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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Season 12 Recaps, Episode 8

First Things First...
Tim Gunn In Shorts AND Sneakers...I thought I'd never see the day...I wonder how much they had to pay him to do that? (PS: A LOT!)

On this week's Lifetime Network's Season 12 "Project Runway", it was all about working out--or rather Activewear. The Challenge was to design a look for Heidi Klum's New Balance activewear clothing line. The winning design was to be manufactured and sold as part of Heidi's line at selected New Balance stores and

Some people liken this challenge to "Sweatshop Labor" (the designers get to create a look "for free" for Heidi's line and they don't make a dime off of any garment sold). It is that, yes, but also gives "bragging rights" to the winning designer since they can tell their grandma back in Lord Knows Where, that one of their designs is being sold all over the Country. Note to the winner: make sure to go online and buy your own design before you don't have an actual sample of what you did.

Let's Get Physical: Anyhow, the designers met up with Heidi and Tim--who was in full referee "costume"--black and white shirt, shorts and sneakers--to "host" a Field Day test where the designers had to go through obtacle courses in order to win extra time in the workroom and first dibs on fabric...

Lycra In The Park: makeshift fabric station in the field where the designers did their obstacle courses--Season 12 Project Runway Episode 8

Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap: During the episode, when the designers went back to their Parsons workroom, one of the designers--Ken Laurence (right)--got very, very nasty with fellow designer Helen Castillo. It was uncomfortable to hear Ken's language (and I'm not a "Language Grandma"!). To find out what I REALLY thought of Ken's behavior, keep reading...

The Runway:
 Very Special Guest Judge: Michael Kors was back for this episode and his comedy writers had some FAB zingers!

Alexander Pope (left) and Bradon McDonald (right): These two looks were good--there was enough "fashion" and the correct amount of athletic-wear to them. The whole color-blocking look is BIG for activewear designs and these two (safe) designers ran with it (see, an "athletic" term!). Miss Drag Queen high-arched eyebrows Alexander did leggings without side seams which was correct--as well as pattern impressive.

Dom Streater (left) and Justin LeBlanc (right): Of these two, Justin's was better. Dom's look was OK but for some reason, the outfit--and especially the placement of the red piping, made the model's thighs and hips look really wide (I am sure they are not!). Justin's running shorts and asymmetrically-zipped vest look was a good design. Me Likey.

Kate Pankoke (left) and Helen Castillo (right): These two were deemed the best and I agreed. Helen's won. Judge Nina Garcia put in a (supposed) order right on the spot.

The Not-So Good:
Alexandria Von Bromssen: No. Absolutely not. Drop-crotch "Poopy Pants" to work out in? Never. And I'm not even going to discuss the metal separating zipper and how it's stretched out in the front due to wonky sewing.

Ken Laurence: Potty Mouth'ed Ken Laurence did this look above and it was something any woman could buy at Target...ON SALE. The top was too long and it looked like a work-out/jogging outfit every other mom jogs in. At first I wasn't sure if that's supposed to be good or bad but when the judges put him in the bottom, I got my answer. But the clear worst:

Karen Batts: Awww, poor Roberta Little (the model), she had to wear that above. It looked like an outfit a woman with no fashion sense wears to a cruise ship buffet:
Cruise Ship Buffet Fashion

Bye Huney...

Now, time to read what I REALLY THINK of this week's "Project Runway" Episode and my "Project Runway Blog" Recap:

Let's Get Physical

I have Four Words: Tim. Gunn. In. Shorts. I thought I would never see the day. Thank you "Project Runway."
Referee Tim
This week's episode began with our dear style mentor waking the remaining designers up at their Refinery Hotel digs, in full referee Uniform ensemble, including the black-and-white shirt, shorts (Oh Dear!) and even sneakers. Yes, Tim Gunn in shorts AND sneakers! Heaven. When he was waking the designers up--going from room to room--I also had another thought as the camera cut to Karen: I forgot she was still on the show! (Is that bad of me?) After the designers changed into athletic/workout outfits from Heidi Klum's New Balance line, they all re-connected with Referee Tim--as well as Heidi--for a little Field Day. Tim and Heidi explained that there were five identical obstacle courses with four stations (a three-legged race, tire run, wheel barrel and flag grab) which the designers had to take part in. The designers would be put into five teams of two for this mini Project Runway Boot Camp.

What's The Point?
As soon as I wondered out loud at the point of all this (except to see Tim in shorts and sneakers!) Heidi announced the challenge: To create a fashionable activewear look for her New Balance collection. She also informs the designers that...

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2 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Season 12 Recaps, Episode 8"

MoHub said...

I'm really feeling for Nastassia. She seems to be consistently paired with designers who don't know how to show her to best advantage. I'm surprised she hasn't done a runner yet.

Team Bunny said...

Ken should have been removed from the show with his insane behavior/mouth on Helen. Many students are watching this and they need to get the message that behavior ANYWHERE is unacceptable. Obviously the producers want more drama than fashion or compassion.