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WHO WORE WHAT?.....65th Annual Emmy Awards: Zosia Mamet in Honor

Zosia Mamet in Honor Resort 2014

Zosia Mamet in Honor Resort 2014: Honor is a clothing line designed by Giovanna Randall (since 2010). Giovanna was an opera singer then premedical student who then went to study fashion--at FIT. The company is based in NYC and obviously has some strong PR backing (and money). This gown that actress Zosia Mamet wore is a watercolor printed gown with black breast detail and sheer neckline. It is a lovely gown--and meets all the requirements of making all those NYC Fashion Folk swoon--but...I think it's too-much of a gown for Zosia and the focus on her "sistah's" is a little off-putting., to say the least. This would have been a great gown for, say, the CFDA's or a "Met Ball", but the 2013 Emmys? Not sure. What do you guys think?

2 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....65th Annual Emmy Awards: Zosia Mamet in Honor"

Anonymous said...

I don't like it. The black is so harsh while the print is muted, also the location of the black looks kinda rude.

Anonymous said...

I love it I think it is bold and edgy. The contrasting leather details is really brillant.