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FIDM.....FIDM San Diego Open House 2013: RECAP!

 Nick Verreos, FIDM San Diego Open House 2013

This past weekend, I drove down to San Diego--along with my partner David Paul--to make a special appearance at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM San Diego campus for their Open House. The FIDM Open House is a way for anyone interested in possibly attending FIDM to check out the campus, facilities, classrooms, all the different majors, meet instructors, alumni...It's also away to Meet Me!

 Hello FIDM San Diego Open House--Nick Verreos gets ready for his special appearance and "Open House 2013" discussion

As the Official Spokesperson for FIDM, an FIDM instructor and grad, it's always my pleasure to make appearances at some of the campus events to share my story and "How I Got To Where I Am" and how FIDM helped me, of course. I always love going to the FIDM San Diego campus and particularly, San Diego. The campus is conveniently located in Downtown San Diego in the very hip Gaslamp District and VERY adjacent to...

 PETCO Park, San Diego

I also like San Diego in that it's like L.A., but with a little bit of natural air conditioning; the weather is always PERFECT. A bonus is that my NIKOLAKI/NV Nick Verreos partner David Paul's family lives there and that's where he grew up so he always finds a chance to visit his mommie :)

 Ortega's Mexican Bistro Restaurant, Hillcrest neighborhood San Diego

When David and I arrived--the night before my appearance at the FIDM San Diego Open House--we had the chance to have a delicious dinner with his mom, Conchita, at Ortega's A Mexican Bistro Restaurant (the Chicken Mole was yummy!) in the Hillcrest neighborhood. The following day was Open House:

 Guess Who's In The House: Nick Verreos, FIDM San Diego Open House 2013

 NIKOLAKI slide show--FIDM San Diego Open House 2013

 FIDM San Diego Open House 2013--Nick Verreos appearance

Nick Verreos and 2013 FIDM Valedictorian Angelica Villegas--I had the pleasure of doing a special "pair discussion" with the 2013 FIDM Valedictorian Angelica Villegas, who happens to be from the San Diego area. She was AMAZING; so inspirational and intelligent. Angelica had such great insight in what it takes to be a succesful FIDM student and grad. After our talk, it was time for taking pics and sign some bags. Here are some photos of that:

Nick Verreos with FIDM San Diego Open House 2013 attendees

 Water Cup Signing: Nick Verreos during the Signing-and-Pics section of FIDM San Diego Open House 2013

Fashion Coordinating Beard Brothers: Nick Verreos and Juan Carlos--from Mexico--giving Nick a "Fashion Run for his Money" with his very stylin' ensemble! Beards and COLORFUL skinny jeans...are "IN"!! Tell that to Heidi Klum!

Until Next Time FIDM San Diego!! XOXO

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