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ICE STYLE.....Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia 2012: Ice Dance


Ice Dance Style:

Applique Dance: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada during their Short Dance, Rostelecom Cup 2012, Megasport Sports Center Moscow Russia

Winding down my Costume Reviews for last weekend's ISU Grand Prx of Figure Skating Rostelecom Cup (Cup of Russia)'s my final one, the Ice Dance Costumes. There is lots to discuss including a Kimono-clad Geisha, super-plunging neckline and an odd "headdress" accessory Figure Skating Costume Trend--Let's begin...

Top Three Ice Dance: (left to right) Silver Medalist from Russia Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, Gold Medalist from Canada Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Bronze Medalist from Russia Victoria Sinitsina and Ruslan Zhiganshin, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Rostelecom Cup 2012, Megasport Sports Center Moscow, Russia

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada: Virtue and Moir won the Gold in Moscow for their STUNNING Free Dance (and a great Short one as well, of course). I reviewed their costumes for their new 2012-2013 season costumes for their Free Dance in my Skate Canada 2012 post HERE. They skated to "Carmen" by Rodion Shchedrin and I thought their costumes were FLAWLESS--their costumes were chic, directional, modern and Fashion Week-fab. I. LOVED. THEM.

Tessa's deep plunging neckline costume looked straight out of the NY/Paris/Milan Runways! And how FRESH to see a "Carmen" performance and not see RED or a single Red Rose--Olé to that!

For their Short Dance Costume--which I hadn't talked about--they skated to "The Waltz Goes On" by Anthony Hopkins. I thought these were pretty, had a nod to Period Costumes and worked for the Waltz/Polka dance. I also think the fact that they weren't so matchy-matchy--partner wise--worked. I liked the delicate placement of the feathers in her sequined chiffon costume/dress. I'm not a fan of the huge creme underskirt, but overall it was a pretty look.

Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland of Great Britain:  Coomes and Buckland skated their Short Polka/Waltz Dance to "Scalliwag" by Gaelic Storm (Celtic Music) and "Rhythms of the Fall" (from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics).

Their costumes combined Country-and-Western elements (his sequined-trimmed Western Shirt) as well as British "Period"-like elements in Penny's dusty rose and blue costume. Her back covered button detail, contrast yoke and bow are especially cute.

Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi of Germany: For their Free Dance titled "Two From the Grave", they skated to three songs "Tore My Heart", "Et Maintenant" and "Rama Lama". They look like these messy/torn-up seemingly-rising-from-the-shipwrecked-"grave"couple. It's such a MESS that I'm actually all for it. I juts feel bad for Alexander, because he really looks as if he got the BAD end of the Costume-and-Makeup Stick.

Ksenia Monko and Kirill Khaliavin of Russia: Monko and Khaliavin skated their Short Dance to "Sous le Ciel de Paris" by Yves Montand in these black, white and silver costumes. Can you say "BA-BA-BORING". Ooops, I think I just did. Try harder next time. PLEASE.

Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov of Russia: For their Free Dance Music from the soundtrack of "Ghost (musical soundtrack)", these two Russian Ice Dance skaters did their best to phone in the 90's film and--later--21st Century Musical--with their retro-looking costumes.

Unfortunately, Ilinykh and Katsalapov looked as if they were either skating to the 1983 film "Flashdance" or an "American Apparel" ad. This is just my "Nick Two Cents"...

Alex and Maia Shibutani of USA: This brother-and-sister Ice Dance Team skated their Free Dance to John Williams' "Memoirs of a Geisha":

"Memoirs of a Geisha"

I thought the Shibutani brother-and-sister team costumes were perfect. Alex looked sublimely chic in his grey side draped waist-coat/vest, black pants and white dress short. Maia was a vision of pretty in her rose-pink and steel-gray Kimono-and-Obi costume.

And Now, The Headdress Figure Skating Costume Accessory Trend of 2012:

A trend of sorts--for Figure Skating Costumes--is the Headdress accessory.  Let's take a look at how it has surfaced so far during the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2012-2013 Season.

"Slumdog Millionaire" Bollywood Princess: Alena Leonova of Russia skates her Free Skate, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2012-2013

Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani of USA: These cutie Americans skated their Short Dance to "Ojos Azul", "Dolencias", "Sikureada". I think they looked FAB-u-LOUS. Costume-wise, these two cannot do any least so far. There was a little bit of Brazil, Latino, Carnival and Indo-Asian influences in these looks...and I loved it. 

Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov of Russia: For their Short Dance to "Andijan Polka", they wore these costumes above---and she wore...yes, a sequined forehead-accessory; I am telling you, it's the LATEST, for Figure Skaters! These two--for their Short Dance--were one of my FAVORITES--in terms of their Costumes! The print, the "Miss Universe Parade-of-Nations Costumes" aspect...all of it, fit perfectly.

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