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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 11 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 11

What Do....
The Hearst Building

 The Easter Bunny

And Pocahontas all have in common?

PROJECT RUNWAY of course! Yes, kids, it's time again for my "Nick Recap" of Lifetime's Season 11 Project Runway and now we're onto this week's "Episode 11" of the show. The remaining five designers met up with Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia at the Hearst Building--home of the Marie Claire Magazine NYC headquarters.

 Remaining Five: (left to right) Michelle Lesniak Franklin, Patricia Michaels, Stanley Hudson, Daniel Esquivel and Layana Aquilar

Nina announced that they were to create an editorial look for actress Jordana Brewster that would be featured in the May 2013 edition of Marie Claire. Now Miss Nina had some "Nina Do's & Dont's", amongst them being: NO Red Carpet, No Gowns, NO T-shirt and pants, and DO NOT Disappoint her.

Fun Facts about Jordana Brewster: She was born in Panama City, Republic of Panama from a former swimsuit model Brazilian mother who appeared on the 1978 cover of "Sports Illustrated" and an American investment banker father. Her paternal grandfather was the president of Yale University, as well as an educator and a diplomat. Jordanna grew up in Panama, London, Rio de Janeiro Brazil and then Manhattan. Now back to the episode...
The remaining designers also got the news that finally, there would be NO MORE TEAMS, and that they would get to "be on their own" but with a caveat: they would get some "help" from "Sewing Assistants":

The last five cast-off designers--Tu, Amanda, Kate, Samantha and Patricia's "nemesis" Richard--a lot of drama ensued, especially when they were paired up with their "helpers". The main story arcs had to deal with "Bossy Stanley" treating his sewing assistant Tu as if he was a Third World sweatshop worker, and Patricia being paired up with Richard (for a second time in a row!). The latter drama causing Patricia to go into a creative black hole. She also had to do some schoolin' and teach poor Richard how to sew and especially how to sew a French seam, which by the way EVERYONE learns practically on the second day of sewing class, whether in an actual fashion college or High School Sewing 101.

The Runway Results:

Daniel Esquivel--Daniel's design--a canary yellow linen cropped jacket with exaggerated shoulders with matching shorts was well constructed but it looked A LOT like an...

Easter Bunny. Couture Easter Bunny. It also was a bit referential to some of French Couturier Alexandre Vauthier's designs from recent Couture Collections:

Alexandre Vauthier--Exaggerated shoulder French designer

Layana Aquilar--Layana was inspired by the Hearst Building and created a gray-blue leather top that was held together with metal rings. The rest of her look had an ivory organza fluttery dress (or was it just a skirt?). I liked the top section, but wasn't sure what the organza bottom half had to do with it. It looked a bit disjointed. It also looked A LOT like...

Paco Rabanne (again, very referential)

Patrician Michaels--Patricia struggled with her "Don't Know How To French Seam" sewing helper Richard Hallmarq, and the final dress she created (with little help from Miss Richard) showed the struggle. It got panned by the judges and I thought it was a bit of a MESS. It was VERY...


Michelle Lesniak Franklin--Michelle somehow missed the part about Nina not wanting to see T-shirts with pants. Because Michelle did a T-shirt with pants--albeit directional, chic-looking ones but still, a T-shirt and pants look.

Stanley Hudson--Stanley's look of off-white culottes, brown leather jacket and a printed top got the highest votes--and therefore, the win--from the judges. To me, it was "OK". The pants were interesting but the look to me didn't necessarily say "Marie Claire" editorial. I guess, it helped that his model looked A LOT like client Jordana Brewster.

And Who Got the "Bye Bye"??? Read on, kids--Here's my Project Runway Blog "Nick V." Recap:

Do Not Disappoint Nina!

Last week's HP Challenge episode garnered a win for Stanley and sent Richard packing to join the rest of the eliminated designers in a secret undisclosed location. This week, the episode begins right after the elimination as Tim and Heidi announce to the remaining five designers that it’s time for each of them to "work on your own." There will be NO MORE TEAMS! After the screams of joy dissipate, Heidi reminds them, however, that it is still "Project Runway: Teams Edition" and that tomorrow they will be getting "helpers" and sewing assistants for their next challenge. Oh, what fun. Not.

No, No, No
The following day, Tim takes the designers to the Hearst Building, home of Marie Claire Magazine, where Nina Garcia is waiting for them to announce their new challenge: to create a fashion-forward editorial look for actress Jordana Brewster. The winning look will be featured in the May 2013 edition of Marie Claire. Nina then sets the "Nina Rules": NO red carpet, NO gowns, NO t-shirt and pants, it must be EDITORIAL plus be bold in color, shape and silhouette. Before saying Adios, Nina reminds the designers of two very important Nina-isms: Do Not Disappoint or Embarrass Miss Nina. Got it. Bueno.

Free Labor
After Mood shopping, they all head to the workroom where Tim introduces them to their "sewing assistants": the last five eliminated designers Amanda, Kate, Richard, Samantha and Tu (PS: How lucky were all those early eliminated designers?!). Stanley (who won the last challenge) gets first pick on his helper and chooses Tu. Although he says that he chose Tu because he is an excellent sewer, I think the true reason is that he knew that he could easily boss him around.

So Over The Button Bag
Tim then brings out the dreaded button bag to "decide" who the next ones to choose are. Michelle picks Amanda, Daniel is with Samantha, Layana gets Kate and...

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3 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 11 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 11"

CBinID said...

Nick, explain the term "editorial." What exactly does Nina mean when she uses that term?

MoHub said...

Thank you for posting the pictures of the Paco Rabanne dresses; it's precisely where my mind went when I saw Layana's offering.

And Daniel should have been sent packing for the Peeps suit.

Blackcurrant said...

CBinID - An 'editorial shoot' generally infers something with more of an edge to the shot. That's what seperates the style from more commercial types of photos. In lieu of a storyline, editorial is often highly styled. IOW, heavy makeup, hair, or wardrobe concepts. Sometimes these strong visuals are what unites the series of shots. It usually has strong, clear theme and point of view. HTH