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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network 2013 Academy Awards Live Red Carpet Show


Oscar Night!!

On Air! (left to right) Nick Verreos, Tabatha Coffey, and Marc Istook

Here we are on the day of the Oscars right as we were about to go LIVE to do our TV Guide Network "2013 Academy Awards Red Carpet Show Hosted by Chris Harrison" Show.  I wore a Dolce & Gabbana black with tiny white polka-dotted silk satin tuxedo jacket I bought (Yes, BOUGHT Can you believe it!?), with my Zegna tuxedo shirt and Marc Jacobs Collection tuxedo pants. My NIKOLAKI design--and life--partner, David Paul styled me as he always does. Thank You David! For our filming position, we had a great location on the "balcony" position--or "Sky View" looking above the red carpet. We were right next to Kelly Osbourne and Ross Matthews of E! and various other Entertainment Shows--each of us had our own "box" on the balcony.

On The Red Carpet: (left to right) Marc Istook, Nick Verreos, Tabatha Coffey and Chris Harrison--Before we began our live coverage, we made sure to hit the red carpet for some photo-op's. Mainly, I wanted to make sure my "gal pal", Tabatha Coffey got a chance to have the photographers take red carpet pics of her in her Mark Zunino gown. I know if I was the designer of her gown, I would have wanted some red carpet photos of her in my the Oscars! So, we made sure to get those....and then we RAN up to our balcony to get mic'ed and ready for our LIVE "close-up"!

Tabatha Coffey--Tabatha wore a strapless black mermaid shaped gown featuring gathered tulle and lots and lots of feathers, from Mark Zunino. Oh and yes, she had many, many diamonds as well.

Greek Brothers: Nick Verreos and Christos Garkinos co-owner of Decades and star of the new Bravo show "Dukes of Melrose".

Here are some shots of the Academy Awards Red Carpet from my balcony position, right as we began our "Countdown" Coverage around 2pm and then progressively as the carpet began to fill up with guests, attendees and yes, all the A-List Hollywood Glitterati:

2013 Academy Awards Red Carpet--Right in the beginning...

Filling up...


Here are some shots of the Stars on the 2013 Academy Awards Red Carpet from my "Sky View" TV Guide Network balcony position:

Kelly and Jamie: Jamie Foxx with his daughter, being interviewed for the ABC Pre-Show by Kelly Rowland, in her Donna Karan Atelier black and white strapless gown (yes, the one I was going to tweet about the day before when I saw her during Rehearsals, but wisely decided not to).

Amy Adams--in her Oscar de la Renta gray-blue ball gown (with her publicist holding her purse nearby)

Anne Hathaway--in her now-infamous dusty pink Prada gown (from the back)..

 Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen (left)  and the Valentino gown Anne Hathaway was supposed to wear (right).

As we all now know she was supposed to wear Valentino (Valentino's PR people even Tweeted that she was wearing their gown! Ooopsie!) but decided to change her mind right before when someone told her that her "Les Miserables" co-star Amanda Seyfried's Alexander McQueen gown might look "too similar" to hers. I think she should have stuck to her original Valentino.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Halle Berry with Robin Roberts of ABC's "Good Morning America"--Halle, who was MY FAVORITE Best Dressed Woman of the night in that Custom Atelier Versace sequined "Dynasty" gown had just gotten there and she immediately went to Robin, they hugged, exchanged niceties, and did a brief interview. I was so excited looking down from my spot seeing this all happen.

Soon-to-be Academy Award Winner for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence--in her Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2013 strapless ball gown. This gown, on the red carpet, was MAJAH! But...she didn't vibe "Diva", more like a European Princess. It was BEAUTIFUL and perfect to win an Oscar in.

Crutch Girl: Kristen Stewart in her crutches. I guess she had just cut her foot (?) and she stumbled through the entire length of the red carpet and had someone take her crutches when she had to stop and pose for photos. She looked a MESS. Her hair was a mess, her makeup looked a mess and she didn't do that gown any justice. Even from my balcony position, she looked so "bothered" to be there. I'm sure she was in pain and felt awkward with the crutches but then, HUNEY, it's the OSCARS!! Buck it up!

Wolgang Puck and the Oscars Cake and menu being displayed on the red carpet--he spent what seemed like an HOUR walking through the entire red carpet showing the food and doing interviews. I hope no one ate that food afterward because it must have begun to decompose for sure!

What an Oscars Blast! (left to right) Nick Verreos, Tabatha Coffey and Marc Istook--TV Guide Network "2013 Academy Awards Live Red Carpet Show Hosted by Chris Harrison". I had so much fun with my "Balcony Buddies". Thanks for making it a GREAT night for me!

Until Next Year!!! Happy Awards Season!!!

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