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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Romney Vs. Obama Election Style Minute


Khakis, Mom Jeans, Too Big Dress Shirts & Bland, Bland, Bland...

Presidential Chic: US President Barrack Obama and Governor Romney giving "Presidential Suit Style" at the first 2012 Presidential Debate

Running For President = BLAND Fashion. Why do Presidents or persons running for President of the U.S.A. look so BLAND? Is that what America wants? And should it be that way? Let me raise this question: why do they have to dress like that? Is it good to look bland and so "middle-of-the-road" in terms of style and fashion? Does dressing too well send bad messages to the voters, such as "Too style-concerned means they are frivolous and not worried about the economy, taxes and foreign policy". Of course, as a voter myself, I would not think that but perhaps I am in the minority. As the election draws to an end (Thank God!), and after watching so much news coverage of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, I began to think--as a Fashion Designer --WHY do these men wear those pleated khakis; why are their dress shirts SO BIG; and why, oh they have to wear Mom Jeans and those navy nylon blouson jackets. Why are the men running for President of the U.S.A. so unfashionable? They dress like my 85 year old dad--who, I love but--he's EIGHTY-FIVE! But maybe that's how America wants to see their Presidents and/or Presidential hopefuls...

Khaki Love:

President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: I get it, President Obama is touring the destruction and damage Super-storm Sandy brought upon New Jersey (here with NJ Governor Chris Christie) and therefore, his outfit has to say "Casual, Concerned but yet still, Business-minded". To me, it's fine, but why does it ALWAYS have to be this; it's like the Straight Man's Version of "Casual Friday's at the Office". But he still looks like an insurance salesmen surveying the damage. I guess I should just be happy that at least President Obama was wearing FLAT FRONT khakis--as opposed to these pleated ones he featured in the past:

 Pleated Nonsense: President Obama in pleated khakis (and too-big shirts)

I know that he's got "bigger fish to fry" than what to wear but...I wonder if he asks someone in his staff "What should be appropriate for this sort of thing?" and some person with no knowledge of style says "khakis, an open-collar dress shirt, and a nylon jacket". If a Fashion Gay (like me) got to him, I would at least, give him a FAB Trench Coat! Oh--and a scarf. Hermes, preferably. But, yes I am happy that at least someone got to him and told him to DITCH the pleated khakis and go for the FLAT FRONT. Thank you Michelle Obama (I presume--or that gay staffer with style!).

Romney Not Exempt: Governor Mitt Romney drank the "Blouse-y Jacket Kool-Aid" too...this whole ensemble looks like the "Dad Meeting his Daughter's New Boyfriend...on a Saturday" outfit. But to the US, it says "I can be casual too!".  I don't even know what to say. This jacket needs to be put away...far, far away. Maybe the US Government can spend some of my tax money on hiring a design company to make "uniforms"--stylish ones--for the Presidents and Hopeful Presidents--something similar to say, what Banana Republic just designed for the Virgin America staff, flight attendants and pilots  to wear:

I would be all for that. They would create an "Outfit to Tour Disaster Areas", an "Outfit To Tour Ohio", an "Ensemble to visit the Troops", an "Outfit for a Europe Visit", and so on. The First Lady spends so much time on her clothing (and in return, we the public, spend the same amount of time--if not more--scrutinizing it), why can it be the same for the men?

Mom Jean Boys:

PS: It's 2012, Boys: I just about cringe when I see both Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama in those too-high waisted mom jeans. I give points to Governor Romney for his pant legs being a little slimming--but, I take them away when  I see those tacky "whiskers" on the jeans. And need I remind everyone of President Obama and those mom jeans he wore when he threw out the first pitch at the All-Star game back in 2009. I think I gave away a similar style to Out of The Closet back in 1993! Have we seen  Obama wear these again? Nope, not so much. Hopefully, he gave those away too. And not to the Smithsonian!

Too Big Dress Shirts:

Dress Shirt Madness: Both President Obama and Governor Romney love the no-tie, unbutton one button look when they are out there on the "stump" reaching out to the "blue-collar" voters. This is a big theme during those visits. This fashion style makes them look a little more "like us"--or so their handlers think. To me, they look like they are selling vacuum cleaners but I guess to the rest of America, they look "Presidential Casual". And what is up with the roll-up the cuffs thing? So TIRED. Seriously, do people still think this mean s"Oh, look, they're getting to work!! Yipee!".

Tie-Less Boys: Governor Romney and President Obama

Too Large: Why is the shirt SO big? I seriously want to grab three inches off the side and take up about the same amount through the armhole. In all my years as a designer and working with wardrobe stylists on many shows, we always came across men who wanted their clothing WAY too big; we would ask them "What size are you?" And they would say "42 Regular" and we would put them in  a 38R. What is it about men (or at least STRAIGHT Men) wanting to wear boxier, bigger garments? Slimmer dress shirts boys.

So Who Will Win the Presidential Fashion "Nick" Test?

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney--I'm not sure either will win in the Fashion Election, but hopefully all politicians will slowly move away from the pleated khakis, mom jeans, too-big dress shirts and blouse-y nylon jackets. What do you guys think? Should our Presidents and President Hopefuls look a little more stylish or at least, stop dressing like 85 year old men? Should they ditch those khakis, rolled up too-big shirts and look a little more polished and up-to-date? Should the same "First Lady Fashion Rule" apply to the men? I'd love to hear your feedback!! Do our Presidents and Presidential Hopefuls Need a Style Makeover? Yea or Nay?

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Laura B. said...

There's a straight man in my office that dresses very well - fitted shirts, good solid colors that complement his complexion, no pleat font pants, etc. The problem is that sometimes when I see him I just want to drool and tell him something completely inapprpriate for work! Maybe Barry is just protecting us from his smokin' hot sexiness.