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NICK APPEARANCES.....WZID Women's Expo 2013 Manchester New Hampshire: RECAP!


Brawny New Hampshire Boys Get a "Nick" Makeover...and Much More:

 Nick Verreos--WZID 2013 Women's Expo, Manchester New Hampshire

Last month--about three weeks ago, right after my Birthday and before all my Oscars TV stuff --I flew to Manchester New Hampshire to make an appearance at the WZID 2013 Women's Expo. This was the second time I have been invited to be part of this fabulous Women's Expo in New Hampshire. I was scheduled to give a Spring 2013 Trends Lecture as well as (and more importantly!) style the three winners of the WZID "Makeover Your Man" Contest. Wives, girlfriends...submitted their MEN, to be part of this contest. Three men were selected and  I was the "Style Guy" who had the honor of making them FAB-U-LOUS.

Manchester New Hampshire, Mid-February 2013--When I got to New Hampshire, it was very snowy and cold. This was post-NY Fashion Week Blizzard. But it was ALL GOOD!

WZID Traffic Reporter Suzanne Roundtree, Nick Verreos, WZID "New Hampshire in the Morning" Hosts Tracy Caruso and Mike Morin, WZID Radio Studios Manchester New Hampshire--The day after I arrived, I went straight to the 95.7 FM WZID Studios and did a fun Morning Radio Interview with Mike Morin and Tracy Caruso, the hosts of the very popular "New Hampshire in the Morning" Radio Show. Then, I  had to meet "My Men"--the Contest Winners, David, Jeff and Neil:

 My Men:
 David--Burly Man with a Beard Needs to "Clean Up"

 Jeff--Trainer with Too Much and Too-Big-for-his-Size Nylon in his Wardrobe

 Neil--Looks Like A Truck Driver...Needs to Look Presentable as a Wedding Guest

 Burly Before's: Nick Verreos with WZID "Makeover Your Man" Contest Winners before their shopping/styling trip (left to right, Jeff, Neil and David)--WZID Manchester New Hampshire Studios

Nick Verreos, Macy's Bedford, New Hampshire--I took the boys shopping at Macy's Bedford and styled them into outfits that fit their body types, and what their wives suggested in their Contest "dossier's"

 What Are We Going To Do? Nick Verreos with his "makeover Your Man" Contest Winners subjects--David, Neil and Jeff--Macy's Bedford New Hampshire

After a couple of hours of shopping and styling, David, Jeff and Neil (the Contest Winners) were off to get their "Beauty Makeovers" at Arcadya Salon & Spa (LOTS of shaving, eyebrow plucking, manicuring and spray tanning!). For me, it was time to head to my hotel, change and get ready for my special lecture on Spring 2013 Trends and what Women--and Men--should have in their closet this Spring:

 Nick Verreos--Spring 2013 Trends Lecture at the WZID 2013 Women's Expo Manchester New Hampshire

Now, it was time for the Reveal of the "Makeover Your Man" Contest Winners:
The Afters: Nick Verreos with the WZID "Makeover Your Man" Contest Winners (left to right) Neil, Jeff and David--Yes kids, these are them!! And yes, they were holding posters of their "before's". Neil, Jeff and David were the BEST through it all. Such nice guys. Neil looks so handsome in his suit, ready to be presentable attending a wedding with his wife (left). For Jeff, I made him be comfortable with slimmer-fitting clothes that would accentuate his perfect trainer physique yet still make him feel comfortable and be a perfect "walking billboard" for his Trainer Business. And for David (right)--the formerly bearded "Burly Guy"...well, I "cleaned him up"--with the help of Arcadya Salon & Spa and with cleaner, neater-looking clothing.

The Men-After's: Jeff, David and Neil--My New "Best Buddies" in Manchester New Hampshire

Afterward, I did a "Nick Meet--and-Greet" and took some photos:
  Nick Verreos--WZID 2013 Women's Expo

Thanks Manchester, Thanks WZID and Thanks to David, Jeff and Neil for being THE BEST Men Makeover Contest Winners!! It was my pleasure styling you: You guys looked AMAZING!

Click below for the "Makeover Your Man" Video Chronicling Their Day of makeover Before The Big Reveal:

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