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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos on Style Network's "Style Pop" TV Show

Pop...of Color: Nick Verreos on Style Network's "Style Pop" TV show

Style Pop Threesome: (Left to right) Louise Roe, Jeannie Mai and Nick Verreos--"Style Pop" Style Network

Last night, I had the fun pleasure of being on a new TV show, "Style Pop" on Style Network. The show--hosted by Jeannie Mai and Louise Roe--is a LIVE, once a week topical series, advising Style viewers on all things glam, from tips on how to look good and live stylishly to updates on the latest news in fashion, beauty and pop culture.

 Nick Verreos, "Style Pop" set--CBS Television City Studios

"Style Pop" goes LIVE on Thursday's at 11pm EST, (8pm PST), but we do several rehearsals hours before to make sure it's all FAB by the time we go live. I was invited to be part of a segment called "Game On: Baby or Baby Mama" as well as... promote my dress line "NV Nick Verreos" which is available at Dillard's and Lord & Taylor. However, because of time constraints (and the live aspect of the show, I assume), there was no mention of my dress line (Oopsie) but we did get to play the "Baby or Baby Mama" game:

Baby or Baby Mama?: Louise Roe and I went head-to-head on trying to figure out which close up of a shoe belonged to a "Baby" or the "Baby Mama"--"Style Pop" TV show Style Network. We had a lot of fun doing the segment and in case you missed it, scroll to the end of the post to watch the segment.

Here are some Behind-the-Scenes Photos I got from my time last night:
 Dressing Room: Above was the lovely spread of goodies that were in my very own dressing room (I felt special!)

Nick Verreos and Jeannie Mai--"Style Pop" set, CBS Television City Studios

The show is filmed at the iconic CBS Television City in Los Angeles--home of "The Price Is Right", "Carol Burnett Show" (and many, many others) plus it's also the home of several Daytime Dramas such as "The Bold and the Beautiful". During some of the in-between rehearsals "down time", I ventured out of my dressing room and explored the hallways. There were a couple of great posters (in the hallways) that caught my attention:

Carol Burnett

Judy Garland

But what really made my coral jacket sit up and take notice was when I saw a doorway with a sign "Wardrobe/Costume Department" (!). Well, you know I had to go an see more...

Workroom Heaven: I walked in and discovered the CBS Television City Studios Wardrobe Department and more importantly, the Costume Department for the CBS Daytime Drama, "The Bold and the Beautiful". There were several people in the room so you KNOW I had to inquire what was it that they were doing. They were the Wardrobe girls--and a boy--of the Costume Dept. for "The Bold and the Beautiful" and they were prepping the clothing for future scenes--as well as getting "returns" (clothing to be returned to various stores) all hung and ready...

Wardrobe for upcoming episodes of CBS "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom...Returns getting ready to be "bag'ed up"

The Fashionable, Hard Workers and Beautiful: Nick Verreos with "The Bold and the Beautiful" Costume and wardrobe Department--They were THE SWEETEST group EVER--Especially since I basically invaded and "Guerrilla Mob'ed" their workroom with my "Hi, I'm Nick and I wanna see EVERYTHING you guys are doing!!!" krazeeness. PS: Love them and "The Bold and the Beautiful"!

Back to My Seat: Anyhow, I spent so much time with the "B and B" wardrobe Kings & Queens that a PA from the show that i was actually there for (Hello!) had to come and find me so I could actually begin filming my "Style Pop" segment. PS: he didn't have to look, this PA was smart enough to know that, of course, I would be hiding in the "CBS Television City Studios" Costume and Wardrobe Department.
In case you missed my little ol' segment on last night's "Style Pop" TV Show...

Click Below to Watch "Game On: Baby or Baby Mama" with Jeannie Mai, Louise Roe, Nick Verreos--"Style Pop":

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