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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Teen USA 2013 Cassidy Wolf: Winner Pics, Gowns

Teen Queen: The new "Miss Teen USA 2013", Miss California Teen USA Cassidy Wolf

Last night were the finals of the 31st edition of "Miss Teen USA". They were held at Atlantis Paradise Island in The Bahamas. The finals were not televised on TV but rather streamed LIVE online via Ustream and Xbox Live. While watching the finals last night, I recognized the theater it was held at--I had been in that same theater 5 years ago when I was in The Bahamas for the Islands of The World Fashion Week. In fact, Los Angeles designer Kevan Hall held his fashion show there. Now, back to the "Miss Teen USA 2013" pageant. The winner was...

Good Luck Girl: "Miss California Teen USA" Cassidy Wolf (left) and "Miss South Carolina Teen USA" Tori Sizemore (right) hold hands awaiting the "And The Next Miss Teen USA Is..." moment

And The Winner Is: "Miss South Carolina Teen USA" Tori Sizemore (right) finds out she's NOT the winner (poor thang, just look at her face!)--BTW: "Miss Alabama Teen USA" ain't too happy about the outcome by the looks of it (far left)

OMG: "Miss California Teen USA" Cassidy Wolf is the new "Miss Teen USA"--sash was given to her by "Miss USA 2013" Erin Brady (right)

Teen Bikini: "Miss California Teen USA" Cassidy Wolf at the "Miss Teen USA 2013" beauty pageant--Swimsuit portion

"Miss California Teen USA", 5' 7" tall 19 year-old Cassidy Wolf from Temecula, California won the top prize. She was very surprised and excited. I watched the entire pageant and the CLEAR winner looked as if it was going to be "Miss South Carolina Teen USA" Tori Sizemore. Tori looked like a Miss Teen USA in her perfect hair, perfect ivory "Disney Princess" gown, and she answered the all-important final question with aplomb and intelligence.

The Top Five: (Left to right) 3rd Runner-Up "Miss Georgia Teen USA" Julia Martin, 1st Runner-Up "Miss South Carolina Teen USA" Tori Sizemore, "Miss Teen USA 2013" Cassidy Wolf, 2nd Runner-Up "Miss West Virginia Teen USA" Haley Holloway, and 4th Runner-Up "Miss Minnesota Teen USA"Maggie McGill

That's not to say that Cassidy ("Miss California Teen USA") did bad. She did not. Cassidy is very pretty, I liked her blue peplum gown, she looked great in swimsuit, and her final question answer was OK. But it all seemed to be pointing to "Miss South Carolina Teen USA" getting the crown. But, as it is typical in beauty pageants, you never know...

Crowns-R-Us: "Miss Teen USA 2013" Cassidy Wolf with last year's "Miss Teen USA" Logan West (left) and "Miss USA 2013" Erin Brady (right)

Top Five Finalists: (Left to right) "Miss Georgia Teen USA" Julia Martin, "Miss Minnesota Teen USA" Maggie McGill, "Miss West Virginia Teen USA" Haley Holloway, "Miss California Teen USA" Cassidy Wolf and "Miss South Carolina Teen USA" Tori Sizemore--Miss Teen USA 2013 Finals

Top Three Finalists: (Left to right) "Miss West Virginia Teen USA" Haley Holloway, "Miss California Teens USA" Cassidy Wolf and "Miss South Carolina Teen USA" Tori Sizemore---Miss Teen USA 2013 Finals

Time to Discuss The Top 16 Semi-Finalists' Gowns (with my "Nick Gown Scores!)--
First, the Winner:

Miss California Teen USA Cassidy Wolf: In my review of the Preliminaries (you can read HERE), I liked her choice of gown. Cassidy wore the same gown that she wore for the Prelimns (all 16 semi-finalists did). It was a strapless royal blue fit-to-flare gown with peplum detail and beaded waistband. It was sweet, different from a lot of the other Pageant-and-Prom choices of the other girls and therefore I liked it. The material looked a little polyester-y but I can't fault these girls for not being able to afford an actual silk gown that could set them back $5,000-$10,000.
Nick Gown Score: 9.4

And now my Best to "Uh Oh!" Gown Recap:
Miss Maryland Teen USA Hannah Brewer: Hannah's gown was one of my Top Faves in the Semi-Finalist round. She wore a vanilla colored chiffon "Goddess" gown wih a full skirt and silver mirror sequined midriff/waist. From head to toe, the entire look was perfect.
Nick Gown Score: 9.8

Miss South Carolina Teen USA Tori Sizemore: Tori almost won the top prize but yes, she came in second. For me, her evening gown was one of the top looks. It was a strapless ivory column style gown with silver sequined bustier and a "ball gown" over-skirt. It wasn't a novel idea for a gown but I give her top scores for the entire look. She looked like the Princess in a Disney Rags-to-Riches movie with Julie Andrews.
Nick Gown Score: 9.76

