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SASHES AND TIARAS....Miss World Brazil 2013 Sancler Frantz: Winner, Gowns

 Brazil Beauties: The newly crowned "Miss Brasil World" (Miss Brazil World) Sancler Frantz, who represented "Ilha dos Lobos"--Portobello Resort & Safari in Mangaratiba (Rio de Janeiro)

Last week--on April 6th--22-year old Sancler Frantz, "Miss Ilha dos Lobos", was crowned "Miss Brazil World 2013" during the 8th anniversary of the event held at the Portobello Resort & Safari in Mangaratiba in Rio de Janeiro. Sancler, a student of journalism and model, comes from Arroio do Tigre (Rio Grande do Sul), stands 1, 75 m (approximately 5' 9") and will represent Brazil in the 63th Miss World competition to take place in Indonesia in September 2013. The 1st runner-up was Raquel Benetti who was "Miss Espirito Santo" and the 2nd runner-up was Thainara Latenik, "Miss Santa Catarina". The beauties from Alagoas, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul completed the Top 6.

 Crowned: Miss Brazil World 2013 Sancler Frantz getting her Sash and Tiara

 Miss Brazil World 2013 Meet former Miss USA World, actress Helle Berry--at the Brazilian premiere of "Emergency Call" in Rio de Janeiro two days ago, on April 11th

The new Miss Brazil World, Sancler Frantz, is no stranger to beauty pageants, she's either competed, won or been a finalist to many Brazilian beauty pageants including: Princesa do Garota Verão 2009, Miss Outono do Rio Grande do Sul 2009, Miss Arroio do Tigre 2010, Miss Rio Grande do Sul 2010, Miss Rio Grande do Sul 2010, Musa do E.C. Avenida 2010, and many more. 

Evening Gown Doll: Sancler Frantz in her creme with gold applique gown

 Swimsuit Perfect: Sancler Frantz, Miss Brazil World 2013

Brazilian Pageant Gown Trends: Beaded sequined gowns, embellished details, applique lace, muted/blush tones and red were all popular trends and choices for the contestants of the Miss Brazil World 2013 contest. From these pictures, these gowns look perfectly fit for the pageant and the girls. No real train-wrecks in sight--lots of elegance and some actual red carpet stunners here and there.

 The reigning Miss World 2012, Wenxia Yu was present for the event and crowning of the new Miss Brazil World. 

 Miss and Mister: Miss Brazil World 2013 Sancler Frantz and Mister Brazil World 2013 Reinaldo Dalcin

 Miss Brazil World 2013 Sancler Frantz, Miss World President Julia Morley and Mister Brazil World 2013 Reinaldo Dalcin

 Miss Brazil World 2013 Sancler Frantz and actress Halle Berry

A week after her crowning, the new Miss Brazil World, had the honor of meeting the stunning Halle Berry while Halle was in Rio de Janeiro for the premiere of her new film "Emergency Call". Halle was the First Runner Up to Miss USA back in 1986. And back in those days, the First Runner Up of the Miss USA would be sent to represent the US in the Miss World pageant. Halle went and did quite well as "Miss USA World 1986" and ended up "5th Runner-Up" at the Miss World 1986 in London.

 “Oh my God! Aren’t you absolutely stunning?!" is what Halle told the new Miss Brazil World upon meeting her, according to the Brazilian news sites.

 Miss Brazil World 2013 Sancler Frantz

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