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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Memphis Wolfchase Galleria Five Spring Essentials Show

 Nick Verreos and his "Memphis Belles", his models for the Macy's "Five Spring Essentials" fashion show, Macy's Wolfchase Galleria Memphis Tennessee

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting my second "Five Spring Essentials" fashion show for Macy's. Last month I was in Indianapolis and this time, I went to Memphis Tennessee! Before you even ask, I didn't really get to see much of Memphis since these trips for me are very in-and-out so no tours of Graceland this time. I flew in on Friday--arrived at around 10PM on Friday night--then checked into my hotel, walked across the street to have a late dinner at The Fox and Hound Bar & Grill. They're open until late thank goodness--and they were PACKED since it was a Friday night and everyone was watching basketball--except me--Oh, and for some reason, you can still smoke there...I felt like I was in Las Vegas!
The following day, I got ready to host the fun Macy's event and fashion show at the Wolfchase Galleria. The "Five Spring Essentials" fashion shows/events are a way to showcase the newest trends and looks for Spring 2013 at Macy's and give "Style Bullet Points" to the audience of items they should have in their closet to update their wardrobe and be on trend.

Macy's Five Spring Essentials "Closet" runway backdrop--I want MY closet to look like this!

 Nick Verreos Hosts Macy's Wolfchase Galleria Memphis "Five Spring Essentials" fashion show

I was very excited about hosting at the Macy's Wolfchase Galleria, especially once I found out that the fashion show/stage would be set up IN THE MALL itself, right at the Ground Floor entrance to Macy's. Usually these events are held inside the stores themselves--within one of the departments--but for this one, I would be right in the shopping center--for EVERYONE to see.

The Fashion Show:

A Night Out: Nick Verreos shows an outfit which included a lace detailed jacket and brightly colored skinny jeans with tuxedo stripe with studded wedges--Macy's Five Spring Essentials fashion show, Macy's Wolfchase Galleria

For the Macy's  "Five Spring Essentials" fashion show--which was styled by the wonderful Robin Overman (I've worked with her before on other Macy's events and she's always FABULOUS, and great to work with!), I showed various Spring 2013 trends on beautiful models from the Colors Talent Agency of Memphis. The trends included Lace, Collector's Jackets, Pullovers, Palazzo Pants, Studded Wedges (shoes), Bright Colors/Neon and printed denim. Here are some more pics of the fashion show and outfits shown:

Memphis Sunday Brunch: Coral dress with lace top detail, printed wedges and brightly colored/printed bag--Macy's Five Spring Essentials fashion show, Macy's Wolfchase Galleria

Cruise Ship Weekend: Lace shorts, coral denim jacket, printed georgette top and stacked wedges--Macy's Five Spring Essentials fashion show, Macy's Wolfchase Galleria

Fashionista Sport: Printed bustier top, "dolphin"-style running shorts with printed binding, neon pink pullover, Nike's and fabulous sunglasses--Macy's Five Spring Essentials fashion show, Macy's Wolfchase Galleria

Shopping With The Girlfriends: gray linen pants, textured t-shirt, metallic sandals and printed shoulder bag--Macy's Five Spring Essentials fashion show, Macy's Wolfchase Galleria

The "Miss" Pose--One of the models was a former "Miss Tennessee USA" (!), the gorgeous Angela Johnson, "Miss Tennessee USA 1991". Now, you know I LOVE me some beauty pageants and beauty pageant girls so I was beyond excited to grab Miss Angela and ask her to "Strike a Pageant Pose" with me right there on the runway stage. Needless to say, we did it in 1.2 seconds!

Post Show Meet-and-Greet:

Backstage Princesses--Nick Verreos with Stylist Robin Overman (next to me, 4th from the right)  and all the wonderful--and hard-working dressers, steamers, double-stick tapers

 Memphis Goodies--Dinstuhl's Chocolate and Candy Goody Basket

Once I was done, I was "escorted" to my Green Room where to my AMAZEMENT, the Macy's Wolfchase Galleria store manager, Ruth Lofton, had gotten me a Goodie Basket from Dinstuhl's--a Memphis Tennessee Landmark that specializes in delicious chocolates and candies since 1902. I almost started doing the "Pageant Hands-covering-the-mouth" OMG when she gave that beautiful basket to me as a "Thank You". And with that, I had to say Good Bye to my short time in Memphis and catch my flight back to LA. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the ENTIRE basket fit in my carry-on! Yeayyyyy!!!!

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Soyon An said...

Looks like a fab fun time!! X Soyon

Anonymous said...

Hello Angela Johnson, from your former classmate Angela Mosley-Sales. Graceland Jr High School. It was good to see you.