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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 12 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 2 Diamonds, Divas, Dumpster Diving


Heidi Klum and her Multimillion Dollar Models--Project Runway Season 12 Episode 2

This past week's second episode of Lifetime Network's"Project Runway" Season 12 dealt with multimillion dollar jewels --diamonds and precious stones. Miss Heidi introduced the challenge--to design a runway look worthy enough to look fabulous with millions of dollars worth of jewels. Some of the designers did well and some, well, did not. The episode had some DRAMA (naturally). As long as Russian Diva Sandro is still on the show, there's going to be DRAMA. And of course, then there's Unicorn-loving unsustainable Sustainable Milwaukee high-heel wearing Timothy. EVERYWHERE I go, people stop me and relate to me how he--and Miss Sandro--should be gone! They (the fans) are over the drama and over Sustainable Timothy (poor thang!). Well, fans, I have no say in Who's In and Who's Out. But I do agree that those two are getting on my last little nerve as well. Anyhow...Onward to this week's Challenge and Episode:
  This Ain't Fun: The Designers on "Project Runway Season 12" with some sour-puss "I Do Not Wanna Be Here" looks...

 For this Challenge, the Guest Judge was Eric Daman, "Gossip Girl" Costume Designer

The Runway--Good to Best...
Alexander Pope: Alexander created a chiffon Empire-waisted gown with a satin mini underneath (or
are those hot pants?) that was both slightly Mumsy Maternity and somewhat Yves Saint Laurent--especially with those oversized blouson sleeves). I was neither "here nor there" in terms of if I liked it or did not.

Good--Designers Ken Laurence(left) and Bradon McDonald (right) created very good designs (in my eyes) but yet, these two ended up in the "Safe" section. I liked Ken's blue-green strapless pelum gown--it was very red carpet-ready and fab for the jewels. And Bradon--who we all know is THE judges' Pet Boy Toy--did a great job with this silver sequin looking gown. Was it "blah" in terms of its design? Yes, it was pretty safe. Therefore, it ended up in that group.

Dom Streater: Dom was considered one of the Best of the group and was in the Top Two. Her green and ivory printed hi-lo gown was well received by the judges. I liked it but not as much as the judges did; she was two minutes away from being a tacky mistress of a Russian Arms Dealer at a Cannes Yacht Party. Just sayin'. Especially with that head "scarf"/tie.

Kate Pankoke: Little Kate won with this silver-gray taffeta draped gown with corseted top. It was very Vivienne Westwood (photo on the right) meets-Dior. Should she have won? After looking at all the other ones. Probably. It was very well draped, well made and really highlighted those jewels in a Modern Marie Antoinette sort of way.

The UGH!!!
 Helen Castillo: Helen--Miss "I AM the Evening Gown Queen!" could not make a bust cup to save her life. She says she has interned/worked for Special Occasion/Bridal firms and yet, she must have been on a tattoo break when the pattern maker/seamstress wanted to show her how bust cups are made. The whole gown was a mess; too tight (that's why it's lifting and folding up) and those cups:

 Tragic and shameful (is that boning sticking out from the edge?). If I was her instructor, this top would get a "D". Speaking of busts...

Karen Batts: Huney, what in the Fashion God's Name is That? And how did this dress NOT end up on the bottom? It's all things WONKY. First, what is with that center front ripply seam at the crotch? And then...

 These poking side bustline. This is TOTALLY "Amateur Hour". Again, a "D", for sure. Can we start a "Project Ruwnay Class" taught by yours truly by the way? 

Miranda Levy: Miranda loves a pencil skirt. So much so, that's ALL she does. She did THE SAME skirt for the last challenge as well as this one. Next.

Timothy Westbrook: Unicorn-loving Timothy created this blue and ivory velvet gown--very "Downton Abbey"-like. I liked the silhouette but yes, the racer-front neckline: not good to showcase the diamonds darling.

Kahindo Mateene: Kahindo went home for this printed dress above (left). I think the judges were a bit unfairly judgmental toward her design, calling it "off the rack" and "on sale", really? Then why does it look almost THE SAME as the dress I just saw in WWD from Victor Alfaro's new line? (right photo)

 For whatever reasons, it was Kahindo's time to bid Goodbye to "Project Runway"...

Here's my "Project Runway Blog" Recap for Episode 2...Enjoy!

Diamonds, Divas and Dumpster Diving

Allow me to get something off my semi-hairy chest: it's only the second week of Season 12 and I'm already ANNOYED by some of the designers and my patience is wearing VERY thin on several others. First off, I am SO OVER Timothy and his sustainable shenanigans. Freddie Mercury-lookalike Sandro, and his diva-like drama is making all REAL divas look bad. And then there's tattooed Helen: her crying and, "I've never made bust cups!" but somehow admits to having interned with various bridal design companies is confusing at best. And to cap it off, we've got dreadlock-haired Sue and her, "Can someone thread a bobbin for me?" nonsense. Unless these people prove themselves to be something other than drama-loving nincompoops, it's auf time for them in my eyes. With that off my chest, allow me to discuss this second diamond-loving episode.

Diamond District?
Armored cars pull up at Parsons and big-and-bulky security guards frame the runway stage inside as the designers await what will be the next challenge. Out comes Heidi—with the dreaded Button Bag—followed by the models accessorized in $30 million worth of jewels provided by the Diamond District. Side bar question: is this an area of Manhattan that somehow I missed going to? I know Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, the Upper East Side, Soho, Meat Packing, but the Diamond District? Note to self: must check it out on my next NYC trip!

SOOO Over Diamonds and Money
Heidi announces that for their second challenge, the designers must create a look "glamorous enough" to walk the runway with the jewels the models are wearing. It's not really a "red carpet" challenge but more of "design a look worthy of being accessorized with these multimillion dollar jewels on a runway stage." The button bag is there so the designers chose their models—and jewels—with last week's winner, Bradon, going first. The only highlight of this is how EVERYONE is beyond-excited to be designing for these glorious jewels, except un-sustainable Sustainable Timothy. Naturally, he is not amused by the whole working-with-diamonds challenge; Timothy says that he is not inspired by diamonds or money, for that matter. Wait 'til he has to figure out a way of paying rent.  

Mood Dumpster Diving
After getting back to their workrooms, Tim announces to the designers that...

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