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WHO WORE WHAT?....."Premios Juventud 2013" Red Carpet: Worst Dressed Chicas & Couples

 Print Loca: Danna Garcia loves a print--"Premios Juventud 2013" BankUnited Center Coral Gables Florida
Premios Juventud Ayyyy Mijas! Yes, kids, in my last post I discussed my picks for #MejorVestidos (Best Dressed) at Thursday night's "Premios Juventud 2013" red carpet (it was more of a striped green-and-orange "Welcome Door Mat"!!??). So, now, naturally, I am following it up with, what I like to call the "Ayyy Mija's!" of the bunch....the not-so-OK dressed. And don't worry, the MEN are not exempt--my following post will be all about the "AyyyMijo's!". Now--in terms of the Ladies at the "Premios Juventud 2013" red carpet--there weren't that many truly tragique looks  but just some that ended up here because of too-big hair, too many accessories, or too Drag-Queen-y high pumps. So, it was more Styling "Oh No's". With that said, Let's see who made the cut:

Pageant Queens:

Carolina Tejera: Venezuelan model and telenovela actress Carolina should have been better (style) advised. What Prom-and-Pageant shop in Boca Raton did she get this from? It's a dress even a girl running for "Miss Teen USA Arkansas" would reject. And need I discuss those Drag Queen gold platform heels? Ayyy Dios Mio!

Jessica Santiago: The gorgeous Jessica was Miss Gurabo Universe for the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2011 pageant and she was Miss P.R. 2011. You may also remember her from being on Cycle 12 of "America's Next Top Model" (she was eliminated very quickly, second in fact). While I do love the color of this dress and the hi-lo cascading silhouette, there's something about it that makes me think her designer tried to do Dior Couture but the operative word was tried. I'll give her points for "bringing it". But, it still is way "Too Mucheey".

Marisela DeMontecristo: Speaking of Pageant Queens, this one actually brought HER CROWN! And wore it! With a sensible "I'm Going to Host an Event at Macy's at 3pm" outfit! Marisela was just crowned "Nuestra Belleza 2013" back in May (therefore this is why she is proudly wearing her crown!). She's Salvadorean and from LA. While I do like the bright bubblegum pink color of the dress, I still think it could have been a little more cocktail and a tad more sexy. The lining is too short and the belt is distracting. And once again, WHAT is with the platform pumps? Strappy heels would have been much more NOW.

Leslie Grace: Singer-songwriter of Dominican descent, Leslie Grace is GORG! She looks like a former "Miss Universe" (this is why she's in this section). Her hair, makeup and heels are perfect. I'm just not sure of this feathered multi-printed mini dress. It's a little too much as if she's doing a hot dance revue in a Kenyan Safari.

Orange Girls:
Claudia Molina: Claudia is an Exercise TV Trainer (as you can tell from her super-fit body!) so of course, she wears a tight-fitting mini dress showing off her best assets. There's nothing wrong with the dress, I think it's the combination of the dress, PLUS those Jessica Simpson-looking platform heels PLUS the big hair, PLUS the orange nail polish PLUS the big dangling earrings...that makes her look a bit Choncheey (translation: tacky-licious).

Lourdes Stephen: Presenter and Moderator of Univision's very popular "Sal y Pimienta" (Salt & Pepper") TV Show, Lourdes also wore an orange-hued dress. It featured a silk shantung-looking fabrication with a "bra-top" and flared skirt connected by illusion nude mesh. It was a bit too "Prom & Pageant" for me--and very, very "Figure Skating Costume".

Marjorie De Sousa: Marjorie is a Venezuelan telenovela actress and she wore an orange bustier with tropical printed flared skirt, orange earrings, multicolored bracelets and purple, pink and gold heels. It's A LOT of look. I think this is fine if you're one of the contestants for "Miss Venezuela" and this is your "Presentation Outfit" (it all fits her very nice and looks almost custom-made) but she looks a bit "Vanna White in Kauai" in this.

