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PROJECT RUNWAY....."Project Runway" Season 12 Recaps, Episode 10

Mud Masque CRAY-CRAY: GURL! I mean, Ken Laurence...Put down them denim raw-hem Daisy Dukes. Now. PS: You're looking like Faye Dunaway in "Mommie Dearest". Like seriously.

This week's Season 12 "Project Runway" episode was the SUPERFAN Episode. Superfans of the show submitted videos of themselves and eight of them were chosen to come to NYC, meet Tim and become part of the Season 12 "Project Runway" L'Oreal Paris Challenge.

 It's Tim! Yes, he is real and very dapper--Episode 10 Season 12 "Project Runway"

The "Project Runway" runway/judging "set" at Parsons--Episode 10 Season 12 "Project Runway"

OMG...We're at Mood! Designers & Superfans go to Mood--Episode 10 Season 12 "Project Runway"

I loved this concept since I LOVE Project Runway SUPERFANS. Truly. I do. But naturally, it was all overshadowed by Mr. Should-Be-A-Spokesperson-For-Klonopin Ken and his over-the-top-screaming antics:

As designers Alexander Pope (above, right) and Bradon McDonald were trying to move into their new digs at the Refinery Hotel NYC, Miss Ken "Anger Management Issues" Laurence, blocked the entrance...

Split At KRAZEE Birth: Faye Dunaway in "Mommie Dearest" and Ken Laurence Season 12 "Project Runway" contestant

Seeing Ken, in a mud masque, ironing his tacky denim Daisy Dukes, as he tried to block his co-contestants from entering their new "apartment"--and the UGLY, disrespectful, entitled yelling he did to them, and the "Project Runway" Talent Coordinator...was a scene straight out of "Mommie Dearest" sans the wire hangers. It was one of those moments where I kept thinking "Boy, Your Momma Will Not Be Proud". And,  I can only guess how Ken would excuse it as part of the "editing". PS: I'm, sooo OVER that! Here's a Reality Show Mantra: If You Come Off KRAZEE in TV. You Are KRAZEE In Real Life. Just sayin'.

The Runway:
Judges Zanna Roberts Rassi, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum and Erin Fetherston

The Best:
Justin LeBlanc: Loved this black A-line dress with 3/4 sleeves for his client Tristen. Justin incorporated her "autograph" into the front of the dress via machine-stitching. It looked great, fit well and hit all the right "client" needs and wants.

Helen Castillo: Helen won with this transformation of a gown. Her client was 100% different from when she first met her. And more importantly, the gown was made and draped beautifully.

The "Uh Oh":

Alexandria Von Bromsenn: Alexandria's client wanted an "interview/intern" outfit. This look above looked like a librarian from a Christian College. Seriously. So dowdy. It made her 20 year-old client look 15 years older.

Dom Streater: Dom's printed dress, jacket and bad styling should have ended up on the bottom. But she was safe (lucky her!). This whole look SCREAMS for a Bloody Mary at the Princess Cruises Happy Hour.

Alexander Pope: Poor Alexander, he did not finish his suit for Andrea, his SuperFan client, and it showed. The suit was very "Business Hoochie". Too tight, too cheap-looking. But thankfully, the one who was out was Ken...

Ken Laurence: He made a pea-green sheath dress (with leather panels), and that's it. And this was a TWO DAY Challenge. And it fit bad. Really bad.  I just wanted him gone for his unacceptable, nasty behavior. Read my BLOG RECAP below to see where I think he really belongs...

Bye Ken. Go get some Therapy.

Here's my "Project Runway Blog" Recap of this Episode...

Superfans, Supermodels and SuperKRAZEE

From superfan to supermodel. What a great theme for a "Project Runway" episode. As a former contestant, I can attest to the unwavering devotion, passion and enthusiasm fans of "Project Runway” have for the show. So, when Tim introduced this challenge, it made me smile and happy to see an episode that paid homage to them. That’s the good part. And yes, there was the bad: Ken’s "other persona" made an appearance and this time, it had a mud mask on. So, let’s discuss all the super good and super bad.

OMG! It’s Tim Gunn
"Project Runway" superfans submitted videos of themselves to be chosen for the ultimate "Project Runway" experience: to be made over by the designers. Eight ladies were picked and brought to NYC. They all pull up on a double-decker NYC Sightseeing bus in front of Parsons and guess who is waiting there to greet them? Tim Gunn! No doubt that the eight lucky ladies must have felt as if they died and gone to heaven. If seeing Monsieur Gunn live and in person wasn’t enough, he gives them a tour of Parsons and the Runway set. The superfans then all hide in the sewing room as they await their introduction to the designers—who incidentally have no idea of what is happening.

Who Are These Ladies?
As Tim tells the designers that they will be getting "new clients" and the workroom doors are about to open, you can feel the designers thinking, "OMG! It’s going to be my MOM!!" Soon, they realize, it is not (insert sad face). Any feeling of disappointment is quickly gone once they find out what the challenge—and who these ladies are. It’s the L’Oreal Paris Challenge: the designers will get to create a look for these superfans and have TWO DAYS to do it. As a bonus, the superfans will also get a complete beauty makeover courtesy of L’Oreal Paris. While most of the designers are excited, Ken informs us that he’s "never sewn for a real woman." Pardon me Ken, but then who do you sew for? Fake women?

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