Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Nick Verreos--Look TV YouTube web channel, FIDM Scholarship Store Los Angeles

I am so excited to be part of Look TV--YouTube's premier fashion and beauty channel. These past few months I have been filming A BUNCH of videos about fashion, fabric, drawing, creating name it, it's THERE. In one of my recent posts HERE, I highlighted some of my first "Design School With Nick Verreos" videos...

And now, I want to talk about the latest in my Look TV "Nick Fix" videos, all completely shot at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM--my Alma Mater and of course, the College of which I am the Official Spokesperson.

For these "Nick Fix" videos for Look TV, I collaborated current FIDM students and FIDM Graduates at the FIDM Scholarship Store in Downtown L.A. to do some "Make-More-Fab" makeovers--or as I like to say...a "Nick Fix".
FIDM Scholarship Store--located on the Ground Floor level of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Los Angeles Campus 919 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles CA 90015

The First Three Look TV at FIDM "Nick Fixes":

Nick Verreos with FIDM Fashion Design Student Madoka--"The Nick Fix: Glam Leather Jacket with Nick Verreos"

Nick Verreos with Sydney at FIDM Scholarship Store/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising--"The Nick Fix: Royal Wedding Guest with Nick Verreos"

 Nick Verreos with FIDM Fashion Design Graduate Jade--"The Nick Fix: Gallery Opening Dress"

Here are the VIDEOS:

"The Nick Fix" Look TV--Click Below for "How To Make a Plain Leather Jacket More Glam":

"The Nick Fix" Look TV--Click Below for "How To Dress as a Royal Wedding Guest":

"The Nick Fix" Look TV--Click Below for How To Turn a Basic Little Black Dress into a "Gallery Opening"-appropriate Fab one:

***Stay Tuned for MORE Look  TV "Nick Fix" videos!


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