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PROJECT RUNWAY....."Project Runway Season 12" Recaps, Episode 11 "Generation HP"

Designer Dom Streater's print, Season 12 Project Runway, Episode 11

Printastic Challenge: This past week on Season 12 of "Project Runway" on Lifetime, it was time for the "HP/intel Print Textile Challenge". This challenge has become a "fan favorite" since in the past, there have been some FABULOUS prints created by some of the designers/contestants...

 Project Runway Print Fab: Hello Mondo Guerra (left) and Emilio Sosa (right)...I am talking to YOU!!!

Usually the prints are inspired by their NYC surroundings or something personal, but this season, they were supposed to be inspired by a group of hand-picked "Next Gen Innovators". The results were, well...rather UN-inspiring and probably one of the least effective (and good) results to come out of this "HP/intel Print/Textile" Project Runway challenge. Looking at the past as a "Rubric" of sorts, this was a little bit of a PRINT LET DOWN.

 Le Judges: Guest Judge was fashion designer Perter Som (far left), Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and Heidi Klum--Season 12 Project Runway Episode 11

The Runway Good:
Bradon McDonald: Bradon created a printed bomber jacket and black knit tube dress that the judges adored. I liked the look; it was hip, very cute and sellable. I could see SO MANY girls--especially models--wanting that black tight knit dress. However, it wasn't a BLACK KNIT TUBE DRESS Challenge. It was a print challenge. He used the print well in that bomber design but it was lacking in it's "exuberance" and overall "celebration" of the print in the ENTIRE design. But the judges LOOOVED it.

Helen Castillo: Weepy--and Tatoo'ed--Helen, did a great job with this two piece look. In case you have not been on the "up-and-up" of What's Hot, it's ALL ABOUT the midriff-exposing crop top. So, in terms of style/silhouette, Helen was ON POINT. Her print wasn't exciting, per se, and certainly not on par with past "Project Runway" HP/intel Challenge designers. But overall, it was an OK showing from her.

Dom Streater: Dom was the obvious winner of this challenge. Seriously. Take a look at that print above. It's not one of the best of "Project Runway", but it was the best of this season. When her model came down the runway, I was like "Yep, that's the winner!"; she celebrated the print and wisely used it almost ENTIRELY on her dress.

The Runway "Uh Oh":
Justin LeBlanc: I liked the gown style but the construction and lack of print use, was sad.  Speaking of sad...

What is up with the 2" seam allowance showing through the chiffon gown layer? That's (kind of) unacceptable right? Just saying'

Alexandria Von Bromssen: Somehow this look (seen above) was safe. Don't know why or how. But yes, it was safe. It is tacky, dated and something a "Club Kid" at "Burning Man" would 2002. And how, in God's name, does the model somehow look as if she has a tummy pooch? #DesignFail

Alexander Pope: Chocolate High Priestess. Alexander's inspiration was chocolate since his "Next Gen Innovator" partner was a dessert chef. I can see the "chocolate" part but the white banding that turned out to be a bit "Vatican City", totally distracted from the print, and look. Alexander was out.

Kate Pankoke: Oh poor little Kate. She failed miserably with this tricky design featuring one too many pleated godet inserts. More importantly: where is THE PRINT? Well, from some research I have done on the internets...I found out that (allegedly) Kate's print didn't work and/or print out correctly. Therefore, the producers somehow "made it work". I'll give her a pass if this is what actually occurred but...that still doesn't excuse this design. Kate was out as well.

Double Elimination: Bye Alexander and Kate...Don't worry your time on "Project Runway" isn't over, I am sure we'll see you in an upcoming "Project Runway All Stars" season. For sure.

Wanna Know What I Really Think? Here's my Recap of this Episode:

Generation HP

Previously on "Project Runway": the UBER SUPER DUPER fans were celebrated with their very own episode, while designer Ken's anger management issues were "celebrated" as well, for the world to see. I still can't get the image out of my head of Ken looking like Faye Dunaway in "Mommy Dearest," shrieking and yelling at the top of his lungs. Besides myself, I'm thinking that most viewers -- and I'm sure everyone associated with the production of the show (oh those poor talent coordinators, P.A.'s, camera and sound people) -- were happy to see Ken get the "You're out!├« from Fraulein Heidi. I hear Ken's trash-talking on Twitter, saying he purposely threw the competition (what is this, ├ČBig Brother"?) as well as dissing Lifetime's target audience. Bless his heart. Now that the nastiness is gone, let's get back to designing and one of my favorite challenges of the show.

YAY: It's The HP Challenge!
After changing from his "Therapist Tim" uniform back to his "Mentor/Co-Host Tim" ensemble, Tim Gunn walks into the lounge, greeting the remaining seven designers and introducing Rob Le Bras-Brown, Senior VP at HP Worldwide Marketing. He is there to announce that this is the HP and Intel Textile Design Challenge. Usually, during this much-anticipated episode, the designers create a print inspired by something personal or their surroundings. This time, it will be different: They will be inspired by a "Next-Gen Innovator. The winning designer and his or her Innovator partner will get an HP Technology Suite consisting of the Split X-2 and Notebook Rove.

Designer/Next-Gen Innovator Pairings:
Helen, who won last week's challenge, gets first pick and chooses Ryan Keeley, an artist who combines painting with new media and technology. Bradon is with Nigel Sylvester, a world-recognized DMX rider/entrepreneur and youth mentor. Alexandria chooses Ilana Greenberg, a top graphic designer who uses her creativity to advance social causes. Alexander is with Thiago Silva, Executive Pastry Chef at Catch Restaurant (who coincidentally has THE BEST EYEBROWS EVAH). Kate chooses Maria Gonzalez, teen software developer and creator of the app "Say Something" to help homeless individuals. Justin goes for Nana Meriwether, Miss USA 2012, who created a foundation focusing on education and health in Africa. Dom gets Premal Shah, co-founder of, a crowdfunding organization for entrepreneurs worldwide.
After visiting with their innovators, the designers go back to the Parsons workroom...

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