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NICK APPEARANCES.....NBC-LA Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap, FIDM Spokesperson


NBC-LA FIDM Fashionista:

Nick Verreos, Fashion Spokesperson Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM--NBC-LA Channel 4 News--2013 Golden Globes Fashion Report

 Color Coordinated: (left to right), NBC-LA Anchors Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams and Nick Verreos--KNBC Channel 4 News

As we all know this past weekend was "Golden Globe Awards Weekend" least here in LA! I had the pleasure of reprising my role as, not only THE NBC-LA Channel 4 "Fashion Authority", but more importantly, being on air as the Fashion Spokesperson for my Alma Mater--the Fashion Institute of Design &n Merchandising/FIDM.

(Left to right) NBC-LA Channel 4 "Today in LA Weekend" Anchors Ted Chen and Michelle Valles, and Nick Verreos

My weekend began very early this past Saturday morning, when I was on the "Today in LA Weekend" news show with anchors Ted Chen and Michelle Valles. I was on to discuss my predictions for trends that might be seen in Sunday's 2013 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet. I talked about possible Trends such as "Jeweled Embellishments", "Peplums", "Backless", and bright colors...

 Nick Verreos--FIDM Fashion Spokesperson--NBC-LA "Today in LA Weekend" news show

I also did some original fashion illustrations for my "visions" of a couple of the nominated actresses, such as Anne Hathaway and Claire Danes--if I would dress them in one of my original NIKOLAKI gown creations. Here are the sketches:

 Anne Hathaway--sketch by Nick Verreos; design by NIKOLAKI/ Nick Verreos & David Paul

 Claire Danes--sketch by Nick Verreos; design by NIKOLAKI/Nick Verreos & David Paul

On Sunday night (following the 2013 Golden Globes)...I was scheduled to be on air during the 11 O'clock News on NBC-LA with Weekend Anchors Robert Kovacik and Kathy Vara. I went to the Burbank NBC-LA studios and watched the live feed of the 2013 Golden Globe Awards red carpet at 2pm and was there all day...doing my fashion expert red carpet  "homework".

 (Left to right) KNBC Channel 4 (NBC-LA) Weekend Anchors Robert Kovacik and Kathy Vara

When 11 PM came around, I was ready for my "red carpet reporting" close-up during the 11 O'clock News. However, things changed quickly when a car chase--yes it's LA!--replaced all news coverage at around 11:20 PM. Needless to say, my post-2013 Golden Globes red carpet segment was preempted--as well as anything else they had scheduled. The car chase lasted until 1 AM! And yes, Robert and Kathy had to be there--in the studio--the entire time. Yet, I was "dismissed" or as they say in the "news Industry", I got the AXE! (Ouch!). But there was always Monday:

 Yeayyy! I get to be on air: Nick Verreos, KNBC Channel 4 (NBC-LA)

On Monday--I finally got the chance to be on air, and discuss my "Nick Faves" and Trends that were seen on the 2013 Golden Globe Awards red carpet with the ever-so-amazing Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams--the News Anchors of KNBC/NBC-LA Channel 4 5 PM, 6 PM, and 11 PM News.

 And Here's Nick: (left to right) Chuck Henry, Colleen Williams, and Nick Verreos

I'd been saving my comments for about 24 hours so I was "good & ready". I talked about some of the Trends we saw on the red carpet--such as "Blush Color and Lace", "Red on the Red Carpet", and so on...I always have such a good time with Collen and Chuck and as always, wished we had more time to discuss the Golden Globes red carpet.

 (Left to right): Chuck Henry, Colleen Williams and Nick Verreos--KNBC/NBC-LA Channel 4 5 o'colock News 2013 Golden Globes fashion recap

Car Chase or no car chase (I prefer the NO CAR CHASE!), I love me some NBC-LA, and had a fun weekend giving my Fashion Guru Two Cents on the 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet styles! Until next time!!

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