going for, but my suggestion is to take it even further...more campy, more 80s...just Go For It!

Now, moving on to the next decade: the 90s
Nicole Della Monica (R) and Matteo Guarise of Italy: Mamma Mia Rock-and-Roll! They skated to the early 90's power ballad "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica.

Maybe I need to retract my above comment about going "campy", because these two did and it did not work AT ALL!  Here shiny black spandex tights mixed with a checked 90's leotard is just not working. Add in his vest and T-Shirt combo and it is a bad night at the Italian Disco all the way around.

Vera Bazarova and Yuri Larionov of Russia: For their Free Skate to Music from the Spartacus soundtrack by Aram Khatchaturian. I thought these costumes were FABULOUS! They were both on-point with the movie reference yet still had "fashion" elements--such as the arm straps, gold and maroon colors and detailing. They somehow combined both the "old" Spartacus:

 Kirk Douglas in "Spartacus" (criss-cross leather harness)

As well as the New:
Australian actor Liam McIntyre of "Spartacus: Vengeance"...although, a little part of me wishes that they (OK, maybe Yuri) did more of the "new"

Paige Lawrence and Rudi Swiegers of Canada: For their Short Program to "Robin and Marian" , the music to the 1976 romantic adventure period film based on the legend of Robin Hood (of course) starring...

Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn (above)--Lawrence and Swiegers' costumes were a let-down for sure. I wish there was a little more "Period Costume" to them. She looked very "Jr. Skater 2002" and he, was (at least) slightly closer to the music and theme. I LOVED the colors of Paige's costume but the design needs to look a little more "Period Couture". There two costumes were very disjointed and seemed to not be harmonious.

I'll end on Pairs Costume Fab:

Anastasia Martiusheva and Alexei Rogonov of Russia: For their Short Program to "Cornish Rhapsody" by Hubert Bath, they wore these colorful and very "Broadway Dinner Theater Meets Carnival Cruise Figure Skating Show"-like costumes. And I loved it! Anastasia's red and silver sequined costume was very "I'm a Baton Twirler in a James Bond Film" and Alexei looked liked the STAR in the Russian version of "A Chorus Line". Very campy...but I love it! Those two things made me give them a "Nick V. Pairs Costume Star"!

*** Up Next--the final Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia 2012 Costume Recap--The Ice Dancers!

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