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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri

There She Is: Nina Davuluri Miss America 2014

Last night, a new Miss America was crowned. Nina Davuluri, 24, became the first ever Miss America of Indian descent in its 87 year history. the 5' 7" (1. 70 m) stunner beat out 52 other contestants for the top crown. The 87th Annual Miss America competition was held at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City. It had not been there since 2005.  Nina Davuluri (the winner) was Miss Syracuse 2013, then Miss New York 2013 and now Miss America 2014.

 Nina Davuluri Miss New York in her "Introduction Look" and during the Swimsuit Competition, Miss America 2014
New York Wins: Nina Davuluri Miss New York 2013 gets crowned Miss America 2014 by the outgoing Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan, who was last year's Miss New York--so this was a back-to-back win for the Miss New York Organization.

As I said, this was a momentous crowning since Nina became the first woman of Indian descent to win "Miss America". there were actually TWO contestants of Indian descent at this year's pageant. besides Nina (Miss New York), there was also Miss District of Columbia Bindhu Parmathi. Incidentally both did a Bollywood Dance Number for their Talent portion.

Miss New York Nina Davuluri wowed the crowd with a very energetic Bollywood Dance Number for her Talent portion--Miss America 2014 Competition

Fashion Highlight: THE Bedazzled Leg Brace

At-a-Girl: Miss Florida Myrrhanda Jones suffered a ligament injury during rehearsals and therefore wore a leg brace for the Finals last night. But this wasn't just any leg brace. it was a BEDAZZLED one! She gets "At-a-Girl!" points for that!

The Gowns:

Top Five Finalists in their Evening Wear: (left to right) Crystal Lee Miss California; Myrrhanda Jones Miss Florida; Nina Davuluri Miss new York (and eventual Miss America 2014); Kelsey Griswold Miss Oklahoma; Rebecca Yeh Miss Minnesota--

*Out of the top five, my favorite gown was Miss New York's (keep reading below for my thoughts)
*My second favorite was Miss Florida--it was a white beaded gown with one-shoulder strap detail and side slit; she looked elegant and like a Star, and again, points for rocking a FLATS!
*Miss Oklahoma is next--she wore the strapless white gown with black applique above. This was a nice choice and quite striking on stage
*Miss California wore the lilac gown (I'll discuss that below, as well)...and my least favorite gown of the Top Five was...
*Miss Minnesota: was my least favorite of these top five (the blue withe the silver detailed front bodice); her dress seemed very 90's "Pageant Betty" been-there-done-that. Predictable.

The Winner's Gown:
Nina Davuluri Miss New York: Loved this gown. It was a lemon yellow crepe gown, very simple in its design--no "Pageant Bells & Whistles" but boy, was it IMPACTING. The fitted gown was designed by Crown Couture by Gaspar Cruz from Houston Texas. It featured drop shoulder mini cap sleeves, a plunging neckline with a clear front panel piece; it was modern and chic. The accessories were a little over-the-top but when you have such a clean gown, you can get away with it. Incidentally, Nina also wore this same gown when...

She was crowned Miss New York (above)--Sometimes contestants will change their gown for "the Biggie" but in this case, it worked for Miss New York and it worked for Miss America 2014. Good choice in staying with the same great gown!

Runner-up Gown:
Miss California Crystal Lee--Crystal almost won the top crown and got First Runner-up. Her gown was a lilac colored dress with a high covered-up boat neck, long sleeves with wrist crystal detail, side slit and open/exposed back. I liked the color, I just thought the seaming in the front and under-bust was a bit odd. What I am happy about is that she wore the perfect shoes--strappy heels--with the gown--NO Stripper Platform Pumps in SIGHT! Thank You Pageant Fashion Gods! (take note Miss USA contestants!).

Miss America 2014 with her Runners-up: (left to right) Miss Oklahoma Kelsey Griswold; Miss California Crystal Lee; Nina Davuluri Miss America 2014; Miss Florida Myrrhanda Jones; and Miss Minnesota Rebecca Yeh

Congratulations Nina!

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