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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Teen USA 2013 Preliminaries Gowns: Best and Oh Dear!

Which One is an "Oh Dear!" and Which One is in my Best Gown Category? Read on...

In my last post, I discussed "The Mermaid Queens" from the "Miss Teen USA 2013" Preliminary Evening Gown Competition which occurred last night (the Finals occurred TONIGHT!) and now, here's Part 2 of my Miss Teen USA 2013 Preliminary Competition Gown review--Here are some of my Favorite Column-and-Flared Gowns plus some Slit "Oh Dear's!":

Miss South Dakota Teen USA Alexis Rupp: This black (or is it Midnight Blue?) with gold trim gown on Miss South Dakota Teen USA is one of my favorites of last night's Preliminary Evening Gown Competition. I thought it was modern, elegant and "different" than the other atypical "Pageant Gowns" seen onstage. It had slight elements of an Alexander McQueen design but edited for non-Runway Drama purposes. Great gown Alexis!

Miss Texas Teen USA 2013 Daniella Rodriguez:  Daniella looks perfect in this ivory gown with sequined accents across the torso/shoulder and high-hip. It has slight elements of a Gionni Straccia design but not sure it is one (maybe a good knock-off!). I also love her middle-parted softly waved hair; glad it's not big and pouffy like some of the other girls.

Miss Maryland Teen USA Hannah Brewer: I just about fell off my chair when I saw that this pretty girl was only FIFTEEN years old! She looks like a young princess in this vanilla colored chiffon gown with mirrored crystal paillette midriff/waist detail. The hair and earrings are just right. All in all, one of the best of the night.

Miss West Virginia Teen USA Haley Holloway: I thought Haley looked like a Hollywood actress ready to accept her Best Actress Award. The black column gown with black over nude sequin applique is elegant and mature--and not in an "old lady" sort of way. I think the Column/Flared silhouette makes her very statuesque and commanding. If anything I would have removed the shoulder bows, but other than that: Very nice.

Miss Michigan Teen USA Ruby King: I absolutely LOVE the top torso section of this gown as well as the irridescent royal blue color of the bottom half; very Spartan Empress-Meets-Ball Gown Red Carpet.

Miss South Carolina Teen USA Tori Sizemore: Tori is just oh-so-pretty, she reminds me of actress Lilly Collins (Phil Collins' daughter). Her ivory strapless gown--featuring a beaded bustier top section attached to a column dress with a "ball gown" over skirt--is Pageant Right, especially for a seventeen year-old like Tori; she looks like someone who is playing the part of a Princess in a Hollywood Rags-to-Riches Disney Movie.

Miss Wisconsin Teen USA Kathryn Redeker: Kathryn also chose a strapless column gown with a back "ball gown" over skirt (like Miss South Carolina Teen USA). Hers, however, was all bright red with no beading whatsoever. I thought it was clean, dramatic and quite appropriate. Yes, this silhouette has been done before and might remind some people (ME!) of those 1990s styles but with its clean lines and no crazy sequins and applique in sight , it looks more "up to date".

Miss Oregon Teen USA Summer Piltcher: This dusty rose of-the-shoulder gown with ruched fitted bodice and flared bottom section with side front slit looks quite pretty on Summer. The style is very "Pageant Perfect" and yes, there's nothing extraordinary about it but it fits well and is a nice design. I would have just changed her hairstyle; it looks a bit messy.

Twin Colorways: Miss Virginia Teen USA Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Miss Utah Teen USA Chloe Crump wore what looks like, the same gown to last night's "Miss Teen USA 2013" Preliminary Evening gown Competition. Miss West Virginia Teen USA's in light pink while Miss Utah Teen USA's is ivory. But both have same sequin waist and shoulder detail. There might be very slight variations (Utah's seems to have a slight peek-a-boo keyhole opening above the chest) but it's almost the same. With that being said, I like it! I think it's a nice gown shape and the covered shoulders/slight cap sleeves are very NOW and on-point with what is seen on the runways and the red carpet.

Miss Rhode Island Teen USA Elaine Collado: I'm a big fan of one-shoulder gowns, as long as they are designed right. I think this one is. The light peach color is very feminine and delicate and looks great against Elaine's skin color. I also like the midriff asymmetrical sequin detail. A simple yet beautiful flared gown.

Miss California Teen USA Cassidy Wolf: There were many girls--out of the total 51 contestants--who wore very similar gowns. Cassidy wasn't one of them. No one else had this type of a gown--a strapless dress with a fit-to-flare silhouette, sequined waist and mini-peplum. It does look a bit polyester-y but I like that she chose this type of a dress as opposed to one that looked like everyone else. PS: In case you're wondering, the peplum is still "on-trend" in most parts of the USA--only in Too-Fashion Savvy Manhattan would someone probably throw you a look of "you're late" if they saw you still wearing a peplum style. But, elsewhere, you're good-to-go.

And now, the Kinda/Maybe/Sort Of "Oh Dear's" of the Bunch:
Miss Minnesota Teen USA Maggie McGill: Several things here--first off, Maggie is gorgeous! Second, she looks a lot like actress and "Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney. Third, I think this gown is slightly too "mature" and/or sexy for a "Miss Teen USA" competition. I like the multicolored sequin detail (it's quite fun-looking) id see-through from the thighs down, plus there's the very high slit, and then the CLEAVAGE: Dear Lord, I feel uncomfortable--even as A GAY--seeing so much of this young lady's SISTAHS. And then, she wears it with those too-high Stripper/Drag Queen Platforms I despise! Irregardless, call me "Grandpa Nick", but I think I would like this gown for "Miss USA"/"Miss Universe" contestant, but maybe not for "Miss Teen USA".

Miss Kansas Teen USA Alyssa Klinzing: Ummm...OK, I have a question: has someone told Alyssa that she's got some ENORMOUS Amazonian Plant Pod growing out of the side of her dress? This is the type of dress that on "Project Runway", the designer would get DRAGGED over the runway coals for this (I can just hear former "Project Runway" judge and designer Michael Kors now!). On a positive note: she looks sooooo happy! Bless Her Heart.

Miss Arkansas Teen USA Abby Floyd: A midriff-baring crop top and matching flared skirt. No. No. And No. Only if she's about to break out in a Belly Dance. Other than that. Nope. And trust me the "sweet" rose pink color and delicately soft lace applique doesn't help. A Sweet and Soft Belly Dancer? Nope.

Finally, I present to you...
Miss Nebraska Teen USA Jasmine Fuelberth: Turquoise blue gown with silver sequin overlay and feathered skirt with side slit and a very 1986 Aqua Net-coiffed head of hair. It's all just Too Mucheey. She looks like a grown-up "Toddlers & Tiaras" contestant. She definitely takes the "Bless Your Heart" Gown Prize.

*** Stay Tuned for my Evening Gown Wrap-Up of the "Miss Teen USA 2013" Finals Up Next!!!

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