Shorts Happy:
Shorts and Rompers are BIG for Summer 2013 so it was no surprise to see some of them at Thursday night's "Premios Juventud 2013" alfombra roja (red carpet). Two ladies who wore shorts were Eiza Gonlalez (above) and Audris Rijo (below). The very cute Eiza is a Mexican actress and singer and she wore a gold-and-creme jacket-and-shirts with a bra-top outfit and then over-accessorized it with a BUNCH of necklaces, pearls and one big ol' crystal cross. While the look is very Dolce & Gabbana runway from several seasons ago, it seems a bit too over-styled. And the red peep-toe heels with the outfit don't make any sense.

Audris Rijo: Audris (above in the white romper look) is a beauty pageant winner of Miss Turismo Dominicana 2009 (Miss Dominican Republic Tourism) and the First runner-up at this year's Nuestra Belleza 2013.  We can tell that the "Beauty Pageant' girl is still 110% in her system. Just look at that perfect pose and THAT hair! The latter was my problem with Audris' look. I like the romper and those shoes; they're both cute. But her "Miss Universo" up-do bun is waaaay too fancy for this casual-chic outfit.

Uh-Oh Printed Mijas:
Erika Buenfil: Erika is a "Grand Dame" of telenovelas (as opposed to all those other little girls running around). She starred in her first ever soap opera in 1977! This Mexican actress is SUPER well-known, super wealthy and has received many awards and accolades. Now, someone of her stature and fame, should be able to work the red carpet in a Gucci or Elie Saab dress (even if her stylist couldn't get them for free, Erika could afford one...or TEN for that matter). But she chose to wear this frumpy and Mumsy printed dress that makes her look as if she's going for a tea party or brunch. I expect more "Diva"-like looks from La Buenfil. Just sayin'

Printed Chicas: Now, don't get me wrong I LOVE me a PRINT but sometimes, prints are tricky to wear on the red carpet and these two examples show us why...Let's begin with Danna Garcia (above): Colombian telenovela actress Danna Garcia is so stunning (like a young/modern Liz Taylor)! I like that she "stepped outside the box" with this tropical printed bustier and high-waisted pants. I just feel she should have had just ONE item printed--the top--and then worn solid colored pants. And speaking of the printed pants. I don't like how there's a "Bulls Eye"-like print RIGHT on her "Lady Region". It's NOT CUTE.

Rebecca Marie Gomez (right): Known better as rapper/singer/YouTube sensation "Becky G", 16 year-old Rebecca does look young and fresh in this look, but again, it's too mucheey print. This time around, I would have kept the pants but given her a solid (navy colored) tank top. Done and done. And lose the neck pin; that's so 1993 and not in a good 90s Retro way.

Marc Anthony and girlfriend Chloe Green: Marc looks fine in his well-fitting tuxedo. I only wish he had not unbuttoned soooo many buttons on his shirt. I love a plunging neckline on a guy but...MIJO! It's Miss Chloe who belongs in this "Oh No!" group. She is the Heiress to Topshop. Yes kids, that FABULOUS UK brand and well, how could she look like this? Especially those platform heels of hers. Can you say "Que TACKY??!!" I can.

Couple Dont's: Radio personality Raul Brindis (left) showed up with his date at "Premios Juventud 2013". Nothing wrong with Raul, he looks quite sharp and right for the event. It's his date that's the problema. She looks like the Hostess at Yamashiro's.  And speaking of problems: On the right are Universal Music Latino recording group Domino Saints. He looks fine for the event; very Rock-&-Roll Lite--"Hipster Latino". It's her--when you wear a dress that says "What Is Your Problem" emblazoned on the front, you've got a PROBLEM. Does she really want me to answer that question?

***Up Next: THE "Uh Oh!" MEN of "Premios Juventud 2013" Red Carpet: The "Ayyy Mijo's!"!!

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