Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reese Withersoon in Custom Lous Vuitton: Reese was pretty much perfect in this strapless "mermaid-Lite" style strapless gown in royal blue and black from Louis Vuitton. Reese loves this shape and we can see why. I think the fit was good and her hair: FLAWLESS. Now, I just want to mention the fact that this Custom Louis Vuitton gown:

Has NOTHING to do with what Marc Jacobs showed in his last Louis Vuitton Collection (above)--full of graphic prints and colors. Not even the shape, silhouette or anything corseted. The gown he showed were shift styles with barely a seam for fit in them--save for the side seams and center back. But somehow, it's still "Louis Vuitton". To me, it looked more like Oscar de la Renta. I guess when you get a Custom Gown from Vuitton, they can do whatever you want...


Tbone said...

I'm concerned about the hem. Is she standing on that dress? hair and makeup are terrific.

Nells said...

I was concerned by that black stripe at the top. It cut her already small breasts in half and threw off the proportions.

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