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ICE STYLE....2013 Hilton HHonors Skate America: Men, Ice Dance

It's Figure Skating season once again and I am soooo excited about it--for a couple of reasons. First, I love watching the sport and second, I love seeing the COSTUMES (naturally!). This past weekend was the first of the 2013-2014 Grand Prix series--the 2013 Hilton HHonors Skate America. In a previous post, I discussed the Ladies and Pairs of 2013 Skate America...

 Firebird Boy: Tatsuki Machida of Japan

 Scheherazade Royals: Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the US

And now it's time to talk about the MEN and Ice Dance. So, let's get to it--Let's begin with The Men:
Adam Rippon USA Free Skate: Rippon got 2nd place at 2013 Skate America and he wore this costume for his Free Skate to "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" by Claude Debussy. I liked the soft diagonal draping detail on the top and how it still somehow, remained fitted and sexy. The sprinkling of the crystals was just the right amount and I liked the solid black pants to go with it. Adam has worn similar style tops with this modern draping, but I liked this richer color. It matched his more "grown up" style and attitude this season. This costume was designed by Jan Longmire, who also did Ashley Wagner's.

Jason Brown USA, Short Program: Jason skated his Short Program to "The Question of U" by Prince. If there's anything I can say about it is that it sure looks like something Prince would wear, FOR SURE! There's a lot going on: the ruffles on the sleeve hems, the sheer sleeves, the purple velvet vest, the crystal-studded yoke, the oversized crystal jeweled buttons...I could go on...and on. Under any other circumstances (i.e. NOT skating to Prince), I would have given this costume a "Huney! What Were You Thinkin'?", but here I think it kind of works. And I do like those crystals down the side of his pants--look how it makes the line of his leg look above.

Free Skate: For his Free Skate to "Reel Around the Sun" by Bill Whelan, an Irish composer and musician. The skate was very "River Dance-y" and so was his costume. Once again, this was also a lot and in need of editing. If you take the top and pants apart, each is good on their own, but together, it makes him look like a Gypsy guitar player in a very touristy restaurant in Bulgaria. I liked the elaborate pants and belt detail. I thought they looked very luxe. The top, on the other hand, looked  cheap in comparison. I think if the crystals on the collar and sprinkled throughout the shirt had been removed, it would have be much better. Both of his costumes were designed by Elena Pollack.

Takahiko Kozuka Japan, Short Program: Kozuka skated his Short Program to "Unsquare Dance" by Dave Brubeck in this costume. the ensemble featured a color-blocked cropped black and white notched collar jacket with a red pocket hankie, shirt with apple green detail and black pants. The jacket is ill-fitting and too lose and the red pocket hankie looks cheesy. I also don't like the black "Men's Warehouse" belt to finish it all off. He looks like a DJ at a Wedding in new 1986.

Taksuki Machida Japan, Free Skate: First place Winner Tatsuki Machida of Japan skated his Free Program to Music from The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky. He wore this FABULOUS costume that was all things GREAT! I loved all the color, detail, sequin work, multidimensional feathers. All in all, it was pretty outstanding and perfect for the music and skate. You knew IMMEDIATELY that he was skating to The Firebird the minute he stepped onto the ice. Now, if you think you have seen this before on Machida, you were right: last season (2012-2013), he also skated his Free program to this music and wore THE SAME COSTUME:

 Tatsuki Machida winning the Gold at the Cup of China Grand Prix 2012--in the same fabulous costume.

Alexander Majorov Sweden, Short Program: Majorov skated his SP to Khorobushka by Bond. I liked the intricacy of his jacket and all the detail. It looked like a Toreador/Russian soldier. I just wished that the red would have been a sharper red as opposed to a muted one. With his pale skin coloring, it would have helped to have a stronger color up top.

Max Aaron USA, Free Skate: First of all, I LOVE his haircut! So 80s and so NOW! And perfect for his beautiful curls. OK, enough gushing on about his hair--now back to the costume. 2013 US Champion Max Aaron skated his Free Skate to Music from Carmen performed by Rodion Shchedrin and the Boston Pops Orchestra...and what a surprise and shocker: NO Toreador Costume! No red! No bejeweled bolero in sight! Kudos to Max and his costume designer for coming up with such a directional and modern look for his been there-done that music. If you don't know by now, I really liked this. I liked how perfectly it fit him and I loved the juxtaposition of the semi-nude stretch chiffon with the solid stretch velvet. Good job!