Miss Missouri Teen USA Brenda Smith-Lezama: Brenda was voted into the Top 16 by the Internet/SMS Text votes. I loved this gown because it was so different. It reminded me a little bit of the iconic Christian Dior Haute Couture "King Tutankhamen" Collection designed by John Galliano from years ago. It was a one-shoulder strapped mermaid-shaped gown in fuchsia pink with sequin detail. It looked so fab against her skin color and she carried it off very well.
Nick Gown Score: 9.75

Miss West Virginia Teen USA Haley Holloway: Haley was one of my favorite girls of the group. She had presence, beauty, fun personality (she might've said one to may "Like this" and "Like that" in between her Q&A answers but heck, that's how 17 year-old's talk. Could she have been more refined in her answers. Probably. But I loved her gown choice in this black column gown with sequined lace applique top section and tulle overskirt. She looked mature and refined.
Nick Gown Score: 9.74

Miss Wisconsin Teen USA Kathryn Redecker: I liked this red strapless column gown with back gathered "ball gown" over-skirt; it fit well, made her look like a Latin American Beauty Queen (very "Miss Colombia"!). I also liked that she slicked her hair back and kept it simple with the accessories.
Nick Gown Score: 9.68

Miss Georgia Teen USA Julia Martin: During my Review of the Preliminaries, I wasn't sure about this mermaid-style gown on Julia. But I have changed my mind after seeing it during the finals. She looked GREAT! The gown looked expensive, fit her very well and I loved her softened hairstyle as well. I'm not so sure about the nude pumps but other than that, she looked sweet yet very Va-Va-Voom.
Nick Gown Score: 9.4

Miss New Jersey Teen USA Christina Thompson: Sweet, pretty and just right. This is what I thought of this gown. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing was just right. The beading looked very pretty and not cheap. I like that. Her hair and styling was also very complimentary to the entire look.
Nick Gown Score: 9.3

Miss Minnesota Teen USA Maggie McGill: In my recap of the Preliminaries I thought this was "a bit much" for a teenager. I still agree with that: the slit, the transparency, the cleavage, the Stripper Heels... But as I watched last night's finals, I think Julia looked great in the dress--and the entire look began to grow on me. For that, I give her...
Nick Gown Score: 9.10

The Ball Gown Girls:
Miss Hawaii Teen USA Samantha Neyland (left) and Miss Tennessee Teen USA Emily Suttle (right): These two Top 16 girls wore big ol' gowns. First--Miss Hawaii Teen USA wore a green strapless gown with feathered bustier. It was unusual but maybe not in a good way. She is such a pretty girl that the dress actually made her look too young. It made her a bit too sweet and too "Jr. Prom".
Miss Hawaii Teen USA Nick Gown Score: 8.2

Miss Tennessee Teen USA's gown was similar in silhouette to "Miss South Carolina Teen USA" but it was the iridescent color that well, made it look so 90s to me.
Miss Tennessee Teen USA Nick Gown Score: 8.7

The Bland Gowns:
Miss New York Teen USA Nikki Orlando (left) and Miss Alabama Teen USA Lorin Holcombe (right): Both gowns are similar colors and I do like a baby blue but in terms of styles, they are kind of a Yawn. Miss Alabama Teen USA's especially was just so not chic; it was almost Mother-of-the-Bride-ish.
Miss New York Teen USA Nick Gown Score: 8.4
Miss Alabama Teen USA Nick Gown Score: 8.0

The "Uh Oh"/Not Sure:
Miss Louisiana Teen USA Bailey Hidalgo (left) and Miss Arkansas Teen USA Abby Floyd (right): OK, these two dresses are not my faves--for sure. Miss Louisiana Teen USA's is just over-designed and over-wrought. And then , there's Miss Arkansas Teen USA and her midriff-baring two-piece "Sweet Belly Dancer" ensemble. How these two gowns got such high marks from the Preliminary judges that it helped them to get to the Top 16 is beyond me.
Miss Louisiana Teen USA Nick Gown Score: 7.7
Miss Arkansas Teen USA Nick Gown Score: 7.5

Miss Kansas Teen USA Alyssa Klinzing: I just got back from Kauai for my Summer Vacation and I think I saw a plant just like what is on her dress---in the "saltwater lagoon" at the Grand Hyatt Kauai. Seriously. Why. Is. That. On. Her. Dress??? And what Straight, no-fashion-sense judges liked this? I need to ask!
Nick Gown Score: 7.5

Congrats to the new "Miss Teen USA 2013" Cassidy Wolf! Makes us Californians proud!

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