Monday, August 12, 2013
 Nick Verreos--NIKOLAKI/ NV Nick Verreos Los Angeles Design Studio--Look TV shoot

Every week, new videos are on YouTube from my fun Look TV show. The videos, titled "Design School With Nick Verreos", "The Nick Fix" and "Nick's Tricks" involve my unique, instructional, and yes, fun way of Design Schooling, sketching, pattern-making, creating mood boards, etc. as well as giving styling tips-on-a-budget using the FABULOUS FIDM Scholarship Store...

The first new Look TV "Design School With Nick" video I want to highlight is "How To Properly Shade Fashion Illustrations"--To show you SHADING examples, here are some of my own original sketches--for my NV NICK VERREOS dress line--which show various shading techniques on fashion illustrations (skin shading, gathering shading, etc.):

NV Nick Verreos dress illustrations--original illustrations by Nick Verreos

Click Below for Look TV "Design School With Nick Verreos" How To Properly Shade Video:

Next, is a fun Look TV "The Nick Fix" video in which I help Alexandrea--a just-about-to-graduate Interior Design student from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM find the perfect outfit for a wedding in which she will be the Maid of Honor. We shopped at the FIDM Scholarship Store in Downtown L.A. and then, I helped her make the outfit unique and oh-so-chic.

Nick Verreos and FIDM student of Interior Design Alexandrea: Behind-the-Scenes filming of Look TV "Maid of Honor" segment at the FIDM Scholarship Store

Click Below for Look TV "The Nick Fix"-- "Shopping and Styling the Perfect Maid of Honor Look" Video:

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