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FIDM.....FIDM Orange County Open House 2013: RECAP!

Presenting....Nick: Nick Verreos makes a "special appearance" at FIDM Orange County Open House

This past weekend--on Saturday to be exact--I had the pleasure of going to Irvine, California, in Orange County of course, to make a special appearance and give a very special "Nick Lecture" at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM OC. As the Official Spokesperson for the college--and as a grad and instructor from the school, I always love visiting all the FIDM campuses and meeting prospective students and their parents/family members. 

The FIDM Open House is a way for anyone interested in a career in the fashion industry, graphic design, interior design or any of the many majors offered by FIDM, to check out the campuses, meet alumni, instructors....or get to meet me--and hear my very informative special lectures! Now back to FIDM OC Open House:
I arrived early at the wonderful FIDM OC campus on Saturday so I could make sure to take enough pics for my blog here. And yes, I decided to wear a semi-orange jacket (ASOS) and my orange gingham shirt since, I was going to be in ORANGE County! Since I got there early, I got to spend some quality time with all of the FIDM OC peeps! As always, they wondered "Where was Benny?" ...

 Nick Verreos with Benny--FIDM OC campus

I usually come to the FIDM OC campus with my doggie Benny (as seen in the photo above from a couple of years ago) NIKOLAKI partner David Paul had taken him to San Diego for a family visit and his sister's birthday. So yes, I was alone (insert sad face!). But, I managed...

FIDM OC Open House 2013

Ready for Nick's Lecture: The audience at FIDM OC Open House ready and waiting to hear my "special lecture"

I gave a very special one-hour lecture to the attendees of FIDM OC's Open House, speaking about my experience while attending FIDM many, many years ago (don't even think about checking! LOL!), how I wanted to be designer, how I became a designer and lots more! Afterward, I stayed to do a Meet-and-Greet and take photos with the attendees and answer any of their questions. 

Meet-and-Greet Pics:

Nick Verreos Post-Lecture Meet and Greet--FIDM OC Open House 2013

Thanks FIDM OC for another FABULOUS Open House! Until next time!

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