Ice Dance:
Cathy Reed and Chris Reed Japan, Short Dance: brother and sister team of Reed and Reed skated their SD to "Putting on the Ritz". Their costumes were sassy, colorful and right for the quickstep and foxtrot aspects of the dance and music; they looked very "Broadway Musical". I appreciated the angular lines of the torso detail of hers especially.

Free Dance: For their FD to "Shogun II Total War Soundtrack", their costumes were perfect if not, well too literal. Cathy was the geisha, of course and Chris the Shogun warrior. I liked the ombre pink in her kimono and golden obi. Chris' blue and white with black pants Shogun costume was very impacting as well. Now, while I did like both their SD and FD costumes for this 2013-2014 season, I can't help but admit that I will REALLY MISS last season's:

 Reed and Reed of Japan, in their 2012-2013 Season Short and Free Dance Costumes

Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani USA, Short Dance: For their 2013-2014 Season SD, this brother and sister Ice Dance team skated to a Michael Bublé medley. They wore very "Dance hall" costumes reminiscent of something one would see on "Dancing with The Stars" (but without all them over-the-top CRAY-CRAY bedazzling, thank you very much!). I thought they looked elegant and sleek, especially hers. I kind of like that Alex went sans tie and dinner jacket--as if they've been doing a Dance Marathon and it's almost time to be done. But what do you guys think? Would you have preferred him in full tuxedo look? Let me know.

Free Dance: For their FD to a Michael Jackson medley, the Shibutani's wore these costumes above. Love. love, and Love! It would have been so predictable for their costume designer to go for the typical Michael Jackson look, whether it be a red leather motorcycle jacket or a Billi jean suspenders, hi-water pants and penny loafers look, but these were anything but. I liked the modernity of Maia's sleek dress featuring black illusion and solid fabric with crystals throughout. And Alex's jacket was cool and very complimentary with Maia's dress.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White USA, Short Dance: Five-time reigning US Champions, Meryl Davis and Charlie white skated their 2013-2014 Season SD to My Fair Lady by Frederic Loewe. I thought these costumes were beautiful, elegant and just right for the music. Charlie looked dapper and very old-school luxe in his tails, vest and cravat. I would have liked his floppy surfer-boy hair to be (at the very least) slicked but I know I am barking up the wrong tree trying to get Charlie to put any product in that hair of his! Meryl's pink dress was so pretty. I loved the simplicity of it but it still packed a strong elegant punch with  those correctly placed silver stones in the neckline and waist.

Free Dance: For the FD to "Scheherazade" by Nikoli Rimsky-Korsakov, Davis and White wore these costumes above. We all know the story of Scheherazade of course and besides the fact that their FD illustrated it masterfully, their costumes were also complimentary to it. I have to admit that I liked hers better than his: Charlie's purple jacket looks a little too busy, especially next to her but I get what they were going for and how it relates to the story. I did, however like Meryl's blue costume which featured a gathered up front section, halter wrap top and bejeweled waist. She looked very Near East Princess in this. I'm not so sure of the hairstyle (at first I thought that she had cut all her hair off!) since I think it ages her slightly but besides this, well done.

Congratulations for winning the Top Ice Dance prize at Skate America 2013!!!

Until the next Grand Prix and more Figure Skating Costumes and Ice Style of Season 2013-2014!

2 Responses to "ICE STYLE....2013 Hilton HHonors Skate America: Men, Ice Dance"

Edjo said...

Did you notice the costume change during the Shibutanis' Michael Jackson free dance? He opens the front panel of his jacket to reveal these striped red crystals when they start the Thriller section. Costume changes mid-program can be cheesy, but this one was subtle enough that it actually added to the program!

Nick Verreos said...

Yes Edjo, I agree, costume changes mid-program can be cheesy, but this won was great! Love their costumes! They always do such a great job!