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RUNWAY REPORT.....Menswear Fashion Week S/S 2014: 10 Menswear Trends You'll Never Wear

 The All-Male Garden of Eden: Dsquared Spring 2014

Menwear Fashion Week(s) are occurring in London, Milan and Paris these last few weeks. I've covered the collections from Dolce & Gabbana HERE, as well as Gucci and Etro HERE. Most of the collections have had many wearable pieces that any fashionable male could incorporate into their wardrobe for next year's Spring/Summer. However, there's also been some CRAY-CRAY! Even I--a very fashion obsessed male--thinks these following looks are well, just a tad over-the-top. But remember that these are the EXTREME...don't be surprised if you see parts of these trends filtered down to and H&M near you in the future!

Take a look at my Ten Crazy Menswear Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 You Will (probably) NEVER Wear:

1) See-Thru Sportif: Pink "crochet" sweatshirt and below-the-knee shorts with athletic ribbed bands--One word: GURL!
Sibling Spring 2014

2) See-Thru Lace bodysuit with crotch-enhancing bicycle shorts and "Teva"-looking sandals--Nope, not even when I actually had a body to pull this off; and not now.
Astrid Anderson Spring 2014

 3) Face Computer Prints: I can (kind of) see myself wearing the top--just so people would stare at me...more than they already do (LOL!)
Christopher Kane Spring 2014

4) Oversized geo printed top and shorts: No, no and no.
Issey Miyake Spring 2014

 5) Pleather jogging outfits: I don't jog....but in pleather?! Enough said.
Christopher Shannon Spring 2014

6) Spray Paint Printed Unitard: While I think this might be fabulous to wear on a HGTV show about making over some tacky room; I'm not so sure how the Midwest-watching audience might take to this.
Versace Spring 2014

7) OVER sized splatter-paint printed coat: H*LL No! Unless you're a Gallery Owner in Paris--and a woman, and about 75 years old. 
Issey Miyake Spring 2014

 8) Male Halter Tops and Slouchy Trousers: I actually love this look and the fact that the designer made these male models walk the runway wearing them...but as a trend, well it is certainly pushing the envelope.
J.W. Anderson Spring 2014

 9) Tied Midriff-Exposing Capelet: I don't have a six-pack ab to be able to pull this one off. And I'm not sure those who do would want to wear this. 
J.W. Anderson Spring 2014

10) Oversized tunic top and basket-weave hat: If I was that "kooky" aunt from Boca, maybe. But unfortunately I am not (as much as I want to be).
Walter Van Beirendonck Spring 2014

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