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SASHES AND TIARAS......Miss Universe 2012: Evening Gown Portrait "Oh Dear's"!


Uh Oh...

 A Green Disney Princess...courtesy of Miss Universe Thailand
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Yes, kids, it is now time for the "Oh Oh's" of the "Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portraits". I could write about "The Best Gowns" all day long...but all that EVERYONE here on my BLOG and on Twitter ask is "When are you going to post the OH DEAR'S??!!" Now, as a side note, I think that we can also say that this category can be titled "Could have done better" (just to be nicer). With that being you go, the "Oh Dear's/Could Have Been Better":

Miss Ecuador Carolina Aguirre: Darling. No. Purple POLYESTER satin and POLYESTER organza. With diamate busline trim. No. This is Cha-Cha on an "Oh Dear!" level.

 Miss Gabon Channa Divouvi: This young woman is soooo pretty, I just do not understand why this tacky-licious gown was placed on her. It has got so many things: the bows, the iridescent organza overskirt layer, the glued-on sequins strewn throughout the gown...It is definitely in contention for getting MAJOR "Oh Dear!" points!

Miss Guyana Ruqayyah Boyer: See-through red stretch lace. No lining. Pleather neckline trim. Enough said.

Miss Thailand Nutpimon Natthayalak: The Disney Princess Award Goes To...This gown looks a little dated and too "Prom-a-licious" for Miss Universe, that's my opinion. I think my biggest issue is that she looks as if she has one leg in this photo. Not really a dress design problem, but it doesn't help.

Miss Cyprus Ioanna Yiannakou: I like a high-low style. They're very on-trend--for cute little Summer dresses as well as red carpet gowns. Here's a high-low style on Miss Universe Cyprus that just doesn't work. I think it's be too short on the "high" part (in the front) and the shredded fabrication in such a strong color red looks a bit inexpensive. 

Miss Montenegro Andrea Radonjic: Here's another high-low ensemble. Andrea wore a forest green bustier with a high-low gown-skirt. The combination of a strapless bustier and the separate too-high-low skirt looks dated--like 1996. 

 Miss Serbia Branislava Mandic: Another high-low style and this one looks as if it came from the late  80's/early 90's. Maybe in Las Vegas, this might work as an "evening gown" but if the gorgeous Branislava ever stepped on an actual red carpet in LA or NY in this, she will get lots of "Oh Dear's!" Oh, and I can't even begin to discuss those earrings and shoes!!

Miss Nigeria Isabella Agbor Ayuk: Isabella, what were you thinking? Iridescent baby blue. Oversized bows. Crystals on the bust. Too short. A Slit. It's Prom-a-licious "Oh Dear!" Here's a thought: when picking their evening gowns--whether for these portraits or Preliminaries--these girls should think "What would Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, (any A-List Actress) the Academy Awards?" And if you look at the gown you have on and the answer is "Not this one!", then maybe it's time to change.

Miss Belgium Laura Beyne: Two things: I like this dress...for a post-pool time evening cocktail and dinner in Mykonos. But as your evening gown choice for the Miss Universe Official Evening Gown Portrait? Not so sure. 

Miss British Virgin Islands Abigail Hindman: Speaking of post-pool cocktail hour--this would be perfect for the lovely Miss British Virgin Islands, if she were in "Carnival Fiesta" on the island of Tortola in her home of the British Virgin Islands. It's very colorful and festive, but somehow doesn't exude the chic elegance a "Miss Universe" evening gown choice should. But if I saw her at a party in Tortola wearing this dress, I would hang out with her in a HOT MINUTE!

Miss Cayman Islands Lindsay Japal: I was torn where to place Miss Lindsay. She could have fit in my "Pageant Betty" section easily but this was Pageant Betty 2.0--therefore, she went here in my "Oh Dear!" section. The gown, the hair, the's all so dated. I understand how this could be a fashionable style in her native Cayman Islands, but once you reach the international stage, you definitely need to switch it up!

Miss Indonesia Maria Selena: Maria is absolutely gorgeous. So pretty. What's not pretty is this dress. It would have been OK without the sewn-on roses. What is that about? If Michael Kors of Project Runway was judging this, he would say "It looks like she got ATTACKED by a bunch of roses!". And he may be right. Take the roses out and leave the red lace gown as it is.

Miss Curacao Monifa Joanne Marie Jansen: Well, well, well, look what we have here! When I first saw this photo, I admit, I exclaimed a loud "Oh Dear!"  She certainly makes a statement. I have a feeling many a Drag Queen are studying this pose and gown for future performances. She's very "Dancing With The Stars"/Cha-Cha/Figure Skating Costume Oh Dear. I give her points for that! But shouldn't the illusion at least match her skin color?!

Miss Hungary Agnes Konkoly: Agnes is so pretty but this dress is so "Oh Dear!". It's just not "Evening Gown"-enough! First off, it's too short, it's lacking any luxe details and looks more like she's going to dance Tango as opposed to competing in the "Miss Universe Pageant".

And Finally...

"The Adrienne Maloof 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Look-alike of the Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portrait Award" Goes To...

Miss Paraguay Egni Eckert: Everything about this picture screams "She's a cast-mate of the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', is worth a billion bucks, has a private plane and lives in a gated community away from the poor folk" , oh and on top of it, all she needs is a veil...because she's getting married. Egni=Diva.

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