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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2012 Preliminaries Gowns: My Top 15 Best List


Las Mejor! (Translation: The Best)

Where Did Miss Universe Venezuela Irene Esser (photo above at last night's "Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Competition") end up on my list? Read on kids...

Last night was the all-important Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Competition at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas. All of the 89 contestants from all over the World who are competing for the title of Miss Universe 2012, paraded in front of a set of judges--different from the ones in the Final Telecast next Wednesday December 19th--in Evening Gown and Swimsuit. The top 15 vote-getters of these preliminaries will be announced during the Live Telecast as the Semi-Finalists. One additional lovely lady, by "Fan Vote" gets to be in the group, to make it a total of 16 Semi-Finalists. So, let's get to my favorites of the Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Competition Evening Gown section:

No. 1:
Miss Croatia Elizabeta Burg: I loved this gown when they published the "Official Website Evening Gown Portraits" and I still LOVE it now! It is SO red carpet award show appropriate FAB, so "Classic Modern", so elegant but sexy (look at that back) and there was NO HOOCHIE SLIT, no obvious Stripper Platform was a lesson in How To Dress For a Beauty Pageant 2012.

No. 2:
Miss Puerto Rico Bodine Koehler: I thought this blush/light pink fit-to-flare gown was beautiful. Again: No too-high slit, nothing too HOOCHIE, no sign of the too-high pumps...this was sweet and yes, FABULOSO! Love that 8" horsehair that is stiffening the hem of the gown by the way--that's a sign of Alta Moda darlings!

No. 3:
Miss Lebanon Rina Chibany: Speaking of Alta Moda, Miss Universe Labanon, is next on my "Nick Faves" list. Rina wore an emerald green gown featuring a plunging neckline, a dropped shoulder, fitted waist and gorgeous paillettes. Of course, I recognized this gown right away:

 It was a gown from the Elie Saab Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Flawless.

No. 4:
Miss Georgia Tamar Shadania: Tamar wore a strapless silver and ivory gown with lots of sequins. This was definitely a stand-out of a gown--one of the best in the "All-Over Sequin" category.

No. 5:
Miss Guatemala Laura Godoy: I thought this was an impressive showing in the Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Competition Evening Gown portion. Miss Universe Guatemala's gown was a fit-to-flare style, very well-made and very-well fitted, and the silver sequins/crystals were done fabulously! It was stunning and definitely, "Miss Universe"-material.

No. 6:
Miss Bahamas Celeste Marshall: The tall and very beautiful Celeste wore a silver metallic and black organza gown--fit-to-flare shape (a favorite of these girls!). I thought the gown was great; elegant yet still show-stopping and not "Pageant Betty" typical.

No. 7:
Miss Brazil Gabriela Markus: Miss Universe Brazil caused me to say a loud "WOW" as I watched the Preliminaries via Ustream last night. In this photo you cannot tell, but she looked AMAZING! This golden sequin gown was perfect, especially for her and she WORKED it OVER TIME, in terms of her aplomb. She HAS to be a Semi-Finalist; if I was a judge.

No. 8:
Miss Indonesia Maria Selena: Here's another golden-colored gown and yes, one of my favorites of the bunch...on Miss Universe Indonesia. She looked chic and very "Miss Universe"-like in this gold lame gown with feathers and princess-seam slit. It was a nice change from what she wore for the "Miss Universe 2012 Evening Gown Portraits" HERE.

No. 9:
Miss Tanzania Winfrida Dominic: Love this gown and love this girl. The combination of this beautiful girl and this great gown: Perfect. I'm usually not a fan of iridescent organza but here, it's beyond fab!

No. 10:
Miss Kosovo Diana Avdiu: Calling Grecian Goddess...via Miss Universe Kosovo. If I had to style a movie based on Athena or Aphrodite, this would be the gown I would put my actress in. Best in an Ivory-colored Gown. Hands down!

No. 11:
Miss Thailand Nutpimon Farida Waller: Miss Universe Thailand looked beautiful in this iridescent white and silver sequined strapless fit-to-flare gown. It was very Marchesa. The crystal detail was gorgeous. And once again, it was MUCH better than what she wore for the "Miss Universe Evening Gown Website Official Portraits" (Seriously: Do they FORCE these girls to wear tacky dresses they do not want to wear for those website portraits?).

