Friday, September 13, 2013
Nick Verreos on TVGN's "Count It Diown: Hollywood's Sexoest Latinos" TV Special

This week (on Wednesday) was the Premiere of TVGN's "Count It Down: Hollywood's Sexiest Latinos" TV Special. As a half-Latino Fashionista,  I was happy to be asked to be one of the commentators of the show.  I had a lot of fun discussing Hollywood's sexiest Latinos--even though I wasn't one of them--LOL!

Nick Verreos--on the set of TVGN's "Count It Down: Hollywood's Sexiest Latinos" TV Special

 Loco for Latinos: Nick Verreos discussing his Top Picks for "Hollywood's Sexiest Latinos"--TVGN

In case you missed the Premiere this past Wednesday, and are curious to know who made the Top Picks for "Hollywood's Sexiest Latinos"...

Here are the Listings of when "Count It Down: Hollywood's Sexiest Latinos" is airing next:
Saturday September 14 11:00 AM
Sunday September 15 12:00 PM
Tuesday September 17 9 AM

Click HERE for more airing dates and times.


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