Tuesday, September 03, 2013
 Official Press Presentation: Miss Venezuela Organization National Director Osmel Sousa and the 24 "Miss Venezuela 2013" contestants

On July 15th, the Miss Venezuela pageant also became a Reality TV Show: This was the night of the Premiere of "Miss Venezuela: Todo Por La Corona"--Translation: Miss Venezuela: Everything For The Crown. The show followed aspiring Venezuelan beauties who wanted a chance to be one of the Top 24 of the iconic beauty pageant. Why is this so important, you may ask? Well, kids, unless you have been living under a Beauty Pageant Rock, Miss Venezuela is arguably the most important beauty pageant in the world.

Some of the "Miss World Venezuela's" who won "Miss World"--Left to right: Ivian Sarcos "Miss World 2011"; Pilin Leon "Miss World 1979", Jacqueline Aguilera "Miss World 1995"and Astrid Carolina Herrera "Miss World 1984"

 Former "Miss Venezuela's" who won "Miss Universe--Left to right: Irene Saez Conde "Miss Universe 1979"; Alicia Machado "Miss Universe 1996"; Dayana Mendoza "Miss Universe 2008" and Stefania Fernandez "Miss Universe 2009"

The Miss Venezuela Organization has"produced" more "Miss World's" that any other country and is second to the U.S.A. in "Miss Universe" titles. And trust me, the list goes on, and on. Miss Venezuela's national director--and Beauty Czar--Osmel Sousa--has become a Venezuelan National Icon...

 Miss Venezuela National Director "Beauty Czar" Osmel Sousa (far right)

Osmel put together this Reality TV Show and now, we have come to its finale. Recently the Top 24 Miss Venezuela contestants were announced and presented at the Official Press Presentation.

 The Top 24--The Official Miss Venezuela 2013 contestants

Here they are--Which One Is YOUR Favorite?

 (Left to right): Miss Amazonas Deborah Menicucci and Miss Anzoategui Daniela Briceno
Miss Anzoátegui Daniela Briceño
Miss Amazonas Debora Menicucci
Miss Amazonas Debora Menicucci
Miss Amazonas Debora Menicucci

 (Left to right): Miss Apure Rogegsy Rivas and Miss Aragua Stephani De Zorzi

 (Left to right): Miss Barinas Yaro Serpa and Miss Bolivar Fiorella Di Sabatino

 (Left to right): Miss Carabobo Mariella Agriesti and Miss Cojedes Wi May Nava

 (Left to right): Miss Costa Oriental Migbelis Castellanos and Miss Distrito Capital Andrea Lira

 (Left to right): Miss Falcon Marie Claire Arcila and Michelle Bertolini

 (Left to right): Miss Lara Maria Laura Verde and Miss Merida Lesly Barrera

(Left to right):  Miss Miranda Gleymar Loyo and Miss Monagas Ana Carolina Ugarte

 (Left to right): Miss Nueva Esparta Gabriela Graf and Miss Portuguesa Victoria Coifman

 (Left to right): Miss Sucre Roxana Marruffo and Miss Tachira Georgina Mazzeo

 (Left to right): Miss Trujillo Alexandra Guerrero and Miss Vargas Irene Velasquez

 (Left to right): Miss Yaracuy Alicia Dolanyi and Miss Zulia Alicia Ontiveros

Here are MY Top Faves:

 Miss Nueva Esparta Gabriela Graf and Miss Distrito Capital Andrea Lira

 Miss Costa Oriental Migbelis Castellanos and Miss Miranda Gleymar Loyo

 Miss Apure Rogegsy Rivas and Miss Cojedes Wi May Nava

Which ones are YOURS??? We'll find out who will be the next "Miss Venezuela" on October 10th!


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