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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 11 Project Runway Recaps: Finale Episode

Finale Divas--Season 11 Project Runway Finale Judges (left to right) Zac Posen, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia--Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week

Last night was the Finale of Lifetime Network's Season 11 Project Runway---If you read my RECAP from last week's Pre-Finale episode, I had a good hunch--from just that "preview" of three looks the Top Three designers showed the judges--of who the Winner would be. And I was right. But before we get to all that, there's several things to discuss:

What Does...
 Grace Kelly and Barbara Bush...

 Steampunk Style

Native American horse hair bustle...have in common? 

It's the Project Runway Season 11 Finale of course!

Back in February, I had the opportunity to attend the Finale Show at Lincoln Center. A BLIZZARD had just engulfed NYC and let me tell you, it was A MESS--the city that is. People were falling...

Nina Garcia--and a person falling on the iced walkway to Lincoln Center Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week

...slipping on the ice on the the way to the event, snow falling...not pretty on the ensembles and more importantly, the shoes (oh those poor NYC girls and their Louboutins!). Anyhow, I finally made it and had a chance to do some pre-show socializing with the likes of:

Nick Verreos with (left to right) Season 10 designers Christopher Palu, Sojia Williams and All Stars Season 2 Finalist Uli Herzner--Lincoln Center/Project Runway Season 11 Finale Fashion Show

Nick Verreos with Season 1 Winner Jay McCarroll--Lincoln Center/Project Runway Season 11 Finale Fashion Show

The  Collections--My "Nick Two Cents":
Top Three: (left to right) Patricia Michaels, Michelle Lesniak Franklin and Stanley Hudson--It was down to the last three designers--Patricia Michaels, Michelle Lesniak Franklin and Stanley Hudson...Let's see how they fared with their final NY Fashion Week Collections...

Stanley Hudson was inspired by...Ladies Who Lunch. Or at least that's what I thought. It was elegant, lady-like, very Barbara Bush-meets-Laura Bush-meets-Barbara Walters.

Guest judge (God, I missed him!) Michael Kors said Stanley's Final look reminded him of "Betty White on Dancing With The Stars". It was like a 1998 evening gown version of a Figure Skating costume.

Here's the Good:
Grace Kelly-looking gold coat (left photo) was very luxe and elegant. The gold lame peplum top with beaded front panel (right photo) was Stanley's way of "sex'ing" up the dowdy dress he had shown to the judges in his preview. This look was also very nice but again, I can find this in any department store RIGHT NOW. That's not the point of showing at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week. It's about making the buyers, editors and WOMEN...DREAM.

Then, there was this ivory shift dress with gold sequin applique. It looked STUNNING from the front--and good choice of model I may add. But...

She turned around to make the long, long, walk down the runway and I could here gasps all around me. Yep, the center back zipper was uneven. This was UNACCEPTABLE. I don't even accept it with my fashion school students. What happened?

Here's a Screen Cap of my Face--and some of the Project Runway Alumn around me

Patricia Michaels: Patricia was inspired by "trees' and infused her textile manipulation and Native American culture into her designs and entire 12-look collection. The Good: These four looks above were my Standouts from Patricia's collection. LOVED the horsehair headdresses and that blue shift dress on the upper right especially. But...She also went "Kooky Art Teacher/Tarot Card Reader in Venice Beach":

No. No. And No.

Michelle Lesniak Franklin: I dubbed Michelle as "Bad Luck Michelle" early on in the season since her team seemed to always be at the bottom every week... but she persevered. Her Fall 2013 NY Fashion Week Project Runway Finale Collection which was inspired by a lone female wolf "going for the kill", was very Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games" mixed in with some of the Steampunk fashion element. It looked fresh, new, directional, and a perfcet and ideal winning collection for Project Runway..

All of these looks above were FAB! I was so moved by her collection during the show that when I was there in the audience--at Lincoln Center--I gave her a standing ovation. Not kidding. And so it came as no surprise that she won the whole thing!

Congratulations Michelle!

The Lone Wolf Goes For Her Kill

My guess was right. If you read my recap for last week's pre-finale episode, I surmised that "Only One Can Win...And I Have a Good Guess!" It was pretty obvious, especially after the judges' pre-finale show critiques that designer Michelle Lesniak Franklin's collection was the ubiquitous favorite and standout. So, it came as no surprise that she got the final crown. What was a surprise is what happened to Stanley Hudson. Those wonky hems, uneven center back seams and four unfinished dresses? And then, there's "kooky" Patricia and her lack of cohesion. It's the finale and I have plenty to say, so let's get to my final recap for this season...

Top Three Fixings
When the episode begins, we're down to the top 3. In last week's critiques, Michelle was suggested to ditch some of the tricky purses/bags and glam up her models' hair and makeup. Easy enough. Patricia was told she somehow needed to bring cohesion because from those three looks she showed, there was little. Stanley was told his looks lacked a "sex" factor, were too dowdy and not outstanding creatively. He had the hardest job because how do you fix all that? And in a few days. As we find out, he couldn't.

$500 Surprise
Tim walks into the workroom with a final surprise: $500 and a final trip to Mood to buy whatever they need to either switch up a look, improve on what they have, or in Stanley's case, create an entire new collection (wishful thinking!). Post-Mood, they are back in the workroom to finish their collections, along with the help of their "sewing assistants." (Poor thangs, those kids are still working!)

Bleeding Heart, Stubborn Stanley and Kooky Patricia
Tim does a final check-in. He loves most of Michelle's collection deeming it "extremely innovative." However, he doesn't like her "bleeding heart" sweater. I LOVE IT! I believe it was made by...

CLICK HERE to read the rest of my RECAP! 

And PS: Can't wait for that KRAZEE "Reunion Special" next week!!! As the tagline says "The Backstabbing Continues..." Ouch.

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