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NICK STYLE.....Jay McCarroll Socks! I got them and so should YOU!


Color and Printed FAB!

Fashion Designers Jay McCarroll and Nick Verreos-- Project Runway Season 10 Finale Runway Show Lincoln Center, NY Fashion Week

Last week, I got the best gift for myself: a set of Jay McCarroll socks! Now, of course, you may remember Jay as being THE Season One Winner of Project Runway. But I know him more as a friend. A friendship that's lasted over seven years (that's TWENTY in "Gay Years", darlings!).

Sock Gift to Myself: Here's the pack of Jay McCarroll Socks that I will be featuring at LAX, JFK...

Recently, Jay launched his new "Jay McCarroll Socks" line and well, you know I had to order me some!! Well, kids, when they arrived they were BETTER than anything I could have envisioned online: the colors, the prints...everything about them said "Hello Nick!". In other words, they were SO me...

 Just take a look at these pics:

Yeah...I cannot wait to wear them the next time I have to take off my Gucci driving loafers at an airport (to see the TSA security well as all the tacky travelers in flip flops and dirty feet!)---Oh wait, I will get to do that soon: I'm flying to Las Vegas next week to see the Miss Universe Pageant! Yeayyyy, time to FEATURE my new Jay McCarroll Socks!

Thanks Jay!  Love ya! And especially, your FAB socks!

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