Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jennifer Garner in Gucci Premiere: I saw this dress from atop the "balcony" while doing my TV Guide Network 2013 Academy Awards Red Carpet Live Show. She looked fabulous from up there! I loved the maroon/violet color and especially the back detail of cascading silk organza. She not only looks like a Movie Star but the wife of a man who is about to win multiple Academy Awards. Very Regal.

And speaking of regal: THAT necklace. Lord have mercy! That is a necklace worthy of a former Empress of Iran (how "Argo" apropos!).

Gucci Premiere, in case you don't know is the Custum Gucci arm of the Gucci Brand--mainly consisting of Red Carpet gowns created just for celebrities and made almost like the Haute Couture creations of Paris.


Tbone said...

Gorgeous from the front and the color was great on a mostly colorless red carpet. But I can't get behind that giant rear ruffle.

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