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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 11 Project Runway Recap: Mature Muses, Joan Rivers


Mature Fashion Divas:

This is How I see Fashionable Ladies of an Indeterminate Age:

 Caftan and Pant Ensemble Divas

 Manhattan Doyenne

 Cheetah Fab

 Fashionista Fur

This Is Not:


This week's Lifetime Network's Season 11 Project Runway episode explored "Mature Dressing", with the challenge being "Create a Look for a Mature Client". Interesting and great challenge, I thought. It's always good to veer away from the Dress a 6 foot tall, size 0 model and create something for a "real" woman. In the past, this has caused great problems for the designers with many of them falling into the "I DO NOT dress women over a size 4" stereotype. Or just having problems releasing their Designer Ego and actually listening to the clients and their needs/wants.

Designers Amanda Valentine and Benjamin Mach and their clients--Lifetime's Project Runway Season 11

There was really none of that this time around. If anything, some of the designers payed TOO MUCH attention to what their clients wanted and got lost within themselves (at least for the ones who ended up in the bottom). The good ones were FAB, chic and still age-appropriate.

 Judges for this week's Challenge included (left to right): Melissa Rivers, Joan Rivers, Nina Garcia, Rachel Roy (substituting for Zac Posen) and Heidi Klum

Here were some of my Favorite Looks:

Michelle Lesniak Franklin--Loved the print and especially the crystal-encrusted waistband trim. This is a great silhouette and style for LOTS of women: the opened-up V-neck, the princess-seamed top section, the cinched waist, the A-line skirt. Not sure if that was an intentional high-low on the hem. If it is, it should have been more intentional-looking.

Samantha Black--First off, I disagreed with some of the judges in that I liked this look. Very much. I thought it was perfect for the client. Loved the directional sleeves and that chartreuse color is FAB: it pops! And the animal print works wonderfully with the top section. The length and coverage is appropriate and the fitted shape accentuates the clients svelte figure.

Stanley Hudson--The Winner this week was this pant suit look from Stanley Hudson. The bolero jacket fit perfectly. The navy blue/violet color was great. I did agree with the judges in that the pant crotch had issues; it was too "baggy". I wanted to go in there and grab the extra. Pants are the hardest things to fit and to get the pattern right! It takes YEARS kids. YEARS. Oh and yes, they were about 2-3" too short. They were Capri length but at least they weren't WHITE Capris! Thanksss Goodness.

And Not-So-Favorites:

Tu Suthiwat Nakchat--Oh huney! Even Tu knew he had messed up. The construction was a mess. I've seen better sewing from high school fashion shows (Trust me! I've judged some in my day!). The moss green color was drab and didn't help, but neither did the heavy too-covered up silhouette. It reminded me of a bad version of that Delta Airlines wrap dress uniform:

Delta Airlines Uniform Wrap Dress

Amanda Valentine--The almost-eliminated Amanda designed this printed dress with weird wannabe handkerchief hem (it's there but not there). I liked the print and the soft, flowy style but everything else was wrong.

Benjamin Mach--But it was our platinum-haired Aussie who was eliminated for this blue satin dress. I thought that the dress itself wasn't half-bad. This is a lovely style for an older woman attending a wedding or a Bat Mitzvah. But yes, it was way too tight on the top (notice the pulling on the princess sleeve seams and cap section of the sleeves). I get that the judges might have deemed it too safe and/or dowdy.

So, yes, Bye Benjamin--and Amanda, you're still on the show...for at least one more week.

Here's my FULL RECAP of this week's Project Runway Season 11 Episode:

Mature Muse

When you combine Joan Rivers with the thrill of designing for "Mature Women" and then throw in my Fantasy "kooky" aunt from Boca…Boy you've really got my attention! Yes kids, this week on Season 11 "Project Runway: Teams Edition" (if it still could be called that) the designers were faced with the challenge of creating ensembles for "Ladies of a Certain Indeterminate Age." Let's Recap...

Who Do You Not Want To Work With? Because That's Who You'll Be Working With
Last week, Matthew was out and Richard was in. Michelle continued to be the "Bad Luck Charm” of the season—as well as the funniest and most "on point" commentator, and platinum-haired Aussie Benjamin is confident about getting such high praise from the judges in regards to his strapless-and-sexy Miranda Lambert gown. Cue the "He's going to be on the BOTTOM this week" thoughts in your head (or at least mine!). Heidi greets the remaining designers with the dreaded button bag and since last week Michelle was left without a partner, it's time to put her somewhere. Earlier, while at the Atlas Apartments, she comments about how she does NOT want to be paired up with Patricia. Well huney, I think you might want to think twice about using your loud voice around the producers because VOILA! Guess whose name Heidi draws from her button bag? Yep! Patricia. Coincidence? Not so mucheeey. This isn't my first time at this Reality Show Rodeo.

Mature Muse
Heidi then tells the designers that "Fashion is timeless" and with that, sends them off. They all meet at the Midtown Loft Dance Hall where there are several "mature ladies" in a dance class. Tim walks in and announces that the Challenge this week is to create a fashionable look for a mature client. The camera then pans to the designers as Richard flashes THE FAKEST smile EVAH. Mr. Gunn tells the designers who their clients are and soon afterward, it's time to consult and Mood shop—with $200 per look. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS EACH!? I flashback to the days when that would have been the budget for the Couture Challenge!

Not Following the "Teams" Point of All This
I am still unsure as to where the "teams" aspect of this whole thing comes into play since...

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