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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Season 12 Recaps: Episode 5

 Remaining designers on "Project Runway Season 12", Episode 5 in the Meatpacking District

This past week's episode of Lifetime Network's "Project Runway Season 12" dealt with MANY THINGS: it was
A) A Lexus Challenge (even though they didn't necessarily have to use the car as inspiration--go figure)
B) Another Team Challenge (2nd in five weeks);
C) An Unconventional Challenge (third in five weeks);
D) Create a trio of high-end looks;
Plus there was also much Designer Diva/Drama, naturally. Just when you thought the Drama had left the building (Hello Sandro!)...think again darlings...First, the designers met Tim Gunn at the "Gansevoort Plaza" of the Meatpacking District of NYC.

 Meatpacking Mess

I'm so glad they got all the drunk passerbys who usually surround that area every night off the pavement, just in time to film their early morning "This Is Your Challenge" shoot...

And get all those nice Lexus automobiles in there! The designers were put in teams of three and from the beginning, Ken "La Nueva Diva" Laurence was not happy about who he had to work with, particularly Sue.

 File Under "Not Happy": Team (left to right) Alexandria, Ken and Sue--Episode 5 "Project Runway Season 12"

The designers went to various places to get the materials/supplies for their challenge, including an antique wallpaper store, a party supply/home goods store, as well as a specialty grocery store.

I Need To Pay For the Broken Camera: A "Surprise Visitor"--Sandro "The Diva" Masmanidi --stopped by the Parsons Workroom to apologize for his behavior before he kicked himself off the show. I actually think the real reason he had to return was to pay up the $3,000+ film camera he broke.

Guest Judge, Stylist June Ambrose (far left), stylist to Diddy, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot and many others, joined Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum for this episode

The Best of the Runway included:

Unconventional Couture: Team Alexander, Bradon and Miranda did a great job in their designs; particularly designers Alexander Pope (left) and Bradon McDonald (right). I loved Alexander's wrap/shawl and Bradon's draped "wedding gown" was marvelous!

The Top Team was Jeremy, Karen, Kate: Karen Batts' design (left) was a shift shapeless dress that was VERY Prada; chic, modern, and very Nina Garcia (no wonder she LOVED it!). Kate Pankoke's black mini dress with plunging neckline and jutting details (above, right) SCREAMED Atelier Versace in its oh-so-sexy silhouette.

 Atelier Versace Spring 2012

The Winner: But it was Jeremy Brandrick who won for his strapless design he made out of placemats and glitter. It looked like a $2000 dress one would find at Barney's NY and completely made from Mood Fabrics...NOT placemats! It was Fab. The silhouette and style was like a Victoria Beckham dress (above)--but on SEXY Overdrive!

The Bottom:

Justin LeBlanc: For me, this design above was one of the worst. Poor Justin and his attempt to make pants. First, he never made pants before and then, he tries to make pants out of STIFF drawer lining material. Then, he makes them CAPRI PANTS!!?? Oh Dear Lord! She looks like an woman on a Princess Cruise to The Bahamas.

The Uh Oh Kids: Ken Laurence did himself NO favors this past week acting in a not-so-very nice way toward fellow designer Sue Waller; at least from my unscientific research on the "internets", let's just say he ain't well liked out there.  At the same time Miss Sue came to "Project Runway" without schoolin' herself on how to A) Sew on an industrial machine (or regular machine for that matter!); B) Thread a Bobbin, and C) Know the Basics of Pattern Making (she should watch my Look TV Video at least!). For that and for the most "uninspired" look of the night, it was her "Auf" time...And just in case...

Sue, Here's my Look TV "Basics of Pattern Making 101:

Look TV "Basics of Sewing" Nick Verreos Video:

And here's my "Project Runway Blog" Recap of this Episode and what I REALLY thought of it all:

Unconventionally Sewn

In my last "Project Runway" blog recap, I ended with "hope the drama has left the room and now we can get back to the FASHION"... Well, I got 50% of my wish. Last week, we had the celebratory episode involving the designers creating looks inspired by bow ties and Bradon's heartwarming-and tear inducing marriage proposal. Also, Sandro "The Drama Diva" left, punched a camera and POOF: no one is out. Now is a new week and a new challenge. And yes, new DIVA Drama...

Bridge and Meatpacking Tunnel
Miss Heidi greets the designers by telling them that they are to meet Tim (and a guest) in the UBER hip (still?) Meatpacking District of NYC. Cut to the Gansevoort Plaza. PS: I had no idea that's what it was called—I just thought it was the place where drunk "Bridge and Tunnel" couples stumbled along the cobblestone streets. Tim Gunn is there with several shiny new Lexus automobiles. He's with Brian Bolain, Corporate Manager for Lexus.

And You Must Solve a Crossword Puzzle Too!
Oh yes, it's another "Brand" challenge. As it turns out, it's not only that but...
A) It's also a Team Challenge (the designers are put in teams of three).
B) It's an Unconventional Challenge (The third in 5 episodes! What is this, the "Unconventional Season"?). The designers will not be going to Mood but instead, get their materials from an antique wallpaper store, a specialty food store, or a home goods/party store.
C) The designers must design a mini-collection of high-end looks.
D) Be inspired by the Lexus automobiles...or not.
E) They have a $1500 suggested budget.
F) Have only one day to do it.
G) And they must do all the above PLUS solve a Crossword Puzzle involving World Politics...OK, not this last one, but I wouldn't have been surprised if they did!

Driving Miss Sue
Teams are announced and they are Jeremy, Karen, Kate; Alexander, Bradon and Miranda; Dom, Helen, Justin; and Alexandria, Ken and Sue. The last one being the most contentious from the start: Ken is not happy...

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