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PROJECT RUNWAY....Season 12 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 6 GLAMP IT UP!

Not In the Mood To Cook Marshmellows

Last night's "Project Runway" Season 12 Episode on Lifetime dealt with Camping. The photo above reflects what I think of Camping. Not. A. Fan. So when Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum announced that they were sending the designers on an over-nighter camping/get-to-know-the-outdoors trip, my first thoughts were "Oh Thank Goodness I wasn't there!", since this is how I see camping:

My Vision of Not Cute Camping

However, Tim quickly clarified (probably realizing some of the designers had similar "Oh No!" thoughts like myself) what kind of camping they would be doing...

GLAMPING: Luxurious Camping--Although the designers' GLAMPING site on last night's episode wasn't as luxurious as the one above (there are REALITY SHOW BUDGETS, kids!), it was mini-Glamping still...kind-of.

 Tim Gunn at the "Project Runway Season 12" GLAMP site--Tim, in camo suit (love the skinny cargo pants!) with Seona Skwara of Resource Natural Spring Water

 Not So Luxe Designers at camp--Project Runway Season 12 Episode 6

Judges (left to right) Nina Garcia, actress Alison Williams (Guest Judge), Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--The Challenge this week was to design a HIGH FASHION look inspired by Nature. Some did great and some, not so much...

The Best:
Alexander Pope: Alexander created a Mermaid-shaped gown and hand-painted tree branches and used black leather at the hem. The dress fit FLAWLESSLY! Good job Alexander!

Jeremy Brandrick: Jeremy used his time while on his GLAMPING over-nighter to write a Love Poem to his husband and children. He then transferred this poem--via calligraphy--onto an ivory satin bias-cut gown. The dress was so beautiful and of course, his model 5' 11" tall Roberta Little, looked amazing; her short pixie-like wig was the perfect "cherry" on the entire 20s/30s-inspired "Couture cake". I also loved the small pearl buttons on the side--very John Galliano-esque. To be honest, I think Jeremy should have won this one. But he didn't. The Winner was...

Alexandria Von Bromssen: Loner Alexandria was the only one to create "Sportif" separates consisting of a denim jacket and--as Zac Posen said--"poopy pants", drop-crotch "knickers". I thought the look was odd; the sleeves were too big and too long, the jacket rides up in the front, the slight tummy exposure looks a bit cheap and the "poopy pants" aren't doing it for me. But somehow, the judges drank the "Alexandria Kool-Aid" and she won.

Kate Pankoke: Kate ended up "Safe" with this white tulle concoction with shiny (is it patent leather or plasticized fabric?). I thought the fit was a bit "pregnant"-like but I got the whole "Nature Fairy Princess" vibe. I also thought it was slight referential of dresses I had seen before from...

 Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 (by Alexander McQueen) and Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 (by Sarah Burton)

Kate's dress also had elements of...
Marchesa Spring 2011

The Not So Good:
Bradon McDonald (left) and Karen Batts (right): Bradon had trouble this entire episode and only made this mess of a dress above during the 2-3 hours the designers have before the actual runway show...and it showed. It looked a bit sophomoric and like an 'Avatar' Fairy Going To A Prom.  
Karen's was a Beach Maxi-Dress straight out of Fred Segal Santa Monica.  I can just see Kim Kardashian wearing this, much to many fashion experts dismay. Karen tried to be "original" by dying the dress with a yellow ombré effect but, as the judges pointed out--it ended up looking a bit  like...

A Runny Egg.

But the Worst Was:
Justin LeBlanc: Justin tried to "step outside the box" and use the glue in his glue gun to create a lace applique effect. Unfortunately, it backfired. It looked as if his dress was FROTHING. And in the WRONG place. He was Out...but not for long...

Want to Know What I Really Thought of this Episode? Here's my RECAP of this week's Episode:

Glamp It Up

Tim in a Camouflage suit? Heidi in a khaki ensemble? Is this THE "Kandahar Province Challenge"? Is the U.S. Army a new sponsor? No kids, relax, "Project Runway" is going Camping—as in tents, marshmallows and getting closer to nature...

Camping Convert
First things first, I'd like to take this time to discuss my abhorrence to camping. It may come to everyone reading this as a surprise, but once—very long ago—I was a Cub Scout. I HATED IT. In addition, the one time my dad tried to take me on a father-son camping trip, I cried the entire time. Suffice it to say, I don't do camping. So when Tim and Heidi announced that the designers were going on a camping trip,besides thinking bug bites, peeing in a river and snakes in my tent, I thought, "Thank goodness I wasn't there!" This all changed, however, the minute Camo-Tim mentioned that this would be more of "luxury camping"— a GLAMPING trip. I think my fuchsia-colored Prada Dopp Kit could definitely get with the GLAMPING program. I also realized that this "get out of the workroom" trip would have been a nice respite from the pressure cooker environment of the competition.

Time To Glamp It Up
I was ready to give Tim Gunn credit for coining a new word into the lexicon of hip 21st Century lingo...until I Googled "Glamping" and 1,330,000 results came back. Oh well Tim, not this time. The designers packed, got in their separate boy-girl vans, drove for hours and finally got to their Glamping site. Tim was waiting there, along with Seona Skwara, who has what could be the MOST OBSCURE TITLE in a Company EVER: she is the Head of Activation with Resource Natural Spring Water. One question: does she "activate" the Resource Natural Spring Water Spout? Inquiring minds want to know.

Nature Inspired
Along with Tim, Seona announces that...

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