No. 12:
Miss Singapore Lynn Tan: Elegant. Classic. Very Carolina Herrera. Love. Very Red Carpet Award Show. This ivory duchesse satin fit-to-flare gown with black lace applique exudes "Glamour". Therefore, I love it! Good job Miss Universe Singapore!

No. 13:
Miss Jamaica Chantal Zaky: OK, if one was just looking at this photo above, it would seem as she was very "Pageant Typical" in her gown choice, etc. But, let me say that she was NOT; she was UBER Fabulous! She WORKED this golden sequin gown to no end and eventually, made me have to say that "This Girl is Miss Universe Material!". The long earrings are not really necessary but other than that: YOU GO Miss Jamaica!

No. 14:
Miss Venezuela Irene Esser: Irene has "chispa" (as they say in Venezuela)--it roughly translates into "spark" as in "she's got a 'spark'...something extra special". And yes, she does, it was very obvious even on my computer screen while watching the Preliminaries. In terms of her evening gown, it wasn't one of my TOP favorites, was still in the Good bunch! I loved the sequined striped black and nude detail of the torso portion, down to the hips. But to be honest, I just wasn't a fan of the flamenco ruffled-and-feathered bottom section. It looked a little bit tacky-licious. I just wish, the entire gown would have been the same as the torso. And similar to the fantastic Zuhair Murad dress that Blake Lively wore:

 Now that, would have been "Red Carpet Fabuloso"!

Lastly...No. 15:
Miss Mexico Karina Gonzalez: One word: wow. It's a hot-shorts sequined leotard with an ATTACHED gown-skirt. Who knew? Is this a "Pageant Evening Gown Trend"? I somehow missed? I hope not, to be honest. I was very much "on the fence" with this gown. The fact that it's a sequined hot-short GOWN is a bit Drag Queen Krazee. And maybe that's why I like it. But at the same time, it is a questionable choice. If a top A-List actress wore this on the red carpet...there would be HE** to pay. Trust me. I'd be talking about it the next day. For sure. But something about Karina's beautiful face, hair and the way she "walked it", made me feel that she belonged my Top 15 Best.

***Next Up: The "Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Competition Evening Gown "Oh Dear's!": My "Questionable Choices" for Gowns...

14 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2012 Preliminaries Gowns: My Top 15 Best List"

Anonymous said...

something about tanzania
... but i LOVE Alabania :D

Anonymous said...

what can you say about miss philippines' gown? the head of bb pilipinas organization stella araneta always pick gowns for miss philippines' candidates for miss universe always from mr barrazza of colombia! i don't know why she doesn't utilize the talents we have here in the philippines! please be blunt and honest thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lebanon <3

Daniel Moreno said...

Nick, lastima que el vestido de Guatemala esta muy visto de hecho lo hizo originalmente para nohedy Olivares la Miss Zulia del año pasado y se lo han puesto muchas otras. Deberian hacer creaciones nuevas y originales para esos eventos

Daniel Moreno said...

Por cierto, que extraño que ese año tu lo consideraste entre los mejores vestidos del Miss Venezuela 2011 y este año en el Miss Universo, si? porque? si es el mismo vestido.

Daniel Moreno said...

Perdon Nick, quise decir que en 2011 NO lo consideraste entre los mejores vestidos en tu review y este año entre tantos diseños en el MU, Si.

Alberto said...

El de venezuela cuando vi las fotos de cerca del laborioso trabajo quede impactada y como lo llevó miss Venezuela demasiadisimo. Un cercano del diseñador Fajardo me dijo que quizó llevar esa propuesta del negro pensando en el petróleo quizas por esto los vuelos en de la falda pensé. A mi me gustaron venezuela y Croacia. Diferentes en concursos de belleza! Saludos.


Thailand goroeous

Anonymous said...

Crown princess of Sweden wore à version of the Green dress at the Nobel dinner

Anonymous said...

Miss Lebanon is the best, she must be the winner this year

Félix Esteves said...

For me the best dress is that of Miss Lebanon, Miss Croatia then, third I taste the festive dress of Miss Aruba, very appropriate for the show of Miss Universe. The dress of Miss Venezuela, seemed a more appropriate costume for the Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja, but Irene knew look good.
Greetings from Venezuela
Felix Esteves.

ktlove55 said...

I also loved Guatemala's dress. I think she looked stunning.

Anonymous said...


jjkk said...

No doubt the miss Brazil evening Gown is to die for. I first saw it at the pageant and it compleately blew me away.