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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Billboard Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet Part 2: Oh Dear!

Miss Universe Parade of Nations--The Billboard Music Awards Edition: Techno/dance recording artist/Lady Gaga Little Sister, Z LaLa at last night's Billboard Music Awards 2013, MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas

Continuing with my "Billboard Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet" WHO WORE WHAT? postings, in my last post I spoke of my "Best" picks from the BLUE carpet--with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and yes, even Miley Cyrus being some of my favorites...

 Momma Dearest: Ke$ha, Madonna and Miley--Billboard Music Awards 2013

So now, of course, it's time for the "Oh Dears!". And while Madonna and Miley were in the good, Miss Ke$ha was not:

Ke$ha in Givenchy Spring 2013: OK, several things here: on a good note, I like the cascading ruffles on the neckline of this garment she has on. Also, her hair and makeup look pretty and clean. She looks sweet, like someone's very cute sister who lives in the Woodland Hills.'s NOT a dress but more of a top. And, there's one thing if you do not want to wear bottoms a la Madonna (SHE made it WORK!), but I'm not sure Ke$ha is making it work here. On the runway (photo above) it looks as if the original look was shown with a bottom, a skirt with geometrically cut panels. But Ke$ha was ill-advised when whoever told her she should just wear it as is, with no bottom. But that's not even my biggest concern...

Take a look at this side shot AND more importantly WHY is she wearing those ankle-strap wedges? The tunic/dress says 1 AM club-hopping in the Meatpacking District/NYC and the wedges say 1 PM brunch in Newport Beach. I'm confused by it all. Truly confused.

Carly Rae Jepsen in Dyanthe Fall 2012: Carly Rae wore this little black dress with see-thru/solid detail and some sort of side back "falls" from Dyanthe Fall 2012 designed by LA-based Greece-born Mihail Sykianakis. The dress is very Figure Skating Costume. It's not a bad dress--I really like it on the model with the slicked back hair and stacked booties. But on Carly Rae, it just looks odd. I would have definitely removed those things from the sides. If this dress was on Project Runway, I could just hear Michael Kors saying something like "it's pooping chiffon!".

Personally, I think BOTH Ke$ha and Carly Rae Jepsen would have looked cuter in one of my "NV Nick Verreos" dresses like these (Stylists of Ke$ha and Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me!):

  NV Nick Verreos Spring/Summer 2013 dresses: The "Larissa" and "Heidi" dresses

Now, let's continue with the "Oh Dear's" of last night:

Alyssa Milano: On a positive note (I sometimes like to start with a positive), Alyssa's hair, makeup and accessories (especially the earrings) are good. But after that, it goes sour. What is this ensemble that she's wearing? She looks like someone's mom during the first "Captain's Dinner" at her Miami-Bahamas Carnival Cruise. Was she confused where she was actually going? It just doesn't make sense.

Jenny McCarthy: Huney! What were you thinking? (I can't even start positively here). I know it's Vegas and maybe Jenny was confused (like Alyssa) and thought that she was hosting some tacky-licious pool party at Tao Beach in The Venetian, but other than that, I can't imagine why she would wear this midriff top straight out of some 1990s store in a mall (and with this skirt). Her body is--as the kids say--"Slammin'!" (do kids still say that?), but she would have looked better, well, not wearing this.

Nayer: In case you don't know who Nayer is (I didn't), she's a Cuban-American singer and a protégé of Pitbull. She's the female voice you hear in some of his songs and she also released a big hit on her own last year (with Pitbull of course). This look that she wore at last night's Billboard Music Awards was a mess. It's a black and white printed jumpsuit with a hoodie (?) and an open, very plunging (and exposing) front. She accessorized it all with black gloves, black booties and a dog. Is the dog part of her schtick?  I don't get it. Readers, please help me! What's more unexplainable is when I looked her up on the web, I stumbled upon this pic of her :

Pretty Nayer: I was struck at how pretty she is (in this pic) and therefore even more confused why she would look like a mess at last night's BMAs. File under "Ayyyy Mija!". Speaking of Ayyy Mija...

Desiree Estrada: Desiree Estrada is an LA native who sings "urban latin music" using a mixture of styles like bachata and acoustic. That's what "the web" said.  Now, let's get to that dress:  It is HOOCHIE-licious. This is one of those dresses you see on those "Ghetto Prom" tumblr sites. What is with the diagonal cut-out and the straps connecting it? She's such a cute girl so why did she feel the need to look so CHONCHEE? (Latin Hoochie).

GURL! What. Is. That? First off, this is a singer named Z LaLa. Z LaLa is actually named Tania Muradian. Born and raised in Los Angeles, according to my web research, the 22 year-old made her debut in 2011, when she released her first single, "Fly Away" in 14 different languages, including Spanish, French, Hebrew, Korean, Russian, German, Armenian, 2 dialects of Arabic, English, Urdu, Italian,  and lastly, sign language. Yes, sign language. She received an invitation to the Billboard Awards and heck if she was going to miss her "Red Carpet Moment". I give her "At-a-Gurl" points for this since it does remind me of  a combination between something you see in a Gay Pride float and the Miss Universe Costume Parade of Nations (this would be so fab for "Miss Aruba"!). Can't imagine how she even sat in this during the show. It's all things KRAZEE but I think she (and whoever created this) got the last laugh because EVERYONE today is google'ing her name and she is on everyone's "Billboard Music Awards" red carpet lists, even if it's the "Most Kooky Dressed" one. She will look back at this picture in 30 years and say "What Was I Thinking?"....or maybe "Gurl, I was Hot!"

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Anonymous said...

And I have always thought that Kesha is the queen of tackiness. She got severely beaten by these people that I don't even recognize!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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MickeyM said...

Poor Alyssa Milano NEEDS a stylist..... Can't someone help her? I'm so embarrassed for her being on PR ALL Stars!