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FIDM....FIDM Debut 2013, FIDM Open House, Fashion Club Pre-Party + More!

Nick Verreos--FIDM Debut 2013 Fashion Club Party, The Barker Hangar Santa Monica California

 Nick Verreos hosting FIDM Debut 2013 Day Two--with models wearing his new "NV Nick Verreos" dresses, The Barker Hangar Santa Monica California

Continuing with my FIDM Debut 2013 Recaps, we're onto Day Two (Click HERE for the "Day One" recap). Day Two was a very, very big day for me. I had to go to the Downtown L.A. main campus of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM to emcee the L.A. Open House, then go to Santa Monica to make a "special appearance" for picture taking at the Fashion Club Debut 2013 Pre-Party, and then I had to host the actual Debut 2013 Fashion Show as well as do my Meet-and-Greet afterward in my "Nick tent". Without further ado...let's get to my Recap:

L.A. Open House:

 Open House Panel (left to right): Chase Vance, Sarah Stimpson, Matt Hulsey, Gabriela Sanchez and Jessica Chavez--FIDM L.A. Open House

FIDM L.A. held their annual "Debut 2013 Open House" right on Hope Park, adjacent to the main campus. There were several huge tents set up and it was packed with every seat taken! The FIDM Open House is a way anyone interested in possibly attending FIDM--along with their parents/family members--to tour the campus, get to know the facilities, meet instructors, grads, and speak to Admissions Advisors about the college.

 Front View (from the stage) of the audience at FIDM L.A. Open House 2013--Hope Park FIDM L.A. Main Campus

 Side View--Of course, I couldn't miss the lovely gals--and a couple of guys--in the FIDM L.A. Open House 2013 audience sitting on the side of the stage--Hope Park, Downtown Los Angeles

As the Official Spokesperson for FIDM, I had the honor of emceeing the Open House which I began with greeting the audience. I then held an FIDM Open House Runway Walk-Off, where I chose people from the audience--at random--to do a runway walk right in the middle of the tent!

It was so much fun! Amongst all the future "Naomi Campbell's", there was a beauty queen with a crown and sash (see photo above), a fashionista mom with a great hat, plus I even tried to set up an "Open House Love Connection" as well!

Afterward, I hosted a panel discussion with FIDM grads, discussing their experiences at FIDM and what they were up to now--and what advice they could best give incoming FIDM students in regards to how to get the most out of the College.

Then, I took lots of pics with the attendees in an informal "Nick Open House Meet-and-Greet"--Next, I grabbed a quick lunch (a boy's gotta eat!), did an outfit change (to a Calvin Klein Collection apple green suit!) and then, headed to The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, to make a special Photo-Op Appearance at the Fashion Club Debut 2013 Pre-Party, as well as to host the FIDM Debut 2013 Fashion Show.

Fashion Club Debut 2013 Pre-Party Pics:

"Celebrity Corner with Nick Verreos" sign at the Barker Hangar Fashion Club Debut 2013 Pre-Party tent

The Hors d'oeuvres table at the Fashion Club Debut 2013 Pre-Party--Barker Hangar 

Picture Taking with Nick--Fashion Club Debut 2013 Pre-Party

Debut 2013 Day Two:

 Nick Verreos hosting Day Two FIDM Debut 2013 Fashion Show

Sitting Pretty--Nick Verreos at the FIDM Debut 2013--flanked by models in NIKOLAKI gowns and NV Nick Verreos dresses
Nick Verreos enjoying the "Chairing Styles" chairs--FIDM Debut 2013-- FIDM's Chairing Styles incorporates the Textile Design students who design the fabric for the upholstery and the clothing; the Interior Design students design a chair that incorporates the fabric, and the Fashion Design students create an outfit that matches the chair. Interior Design students are paired with a chair manufacturer who donates their materials and craftsmanship to make these one-of-a-kind prototypes.

Cutie Patooties--Nick Verreos with the child models of one of the collections from FIDM Advanced Fashion Design Program student Maggie King--FIDM Debut 2013

Post Debut Meet-and-Greet:
Following the FIDM Debut 2013 fashion Show, I had the pleasure of signing autographs and taking photos with many of the attendees...

The Line--Check out the line for my "Nick Meet-and-Greet" on Day Two of Debut 2013!

Meet-and-Greet Pics Day Two FIDM Debut 2013

And Last But Not Least...

I had to get a photo withe my FIDM PR girls--Rachel, Sydney and Amber! They are THE BEST! So much fun having these ladies around! They make everything go swimmingly! #LOVE

**Next Up: FIDM Debut 2013 Day Three--The Los Angeles Fashion Gala Night!

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