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ICE STYLE.....2013 ISU World Figure Skating Championships: MEN


 Top Three Men: (left to right) Silver Medalist Denis Ten of Kazakhstan, Gold Medalist Patrick Chan of Canada, Bronze Medalist Javier Fernandez of Spain--2013 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, London, Ontario, Canada

The 2013 World Figure Skating Championships ("Worlds") occurred a couple of weeks back in London, Ontario, Canada at Budweiser Gardens. As you know, I LOVE ME some figure skating and especially talking about the costumes. When the Worlds were happening, unfortunately, I was traveling doing events for Macy's as well as hosting the FIDM Debut 2013 Fashion Shows so...I didn't have time to do my traditional "Nick Figure Skating Costume Recap" but now I do.

 2013 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, London, Ontario, Canada at Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada

I was almost not going to talk about it (since it occurred a couple of weeks ago--which is like A YEAR in "blog time"!) but so many people--either on Facebook or Twitter kept asking "Nick, where's your "World's Costume Recap?" that well, I decided to do it. So without further a do--Let's begin with the MEN:

Alexei Bychenko Israel--Alexei failed to advance to the Free Skate but, nevertheless, I wanted to comment on his Short Program costume to "Party Sailor" by Wilson Picket and "John Rango" by James Brown. I can see the sailor theme with his top for sure. But (here we go again!), I am SO NOT A FAN of the BELT!!! And why a BROWN one?? Couldn't he have found one that matches the pants? Or hey, have the costume designer actually create Sailor Pants (with the front flap)? Heck, I can go to the Army Surplus store and find some for him!

Viktor Romanenkov of Estonia--For his Free Skate to "Prince of Egypt" by Hans Zimmer, Viktor made me (Costume) proud! He may have [placed 22nd out of 24 skaters in the Free Skate but he was up there in my Top Three for Best Men's Costumes. This was Tutankhamen HOT!

Justus Strid of Denmark--Justus (who ended up last overall) did his Free Skate to "Where Do I Fit In" by Nicola Piovani in this get-up. It was so bright, so jarring...that I had to discuss. Piovani was the composer to "Life Is Beautiful" as well as many other soundtracks. Here, in this costume, he looks like a cross between a clown and a referee. Maybe that was the point? He doesn't "fit in" anywhere!

Brian Joubert of France--Sexy Hottie-McHottie Brian Joubert knows that A) he's very athletic, B) he's a Sex Symbol in his country and C) He's got to keep the ladies in the audience smilin' (and some of the boys too!) by always showing some muscles, in one shape or form. For both his Short Program and Free Skate costumes, he delivered. The first photo is from his Short Program to "Genesis" by Justice and "Aerodynamic" by Daft Punk. Love the faux leather details juxtaposed with the black illusion. The top is amazing... masculine, futuristic and sexy at the same time. In the costume above--for his Free Skate to Gladiator by Hans Zimmer, he's looking like a cross between a Spartan Warrior and a Samurai. I like the asymmetry of the top (notice the "nude sleeve"), silver applique and leg warmers (yes, those are LEG WARMERS!). Now, the belt he's wearing, I actually approve. Why? Because it goes with the rest of the costume and doesn't look like it is from "Ross Dress For Less".

Max Aaron of USA--Take a guess where this is from? If you guessed "Tron", you were right! Yes, Max skated his Short Program in one of the most "unusual" costumes worn by the men this 2012-2013 season. He skated to "Tron: Legacy" by Daft Punk in this black jumpsuit/unitard designed by Kay Evans. I think it's perfect for the music and theme and graphic enough to stand out. Now, speaking of "standing out"...oh never mind, I have to keep it PG-13 here!

Daiksuke Takahashi of Japan--I always like what Daisuke wears in competitions because he's not afraid to go soft with his costumes and use flowy, drape-y very feminine but still, he looks completely masculine. For his Short Program to Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven he wore this cowl draped top costume with fluttery volants and encrusted sequins.  This was different from what he has worn previously for the Short Program this season:

The music of Daisuke's Short program was different from what he had been skating to previously this season--a "Rock 'n Roll Medley", therefore his costume changed as well. The "old one" (which I also LOVED!) reflected his old "Rock 'n Roll Short Program.

For his Free Skate to Music from Pagliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo, Daisuke stayed romantic, soft and "frilly" with details on his costume--especially the top portion. He knows how details and trims can add movement while he's skating and uses them well. Pagliacci is a tragic opera about a clown and there's nothing tragic or clownish about this ensemble. He first "unveiled" this costume in December of last year at the 81st Japan Figure Skating Championships. But...

Before then, this above is the costume he had been wearing for his Season 2012-2013 "Pagliacci" Free Skate.

Takahito Mura of Japan--Takahito skated his Free Skate to Music from the TV series Shogun and I think his costume was exceptional in terms of the theme. I love the cross-over trim detail of his kimono top, the silky velvet fabrication--showing elegance and wealth and I especially like how the costume theme was taken down to his boots as well.

Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan--Yuzuru's costume for his Free Skate to Music from the Notre-Dame de Paris soundtrack by Riccardo Cocciante was one that I really liked all season long and commented on previously here on my blog. In fact, I deemed it one of THE BEST of the season. I said this: It was soooo Johnny Weir in its no-holds-barred design philosophy and embrace of feminine-like details. The big cross, the ombre dyed ivory and red shirt, the one sleeve ruffle and one black glove; lots of details and he was not afraid to "Go For It"!

Javier Fernandez of Spain--For his Free Skate to a Charlie Chaplin Medley, Javier wore this shirt, tie, vest and pants look, keeping within the "Charlie Chaplin" theme. I liked the combination of baggy pants and tight waistcoat. I think he looks good. Slim and modern.

It would have been nice to see a very shrunken jacket (like the "real" Charlie Chaplin) to finish the entire outfit off but I get that it might have been restricting when it came time to accomplish his fab jumps!

Patrick Chan of Canada--Gold Medal winner Patrick Chan skated in this ensemble above to his Free Skate to "Selections by Rachmaninoff". I admit that I wasn't a fan of this costume throughout the season. It was drab and reminded one of the Les Misérables. But I did really like...

What he wore for his Short Program to Music from La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini. It was a deep blue-colored, lightly beaded blouson long sleeve top with a plunging neckline (Oh Patrick!). And also had attached convertible collar and cascade ruffles. Since his music was Classical, I think he was trying to vibe a classic and romantic look and he even had a lace back detail which is A LOT of look for Patrick. I did LOVE the pants. They fit him PERFECTLY and I liked how they had the beaded tuxedo stripe down the side, bringing in the lightly beaded detail from the top. I appreciate the risk Patrick took with this costume and definitely thought it was one of the best of the season.

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Hans Solo said...

Viktor Romanenkov 's costume looks like it could be a match for Miki Ando's 2010 Vancouver Olympics' Cleopatra outfit XDD

and as for Mr Max Aaron - certainly it's NOT cold for him out there on the ice!