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NV NICK VERREOS.....The "Heidi" Dress Now Available at

   The "Heidi Dress": Available at Dillard's and, $148

I'm excited to announce that one of my best-selling dresses from my new line NV Nick Verreos, is now AVAILABLE ONLINE at The "Heidi" dress--this is a dress that originally, the one-and-only Heidi Klum wore on the "Conan O'Brien Show". The one shoulder jersey and leather asymmetrically gathered dress was from my high-end NIKOLAKI collection and worth over $1,000. 

I remade it for my NV Nick Verreos line and for only $148! Yes, kids, I copied myself...just so EVERY woman across America can get a "Heidi" dress:

  NV Nick Verreos "Heidi" Dress:  black jersey and faux leather one-shoulder gathered dress--Available at Dillard's and, $148

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