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WHO WORE WHAT?.....139th Kentucky Derby Red Carpet: Hats, Outfits, Hits and MESSES!

Model Coco Rocha and actress Jennifer Tilly in their best Derby attire--2013 Kentucky Derby, Louisville Kentucky

Yesterday was the 139th Annual Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The "Run for the Roses" (a lush blanket of 564 roses) was awarded to American Thoroughbred racehorse "Orb" and its jockey, Dominican Republic-born Joel Rosario.

The race which took all but a little more than two minutes came to an exciting end. But, naturally here on my NICKVERREOS.COM blog, I wanted to discuss the FASHION. The "Derby" is a big fashion event. I know this first hand because during one of my Macy's "Five Spring Essentials" fashion shows which I hosted in Memphis, Tennessee, that's ALL anyone was talking about! In fact, I was even "trained" by one of the models on how to properly pronounce Louisville ( I was supposed to say Lullveelle instead of LOUIS-Ville).

Don't Mess Up Your Louboutin's: The weather was rainy, wet and muddy. But that didn't stop the celebs who showed up to this American institution

The Red Carpet:
Jane Seymour: Actress Jane Seymour wore a red fitted dress with peplum detail and waist tie. She also had a matching clutch and wide-brimmed hat. She looked very elegant, and even matched with the "Yum!" logo behind her. She looked like a fashion version of those Derby Red Roses. The nude heels shows me that Miss Seymour is a Pageant Girl-in-hiding.

Angela Bassett: Actress Angela Bassett wore a black and white with nude lining lace embroidered dress featuring a high boat-neck, button-front and folded-tuck/pleat skirt. She looked quite chic and I'm glad she added a "pop" pf color with the red shawl.

Krysten Ritter: Actress Krysten Ritter wore an off-white flower printed dress with blouson elbow-length sleeves and lace neckline and hem detail. The dress looked a bit "Downton Abbey" vintage. I'm a bit on the fence with the entire look. I get the "I want to look like a lady from 1910" but at the same time, I'm not sure if it ages her. I do like the blue satin taffeta hat bow detail though.

Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn (Anna Nicole's daughter): Not sure where I want to begin with this one. A) I didn't know it was a "Costume Ball", and B) I didn't know we were honoring a "Meet Me in St. Louis" revival. I appreciate the use of colors and, yes, they look kind of cute for sure. But...I almost feel as if they didn't have to "go there" with the whole schtick. It's FASHION Cheesy.

Lauren Conrad: Lauren looked "Kentucky Derby" chic in this nude-colored below-the-knee sheath dress and matching hat and heels. It's a "safe" look for her--especially since she didn't utilize any typical bright "Kentucky Derby" colors (I kinda wish she would have somehow) but overall, I think this was a good red carpet showing.

Martina McBride: Martina wore a gray peplum dress (could be a peplum top and matching pencil skirt) with thin belt, black hat and black and nude heels. Would I have LOVED to have seen her in something NOT gray and more colorful? Yes. Is this a bit uncreative--fashion -wise? Yes. But...she looks perfectly fine.

Miranda Lambert: Not sure about this silver-blue and blush strapless bustier dress with gathered skirt with lace detail on Miranda. I like the hat and the peep-toe heels but the dress...well, what do you guys think?

Star Jones: Star wins with the one of the most fabulous hats at the Kentucky Derby red carpet. She matched her silver-gray hat with the organza trim of her fitted tank dress. I also admire the gold and silver accessories she finished off the entire look with, including her clutch, open-toe pumps and bracelets.

Pageant Girls: Mallory Hagan "Miss America 2013" and Whittney Allen, "Miss Kentucky United States 2013"--Two pageant girls, two different hats. Mallory (left) went with "bumblebee"-like wide brimmed "Diva" and Whittney, went with a small feathered fascinator. Which pageant Girl did the "Kentucky Derby Hat Red Carpet" best?

The Boys: These three boys look quite dashing in their pastel-colored suits. I give them points for the colored ties and pocket hankies. For straight boys, they "done did good", in my book!

The Messes:
Peacock Mess--Oh Huney, have another Mint Julep.I have a feeling these two own a big tacky "McMansion" somewhere. I just know it.

It's the Kentucky Derby...NOT Mardi Gras.

Krazee Hats

Brazilian Gay Pride Float Gown-and-Hat vs. Kooky Tuxedo Couple...Take your pick!

2 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....139th Kentucky Derby Red Carpet: Hats, Outfits, Hits and MESSES!"

Anissa said...

Coco was my favorite by far, and I want to love Krysten's dress but I'm on the fence as well (though leaning towards a yes).

Oh and I'm pretty sure Larry and daughter are wearing copies of the Mary Poppin's chalk drawing scene looks...(It's a Jolly Holiday w/ Mary)

Tracy said...

I know this is way late, but Larry Birkhead and his daughter are dressed up like Bert and Mary Poppins from their "Jolly Holiday" scene in the movie. I agree it was a little misplaced, but I also just wanted to clarify. ;)