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PROJECT RUNWAY....Season 12 LA Castings with Tim Gunn, Tim Eats his FIRST In-N-Out!

 Tie Brothers: Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos--Season 12 Project Runway Los Angeles Castings

This past Monday, I had the honor of being invited/asked to co-judge the L.A. Castings of Lifetime Network's Season 12 Project Runway! Yes kids, TWELVE seasons...and I was on Season TWO! I feel as if that was a CENTURY ago! Nevertheless, I was honored. I've actually judged the Castings for the past TEN seasons (!) so as they say, this was not my "first time at the Rodeo!".

The Project Runway Casting "Caravan" has been to Seattle, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and then they came to Los Angeles! Upon arriving to the Bunim-Murray offices--where the castings were being held--I got the verklempt when I saw they had an actual reserved parking spot with my name on it:

 Welcome Nick--Yeayyy, I finally got my name on a parking space! (I know, it was hand written and would be erased in a few hours....but it's the small things that make me happy!)

For this L.A. Casting, I was joined by Marie Claire's Fashion Editor-at-Large and Los Angeles Ambassador to the British Fashion Council, the very chic Alison Edmond, as well as Project Runway's Mentor Extraordinaire, Mr. Tim Gunn:

 Ready to Judge: (left to right), Marie Claire's Alison Edmond, Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos--Project Runway Season 12 LA Castings

First off, this was my first time meeting Alison Edmond and she was so WONDERFUL: I had decided to wear my TopMan shawl-collared purple suit and I LOVED that she had a shawl-collared jacket on as well! Oh, and yes, she was also very sweet! Now, onto Tim: it's been a while since Tim has been part of the casting process so it was a nice treat to see him again and well, be sitting next to him as I kicked him under the table! It was also nice to see all the Full Picture, Weinstein, Lifetime and Bunin-Murray "peeps" during the castings: Love 'em all!

 My "Project Runway Season 12" Casting Book--this book includes secrets that I cannot divulge...

 Project Smiles: (left to right) Tim Gunn, Jane Cha Cutler: Executive Producer and Executive Vice President of Full Picture, Nick Verreos--Project Runway Season 12 L.A. Castings

The In-N-Out Lunch Break:
So...for lunch--in between castings sessions--we got a SURPRISE: We could have a salad or sandwiches from a local place or...In-N-Out! Naturally, I chose In-N-Out because I have it like once a year and sometimes (once a year) I like to feel as if I am a 18 year old who can afford to eat In-N-Out (calorie-wise!)...

Nick's Order Is Here: In-N-Out Animal Style Double Double with fries--I was glad that I wasn't the only one ordering In-N-Out when we all pressed (no, actually FORCED!) Tim Gunn to get some In-N-Out, citing how AMAZING it is! So, with no further ado...presenting Tim Gunn about to have his FIRST EVER In-N-Out Animal Style Double Double:

 YUMMM!! Tim Gunn about to eat his very first In-N-Out Animal Style Double Double---In case you're wondering, Tim LOVED his In-N-Out Burger! He said (and I quote) "Did someone just make this one minute ago??" He ate it in 2 minutes flat! (maybe less!).

In-N-Out was delicious and oh, yes, we saw a lot of talented designers at the L.A. Castings and look out for a GREAT Season 12 of Project Runway! I have a feeling that some of the season's designers/contestants will come from these L.A. Castings...

2 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY....Season 12 LA Castings with Tim Gunn, Tim Eats his FIRST In-N-Out!"

The Scarlett said...

Love you, Nick. I've been meaning to have In-N-Out pretty much forever. You, Tim and the burgers all look delicious. (LOVE the jacket!) Hope you cast some talented and charismatic designers. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Amazingggggg meeting you!

-Short Shorts... Hint!!!